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Title: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 15 March 2016, 11:46
Its been a good few years since ive been on here and didnt know weather to start a build thread or not.

Since I sold my last golf ive always regretted it, so when I had some spare money I got one off ebay.
350 quid. Sat for 3 years. Look good from the pictures though.

Got it home 6 months after buying it and looked it over.
Abs mk3 engine, brand new coilovers, gti seats, 16v rear lights and some big bumpers finished off in black.

Ive done some things but ill upload some pics later unless clipper Jay reads this and uploads them before me. Haha.

Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 15 March 2016, 18:15
(http://<a href='' title=''><img src='' alt='' title='Hosted by' /></a>)
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 15 March 2016, 18:22
And here she is. As she stands. Got lots of plans and spairs that havnt made it on yet. Will be a slow project with house decorating, baby on the way and 2 more cars that also like attwntion.



The air filter is only there becaus  it came with tights and a boge. It was a quick fix using the a4 intercooler pipework that was left and a filter i had laying about
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 19 March 2016, 18:15
Well last night i decided to fit some new led dash lights. And finish this morning because of lack of wanting to stay in the warm.
Anyway. Some pictures because i remebered...

Then this


And then...

( (

Then the clocks out


I decided to split clocks and paint the needles. Didnt get a pic because i was occupied...

( (

And in the day after i put it together....

( (

Thats it for now, next up who knows. Probally take the seats out and clean all the carpets... again...
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 21 March 2016, 18:44
Not so much of an update but i have purchased the material and high temp spray clue to retrim the roof lining. Its not saging but it is pealing around the a pillars.

And to make it worse i have gti sun visors and interia light surround which doesnt go with light cream roof lining.

Also cleaned the outside, need to polish it properlythough to bring the pai t 100% up.
Going tp take the seats out tommorow and give it a good clean as using it daily does get it abit dirty inside.

Clean car:
( (

Thats all for now.
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 05 April 2016, 20:15
Did the clutch. Was original that was in there.
Took some pictures but eventually realised its boring and wanted it back together.
Bits unplugged

At this point everything uptop was unbolted and this shaft needed to come out.

Well box out. Anapped the rear gearbox mount bolt. But got a replacement off a mate straight waya. Good old coop...

Clutch going back in. Alao the last picture.

Had to readjust my manual clutch because biting point waa on the floor and i didnt like that too much.
Drives spot on now though.
All the roof lining stuff is here, so may tackle that next time.

Getting my gti rear axle friday. Alao managed to grab some things off coops mk2 before he breaks it for parts. All its cost me so far is helping him with his tdi mk3 estate. Haha
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 11 April 2016, 20:29
After picking the axle up on friday, going to see clipperjay and getting home a bit late. I woke up saturday and decided to sort the passat. Changed some vac lines and in stalled the panel filter in time for dyalisis.

Came home and thought is was about time i hoovered the car out.
So the seats and mats came out.(

I then hoovered the floor and used my upholstery cleaner.(

I then cleaned the mats and put them back in. (Boring i know)

Also realised i need new mats. And fitted the flat boot carpet for a space saver. No pics but more.on that later in the year.

And finally the seats cleaned and in.(

Also slightly scratche  the door with the seat. No pic as im embarrassed.

Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 11 April 2016, 20:43
Todays job. After work jobs were complete obvously. Start stripping the rear axle.
The axle and the tools, not all because i needed to go back and get more as i got stuck in.
Original brake pipes impressed me. And they all game undone.(
Half stripped, then had to drop my daughter off so didnt do any more.
Will crack on next time ive got a hour spare.

So got home and thought to myself what should i do...
Obvously incure the misses wrath by painting.the back callipers and carriers...

Quick note, do not do this if your misses is pregnant and on one... luckilly shes having a good day today.  :grin:

So here we begin.

Cleaning and stripping parts.(

Went over them a few more times... achey hands.
The paint used is a little.on the thin side so im two coats in and not happy yet

Coat 1

Coat 2

That is all for now. Third coat tommorow and the flip them over.
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 17 April 2016, 21:34
Well ive fully stripped the axle.. cant decide what colour to go so havent finished it.
Never fear though the interior plans are underway.

So i ordered some fabric and glue roof lining agaes ago. Then ordered some swadette to do the a,b and c pillers.
Need to order more though.

The grey is for something that i have not disclosed yet.

