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Title: Help Me
Post by: Pimpster on 29 April 2003, 14:48
Need some advice. My cars a minter but a few minor bugging issues. trying to sort them out but cant be buggered to buy a haynes manual as you lot will know better.

1. Light behind heater controls is very dim. how do i fix/replace?

2.Rattles on on front and rear door trims. Are the trims easy to take off and solve the rattle?

3.How easy is it to replace the speakers (front dash mounted and rear side ones)

4.Whats the best exhaust to replace my standard one with. Not after a noisy one sports (because the current one is noisy enough!)?

Little points probably already been asked but missed the threads and it would be a great help.

Title: Re: Help Me
Post by: Kingy on 29 April 2003, 23:34
Thought my door cards were rattling, the passenger much worse though. It's the pop-up interior door locks, well, on mine it was. Hold the door lock still when your driving on a bumpy road. This stopped the rattle ( its not exactly a permanent solution though!). I was amazed this produced such a loud rattle. I reckon some fatter/heavier replacment ones should sort the problem.
Title: Re: Help Me
Post by: Pimpster on 30 April 2003, 19:26
i'll give it a try, cheers mate.

any one help on the other 3 things?
Title: Re: Help Me
Post by: concept on 01 May 2003, 00:22
hey pimp daddy,

1. i recomend you just buy a haynes! i got one for ?15 and it has an excellent guide to replace the heater control light.

2. i had the same rattle and mine was also the door lock pins!

3. you should not need to replace the tweeters in the dash cos they are already good ones. door speakers are easily replaced - pop the grills off and unscrew the four phillips screws.

4. i recomend a powerflow custom system. they will make one the way you want it, as loud/quiet as you want and they're good performance.

hope that helps ;)
Title: Re: Help Me
Post by: Pimpster on 01 May 2003, 15:36
Cheers mate. that does help actually. i'll give haynes a try.
Title: Re: Help Me
Post by: stoat on 08 May 2003, 15:24
May sound like a stupid question but have you tried the dimmer switch on your lights.

I have a remus system and it sounds soooooooooo good but it doesnt sound crap like most novas and saxos with their big bore 4 hanging out.