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Title: Timing Chain
Post by: doberman19 on 18 November 2020, 11:30
 Hi to all, hope your keeping safe, I've now owned my 2010 gti for nearly 4 years without any major issues, I still get a buzz from driving it and have no intentions of changing things. But I would like to know members thoughts on the longevity of the timing chain & tensioner.she was never re-called for replacement parts, But she's now just done over the 100k mark and wondered if I should consider replacing them.Would it be a wise move or unessesary and a waste of time and money. thanks,

PS, or should i spend my money on Osrams zenarc headlights. they do look great, choices, choices
Title: Re: Timing Chain
Post by: Snoopy on 19 November 2020, 10:32
If its at 100k on the original chain the chains probably stretched and the tensioner fully extended.
You could get someone with vcds to see and or get someone to check through the inspection hole.
Its upto you but as you are asking I think you know the answer already.

Ps as I stated many years ago in the original thread above. It was never a recall as its not a safety related item and the ratchet on the tensioner fails at shutdown / startup were there is no oil pressure to tension the tensioner.
Title: Re: Timing Chain
Post by: doberman19 on 19 November 2020, 19:24
Many thanks, snoopy, I will definitely get it checked out. thinking back those Ozram xenarc lights won't look any good on a gti with a dead motor.