So i statred with getting parts off (no pictures. We all know what a mk2 looks like)
Started with the back piece.between he c pillers(
Cleaned the muck off and cut some fabric.
First attempt was too thin. So basically had to cut another piece.

Started smoothing fabric on.(

And finished

Then onto the c pillers which i was getting frustrated with and the misses took over. Or helped dependant on how you look at it.(
Decided to cut whats left in half. Way to much fabric. Had to trim alot off

And with the little bit i cut to thin early on i decided to do the seatbelt covers.

More fabric and i the a and b pillers.
Thats all for now. Its been very therapeutic... we will see how the roof lining goes tommorow. And try and sort the sunroof drains.
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: InsightMusic on 05 May 2016, 12:40
Enjoying the thread man! Keep it up :)
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 05 May 2016, 14:22
Cheers bud. Should be updated later as most the inside is back in.
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 06 May 2016, 14:34
Well from where i left of, i wrapped the a and b pillers. Not got befor pics though. They use to be black. Now there suadette.


Then we moved onto the headlining. Which toom me a good two weeks to work upto doing as its so fragile.

So the roof lining

As you can see it is slightly broken. So i had to get the tape out and make it one piece again


Then i layed the material over to get a cut the right size (

Now i glued the roof lining in two halfs to give me chance to get it to fit properly. Theres a how to on here that helped to be honest.
Next up i had to cut the sunroof gaps.
The misses came in handy for this job


Then folded the edges over. The small holes for the grab handles i did when back in the car.

All done ready to be re-fitted

Finally some pictures of the interior in, including a black inner seal. Few more bits and its finished.




Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 24 May 2016, 20:17
Long overdue update. Handling was getting sloppy so decided to polybush the wishbones and roll bar.
Pics are here and there but theres some.
So wishbones off.
Only got one side pictures
( (
And polybushed
( (

Had to get new droplinks and polybush them. Also did the d bushes. Nightmare.
( (

And all back together
( (

Also cut my selector down as it sits to high in a mk2 for my liking.
Verdict is it handles much better. Inner cv is abit dodgy on driverside but ill address that after the baby is born.

Next up hopefully is fit a new exhaust and possibly get the rear axle on. Then my mot jobs are sorted
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: JC on 29 May 2016, 17:49
good progress............ :afro: but get the place tidied up  :whistle:
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 29 May 2016, 19:13
Sorry chuff :laugh: should see it at the end of the week.
Its actually cleaned up now. Did it ready for back at work after the bank holiday
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 24 June 2016, 20:08
Well ive been back at it. Sold the 20vt engine and such for something abit more fitting.
Decided that im going for oem+ look, sort of and people to look at it and think it could have come from the factory like that. (bar this update)

So hoovered it out.
Then a parcel arrived.
Then I took this out

Then put my planking plate in for cd player

Then cut the centre console up. I have a spare and fitted this....


And all together and done


Got some other things im eyeing up for the I terior and eventually ill retrim my seata and other back bench.

Also got some wheels coming and decided that im staying 4x100 which means I have to find 288mm discs.
Good job lotus elise are that just need spacers making up to space the carrier out a smidge. May see if the a4 ones are a better offset to start with.

Also got a 4 branch and exhaust so its all go. Still havnt finished rear axle though. One day soon.
Going to order paint after this actually
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 30 June 2016, 19:44
Well ive been busy. Ordered a few interior bits and new indicators. Non has arrived yet though.
But after getting my mates car ready for Mot and changing some things, ive got an exhaust and wheels.

Also ordered pressed plates so hopefully come mot itll fly through.

So first got my little helper to remove wheels for me while I was sorting the fitment of the exhaust. Not perfect but ill try again tommorow.


Next up I fitted the wheels. The offset has made them close to the arches, infact if it was lower it would need the lips rolling.
Ive grown up though so dont need to go through driveshafts every other month.

So I took it for a quick rinse around the block to settle the suspension back down.


And finally the exhaust, ill probally clean it on the weekend and get some more pictures. Plus other things may have arrived


Chow for now.  :laugh:
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 17 July 2016, 16:41
Well ordered some goodies and mot stuff.
Plates needed changing and after I ordered new ones I stupidly drove into the slabs tjat I havnt laid yet.
So while I was ordering plates I decided that black front indicators were needed instead of the white ones which were fitted.
So firstly


A couple of minths ago I wanted the Rev counter to work so asked the oricle rj what whire to splice on the mk3 loom (abs engine for some reason)
And I connected up and didnt work, left it at that as wasnt in the mood.

