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Title: Seat Belt Rattles from Beige Interior
Post by: chubbm on 22 May 2003, 19:27

I have a 2002 Golf GTI 1.8T with a cream leather interior.The interior is beautiful but when driving the seat belt buckle stalks rattle permanently. The metal lock that fits into the stalk is not a tight fit. It drives me mad when going over rough roads which is all the time in London.

(my previous car was a 2000 1.8T with a black interior and did noty have this fault, nor does any of my past VWs)

The buckles were replaced under warranty but the new ones were just as bad.VW technical department are aware of the problem but have told the VW garages not to take any action.

Has anyone else had the the same problem?


Title: Re: Seat Belt Rattles from Beige Interior
Post by: L3ETT on 10 June 2003, 00:34
Interesting I have the same issue with my R32.  :o

I was planning to try to fit some rubber strips to the metal clasp to see if I could make it any quieter.

I actually thought it was a problem with the Konig seats being too big for the interior - but if other golfs have the problem, then maybe not.  :-/
Title: Re: Seat Belt Rattles from Beige Interior
Post by: chubbm on 10 June 2003, 12:15

VW know there is a quality issue on some types of seat belt buckles. I had a black interior on my previous golf and they were fine.

I have just had both beige buckles replaced under warranty and although they are much better I am sure it is only a matter of time before they start rattling continously over bumps and traffic calming devices.

If you want to check if your seat belt buckles are loose then sit in other golfs in your local VW showroom and see if they rattle. I did this and after showing the technician my car he agreed to replace the parts.

If the problem persists I will probably consider buying some Audi S3 buckles since the quality of these should be better.