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Title: Added BHP?
Post by: m3_gti on 01 May 2003, 14:04

I'm thinking of getting a Pipercross induction kit for my Mk3 2.0 8v. It's completely standard at the min so we're looking at 115bhp.
I was just wondering whether you lot think it's worth getting an induction kit?

How much additional bhp do you think it will generate?

Will my insurance company get pissed off with me for having one?

Anyone had any problems with them?

Cheers guys!

Title: Re: Added BHP?
Post by: stoat on 08 May 2003, 15:20
I told my insurance company and they did not have a problem with it.  Pipercross say their induction kits give you 7.5 extra bhp.  But I saw this article and this guy got his 8v from 115 to 126 with just a pipercross, and it was a genuine reading.
Title: Re: Added BHP?
Post by: trebor.vr6. on 10 May 2003, 17:57
Hi guys

The only reason your insurance is uneffected by fitting an induction kit is because your get more power if you got out and pushed your car around.

Plus side is a better breathing engine is more efficient. Possibily under 1 horse power . Sorry