Skip to last week and I tried again, this time got the misses to look at the clocks when I touched the wire on the coil. Turns out I tried it on the wrong one months ago. Never mind.

A picture of said rev counter.

And finally today got fed up of how exhaust hangs. Tried to resolve it, hasnt moved much. Realised ill be putting a 16v in it soon so will be chamging exhaust and should really worry much.
But here's where it sits now.


Im hoping to respray the brakes to black and may have found some 256 hubs and such cheap enough to carry on with till I get the 288s sorted properly.

Not much else to do right now. Outside is pretty much there. Inside is pretty much finished bar seats and a different gear knob.

Drivetrain and engine is in the pipeworks.
Then its just drive it and change things maybe....
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 29 July 2016, 12:42
Well mot is looming fast and past year the handbrake/drums needed persuading alittle to go through.

Now I have a rear disc axle sat there and as I had a week off decided the job was to be done.

Firstly I put the back of the car up

Then started removing the drum. 24mm for any one interested
11mm for the brake pipe and 15mm for the stub axle bolts
I undid the 10mm retaining nuts inside the car and.pulled the cables out still attatched to the shoes.

Then fitted the stub axle
8mm carrier bolts
And finally calliper

After this I had to make some brake pipes and fit them
14mm for hoses, 11mm for unions.
Connected up and bled you get


Ignore the paint, left them around when tractor bits where bbeing sprayed.

The keen eyed readers will notice that the callipers and such are now black and not red. Simply the paint was too thin and I had some black left from a customers s3 rocker and such.

The handbrake cables I have are early ones and thus too long so I am waiting for shorter ones on Monday. Then he should fly through the mot.

I also hoovered him out, was much needed after hay bailing and a tree releasing its leaves through my sunroof.

Halfway through

And finished.

Until next time, where hipefully its motd and I may have bought some goodies.

Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 06 August 2016, 19:24
Mot'd yesterday, needed a couple front indicator bulbs,a wheel vearing, a track rodend and a power stearing belt. Completely forgot you need that for a mot.

Next up will be an engine change and then im going to give the passat some me time (needs a good tap with the lowering stick)

Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 15 October 2016, 13:43
Well... Been quiet with the golf. It developed a problem with wiring. You could pull ignition wiring off and it would still run.

Also rounded the splines the inner cv sits on so needed a new driveshat, pretty much settled that I was putting the 9a in then.
So went into the shed to build the engine back up... Earlier than planned.

Engine sat half stripped with a black rocker I had.

Ready to go in...

So Sunday morning, me, coup and Jack assembled to start. My camera doesnt work so coup took pictures... Blame him.

Sat waiting...

All coming apart


Ready to come out...

Out, sorting some wiring... More on this later

Shes in...
Might aswell go for a close up....


So onto wiring... Tucked the lighting loom so had to weld some bolts to hold the loom away from wheels... Down side of tucking looms.



On to Tuesday morning. I was worried my 4 branch wouldnt fit. Bought it off ebay about 4 years ago when I wanted to get another mk2, pretty sure it was for an Abf.

So thought id fit it up and start on engine wiring being plugged in.


Thats it for now. Theres some pics from today but havnt uploaded yet.
As soon as wirings where I want ill be shortning and lengthening where and if needed.
Hoping to get it looking neat this time round, instead of just chucking it together.
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 26 October 2016, 21:33
Well small update. I think i am ready to wire the golf engine in. Today i had day off work and did nothing but play fifa.

Now tommorow morning ill get the soldering iro. Out and follow my wiring promt i have written.

Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 23 November 2016, 16:07
Still not wired this damn golf up.
3 cars on the drive and work doesnt leave alot of golf time. Dark when i get home.
The other morning i did fit some banjo bolts and 2 new temp sensors...
Today the coil.

Also found out my ignition switch cowling is broken previous owner has used what looks like chemical metal and silicone to hold the stalk tabs on... Then run a earth to the earth box under the dash... So i think this may have actually been the cause of my idnition problems and such.

New one on order with a new ignition switch.

Heres some pictures. Not very interesting but pictures speak a thousand words they say.




