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Title: Ignition Coils
Post by: Cottie on 26 March 2003, 00:00
Anyone know about this or am I asking a really daft question?  Could you direct me to some sites on the ignition coil problem?  I've heard V/W almost recalled v5s & V6s, but couldn't be bothered.  Well my my 5 month old 4 motion is now sitting in a main dealer for A MONTH while they have to get a new coil from Germany!  Surely they should have ordered stock when they knew there was a problem at the very least?
Also my warranty courtesy car is an Astra 1.6 - and they expect me to to be grateful?!

I won't even start with the badly fitting windscreen & wipers, squeeky drivers seat, squeeky brake pedal, windscreen wiper sensor not working all after the PDI.

Anyone else had the pleasure of MK4 troubles?  Are V/W really as bad these days as my car suggests?

Ps - going to buy my old Mk3 Colour Concept back off my dad - 6 years & not a single trip to the garage apart from to collect each MOT!
Title: Re: Ignition Coils
Post by: Jus on 27 March 2003, 23:22

I have a 2002 V5 and have the same problem. Been off the road now for nearly 6wks. Happened when the car was a few days over 1yr old and cost me ?120 to get it towed back to the compensation!

Phoned and hassled the dealer many times, also did the same the VW all cases you get fobbed off. I am disgusted in VW UK's attitude and after care.

I have a 1.8 Mondeo as a courtesy car....I won't be buying one of them next either!

Has anyone taken legal action against VW under failure of Factory Warranty agreement? Section 10 says that VW should repair quickly and effectively!!

I am wondering when I will ever get my car back...I may start to take desperate measures.

My last mk4 golf gti also had problems. I now know one thing...VW's are no longer reliable...get that message on the street...I won't buy another one now...nor will the 1000 or so other people that I told.
Title: Re: Ignition Coils
Post by: VW-Employee on 23 April 2003, 01:06

Before I get a barrage of moans, I work for a VW dealer in their Warranty Dept..... not VW themselves!!!!!!

As far as coil packs are concerned, the problem didnt really materialise until the new Polo appreared on the scene when EPC lights started coming on and no-one really knew what the hell was going on.

By the time that the coil pack fault became apparent, there were so many Polo's and Golf's already built and on their way to dealers it was impossible to effect repairs before so many had been delivered.

If you're worried at all, check the coils on your vehicle.  Examine them closely and look for the word "BAK".  This is the manufacturers code for the affected manufacturer "Bremi".  If you experience rough running and cutting out with these coils in your car it would be fair to assume they're knackered.

If you're car is out of warranty, go to your dealer.  VW WILL pay for repairs up to 3 years old or 100,000 miles regardless of whether your car's in warranty or not.
Title: Re: Ignition Coils
Post by: cottie on 24 April 2003, 10:19
You're not going to believe this - it happened again!!  This time on Easter Sunday!  VW have promised to replace all 5 remaining faulty coils and give me something in compensation.  Whatever they give isn't going to replace my Easter weekend >:(, or restore my faith in VW.  They should have recalled all the vehicles.  I understand they are now replacing each coil at each service if the parts are available.

Get a new job - VW are no longer the reliable company they used to be!