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Title: 59 plate GTI questions
Post by: chuck43 on 09 July 2019, 12:56
hi all, recently purchased at 59 plate mk6 gti. it has a stage 2 remap and a K&N panel filter.

Im planning on adding a induction kit rather than the filter as it would be better for the stage 2 remap. It currently has a issue when Im full throttle, as it sometimes seems to surge on and off power. very frustrating.

I also had the turbo v-band clamp brake off after a couple days of owning it. :( After i finally managed to get hold of one (which wasnt the easiest task) its now on, but seems to be leaking still a little when off the throttle & on over run.

I dont fully trust the garage that did the work as it was a new garage to me, but its booked into my local garage later this week to have a look to see if its fitted correctly and to change a wheel bearing somewhere.

I was wondering if the panel filter is enough for the stage 2 map (i guess not) so I'm looking into fitting a Ramair JFK-123 filter. Anyone used one of these before? Any good?

So far not had much luck with this car but it seems after looking over it, all ok other than these issues which im sure we can sort! fingers crossed.

any help or tips much appreciated as what to look for for the power issues.


Title: Re: 59 plate GTI questions
Post by: chuck43 on 11 July 2019, 13:17
Hi, just wondering if anyone has any help for this?
Title: Re: 59 plate GTI questions
Post by: david25 on 11 July 2019, 19:07
If no one answers try the more active American forum

Title: Re: 59 plate GTI questions
Post by: Snoopy on 12 July 2019, 07:47
The surging maybe boost loss. You pipe issue probably isn't helping. The diverter valve is also a week spot. Mine use to surge even when standard. The diaphragm in the DV had a small hole.
From what uve read in the past stage 2 normally has an induction kit. Panel filters are normally ok for stage one. It all depends hiw its been mapped. Was it custom with the panel for example.
I can understand why someone would want to stick to the panel filter though as alot of induction kits whissle under load and its very annoying.
Title: Re: 59 plate GTI questions
Post by: chuck43 on 16 July 2019, 13:22
What sort of diverter valve would you reccomend? i used to own a Skoda Octavia VRS some years ago, and i fitted a forge one. Are they still a good brand to trust?
no i believe was a generic map? Ill try and find out.

Im looking at this induction kit,

 The pipe up to the hose seems solid enough so cant imagine that collapsing under boost?
any thoughts before i purchase it?


Title: Re: 59 plate GTI questions
Post by: Snoopy on 17 July 2019, 08:18
Its up to you but personally ive never understood why someone would fit an open filter under a bonnet were the tempurature is so high. Especially the mk6 have you felt how got it gets under there. I personally would much rather a closed one feeding from the grill like the VWR racing line one as an example. But as I said its upto you many have fitted this one.
DV ive read so many issues with aftermarket ones not holding boost. Most go back to latest stock one.