Maybe, just maybe tommorow you will all see a update
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: th3_f15t on 02 December 2016, 09:26
She's coming along nicely man. Looking forward to seeing the finished result now.
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 02 December 2016, 14:58
Will happen one day  :grin:
If people stop wanting my services and let me get on with it
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 02 February 2017, 12:48
I have done a few things on the old girl. Going at it again later aswell so will update all with some much needed pictures
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: hardmonkeys on 02 February 2017, 15:16
Great read
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 05 February 2017, 17:50
Well, well, well i have done something! The otherday i put silicone water pipes on and a new metal pipe.
Pictures to come about that.
But 1st i have ran the fuel lines. New filter(s)
Thats right 2 because i wanted a little inline see through one to see when fuel was coming though. Its a little further down that id have liked but it doesnt matter.

Also put it back down on its weels and put the centre section on. The plan is to get it running and drive it to work to make all the back box and such up.
Tommorow hopefully ill put driveshafts in and hubs back onto suspenion and sit it on the front wheel. Which means its time to move onto the inside and sort that mess out.

Anyway onto the pictures



And its on its back wheels finally

Now the best bit. The coolant pipes
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: gazareth on 06 February 2017, 19:32
wow :shocked:. i'm not so sure I would chance the small plastic fuel filter on a k-jet fuel system. might be ok, but there is a lot off pressure there :wink:
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 07 February 2017, 08:48
Im fully aware of the pressure. We shal see what happens.
Theorectically it should be fine. Its not running a k-jet fuel pump. So the regulator on the side of the block is making the required pressure to run it.

Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: gazareth on 07 February 2017, 22:38
ah I see. what pump is it running?
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 07 February 2017, 22:45
Mk3 intank.
Which i believe is 3bar. Same i believe as the mk2 digi pumps and ive ran one of those on a k-jet before.

If its not enough pressure (i think it will be as they have a reg on the fuel system) ill fit a 5 bar pump in tank
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: gazareth on 08 February 2017, 22:11
yeah the digi pump and the mk3 one seem about the same size, so probably about same flow rate. I didn't realise the k-jet would run on the digi pump. thought it would run out off steam at high rpms. k-jet pump looks a lot beefier.
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 08 February 2017, 23:28
Mk3 intank.
Which i believe is 3bar. Same i believe as the mk2 digi pumps and ive ran one of those on a k-jet before.

If its not enough pressure (i think it will be as they have a reg on the fuel system) ill fit a 5 bar pump in tank

To be honest. I thought the same as it stuttered at high revs but changed the pump to a kjet did the same thing.
Realised after the fuel pressure is governed on the block so if it cant get enough fuel to the metering head it just doesnt send it back down the return line to keep the pressure up
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 21 February 2017, 19:05
Well. Its that time for an update.
Ive done the loom. Ive put the driveshafts in and wheels on.

I have checked for fuel leaks... And sorted them and i have tried to start it.
I must say a big thankyou to rub jonny. He has been a massive help while i was figuring out the ods and sods...
Decided to pull the loom out to solder it as it was never getting done.

Problem is i have spark and no fuel... Fuel is getting to the regulator and back to the emetering head just not to injectors. Ive got vac lines off and such though so ill plumb the rest in and see what happens. Im confident that itll run this week and then i can finish the exhaust up and sort out some other little things that arnt yet done.

Have to keep an eye on a water leak in the car that i think ive sorted but until it rains i havnt got a clue.

Onto the pictures

Loom ready to be started. Never pictured it finished

1St wheel on the ground

Slam panel on

Driveshaft in... Just before i connected clutch cable

Back seat in. Needs a clean but it goes with the new front seats better

Finally after a few hours playing it stood like this. Servo needs bolting back up but until i know 100 percent loom isnt coming back out then its not going in.
I need to clean all my 16v hubs up and 22mm master cylinder

Chow for now

Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 26 February 2017, 20:13
So its a runner. I have a bideo but it wont upload.
So ive been sorti g teething problems as its insured as of the 17th of march.

To sort were front seat bases (cheers mike)
Rear exhaust which i am going to order in a minute when i have decided on a backbox.

Had to sort the horn out. More on that in a second
Cd player likes to do as it please (rubjonny assures me its a live shorting out)

And a couple of jubillee clips for the rad to expansion tank pipe.

So onto the horn... I have a mountney stearing wheel and no where that the horn could go. I had to run a wire from the button to the metal tab

So a hole was drilled and a wire ran a little like a squib so there enough lock to lock. Hopefully.


