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Title: help with alloy size and coilovers
Post by: tditommo on 19 May 2003, 23:44
hey there as you see im knew, theres no fat golfs in blackpool so im gonna be the first, first things first rims and drop, ok i want at least 19's if not 20's and have my eye on some ace ones cant member the number now, but basicly i want to know what i can fit under the arches, do i need any work done at all, what size alloy what profile tyres and what offset, also its gonna get coilovers but ive seen i need to check fitment as they might not be adjustable on the rear, is this the case does anyone know, is there any you can get that are adjustable all round as im gonna wanna drop it right down to the alloys. thanks for your help on the situation, sorry to annoy you with newb questions but i dont know the car at all as ive not had it long.
Title: Re: help with alloy size and coilovers
Post by: Double_Bubble on 06 June 2003, 22:16
Well unlike Blackpool there are loads of golfs with really large rims up here, my mate just got rid of a 1.4 with 19's and it was lowered 60mm, think he was running 19x8 and the tyres were 235x19x35.  The offset for the golf is 35 (i think lol)

There is also a guy with 20's up here on a turbo, due to the car being a lot heaver, he had to get a lot of arch work done and I have heard it isn't great at steering.

At the mo, I have 17's on my turbo and full set of adjusable koni coilovers, and its lowered about 70mm, its been raised twice due to the steering and rubbing problems I was having....