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Title: Gtd owner
Post by: Anj_gtd on 29 April 2015, 11:01
Hi.  Just bought a 59' mk6 gtd. Grey with full leathers.  Adaptive xenon,  sat nav,  Park assist. First vag diesel and coming from a e46 m3 I'm over the moon with the fuel consumption. Just had the mot and had an advisory for front and rear brakes wearing. Can anyone tell me the brake sizes for front and rear. Checked on gsf and ecp, they are 3 different sizes and when I rang up they wouldn't tell me the sizes.  Thanks
Title: Re: Gtd owner
Post by: J400uk on 29 April 2015, 18:07
Nice choice! Interesting you're coming from an E46 M3 as I'd like one of those as a weekend car sometime

Front brake discs are 312mm if I remember right since the GTD has the uprated ones.
Title: Re: Gtd owner
Post by: Anj_gtd on 29 April 2015, 20:00
The e46 m3 is a wicked car. Mine was a fully specced Laguna secs blue convertible. They do have problems.  My headgasket went which was 1grand fix. Also the subframe cracked which was fixed by BMW under goodwill. Perfect weekend car really.

Do you know the rear disk size. Also they are a few different brake pads on gsf. Do you know which ones to get.  Gsf wouldn't tell me over the phone. . Thanks