While its running ive noticed a few thing.
1. It needs the idle setting up as with the isv powered it goes to 2k and without it sits at 750

2. The ign timing needs tweaking a little

3 the co2 and fuelling need fine tuning

Until an exhaust is fully built its too loud for me to actually leave it running for long periods of time ao this will have to wait until i take it back to work and ill do it all there.

So before i end this post theres another pic for the engine bay because i cant believe how much ive missed a 16v sat in there.
Youll notice it all needs painting up and i may do that at some point.


Chow for now
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 22 March 2017, 19:46
Well 100 miles into my shakedown and a backbox has been fitted. Absolutly hate it and im going to build a full exhaust for this thing.

Problems so far
Half an exhaust (fixed)
Temp gauge only reading a little (possibley fixed)
No idle (possibley fixed)
Random misfiring and such (i think overfuelling at low revs. New plugs in morning and see what happens)
Horn come on around corners (will fix tommorow)
Slower than my old mk2 (i think it needs a good tuneup)

Only major problem ive noticed is that i gave it a thrashing earlier and after there was a bit of smoke. Looked grey and im hoping is just too much fuel going in and a little bit of carbon build up in the exhaust i stole which use to be on my a4 tdi...

If i can solve the not likeing to start in the mornings and after being stood ill be happy.

All i have to dp is pull the sound proofing out as its all soaked. Dry the passenger carpet because its coming thrpugh a kissing gromet in the bulk head and fit all the interior.

Also cant complain at fuel usage when driven sensibly.
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 23 March 2017, 12:51
Well i think ive sorted everything. Turned the fuelling down. Changed the plugs.
Drove it and its alot better.
Not as quick as my last 16v. But i need to fine tune the co and get another throttle body to make it idle
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 04 April 2017, 13:06
Didnt sort it.
Set co yesterday and got it to idle. Start cold and warm.
Set of home from work and 5 minutes down the road were broke down.
Turn the key to find no compression.
Thought belt had snapped
Opened the bonnet to find oil everywhere so feared the block had made a window.

Car towed back to work and it would seem theres a bit of block behind the engine mount. Could even be piston. I didnt look after that just closed the sheed doors and walked away.

Bought a kr off a member on here. Thank f**k i remebered there was a kr for sale.
Lovely chap and hopefully gets golf going again.

Also spoke to mike who i got the 9a off and given hed only drove the golf a handful of times he feels bad. Not the words he used...
The mileage on the 9a was apparently around 70k and looking at it youd think it. It was never right and its time to move on. Ill update with pictures once the engine is out and i can see abit more of what has happened
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: Neo Badness on 21 May 2017, 22:09
Nightmare dude :(

Hopefully it'll be straightforward fix...  :whistle:
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 22 May 2017, 12:54
Ill update this later. Been running fairly sweet. Infact the other day i even smiled and said to my self 'now it feels like a 16v'
Got some pictures. Just havnt had the time free to update
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 29 May 2017, 13:02
Some pictures of the destruction. Not alot has happened to the golf really. Ive hoovered it out and lost a centre cap on the bbs. So thats another thing to sort...
Fitted some parada spec2s 1st time in 5 years i thi k since ive had them.

Started sorting out the problems for mot. Blowing exhaust. Power steering belt and washer bottle not connected. May even fir the rear axle bushes.

On to pictures...
The problem

Number 1 sparkplug

And now some random pictures



New kr engine in
Thats it really. Im starting to try and get it ready for berkley vw show so some paint may be apllied in difderent places aswell as trying to get it through the mot withought much problem

Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: th3_f15t on 22 August 2017, 17:48
Any news or updates on this mate? Need to figure out how to do the double DIN centre console mod myself.
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: lemski on 23 August 2017, 12:56
Yeh ill update it later. Not actually done a lot to it. Just dropped her off for mot this morning. I expect a fail.
Double din is fairly easy mate. Dependant on where your putting it and if you have electric windows or not
Title: Re: Lemskis mk2 (again)
Post by: th3_f15t on 25 August 2017, 00:34
No electronic devices in my GTI, unless you include the clocks that can change from green or blue, dim or bright. Didn't like them at first but now I do, just need a replacement MFA.

I plan to chop the centre console out and mount it there, maybe making some better housing out of fibreglass and plastics from another car. Will put some dials where the stock stereo position is for monitoring essentials better.