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Title: LeeOxley - 1990 1.3L Carb 4+E
Post by: jv on 20 March 2015, 10:58
Title: Re: LeeOxley - 1990 1.3L Carb 4+E
Post by: LeeOxley on 24 March 2015, 12:58
Cheers JV!
A little story on acquiring it!
A couple of months back I was at the family garage spraying my Corsa steel wheels white(I know :P) and a lovely little specimen of a MK2 showed up. Tornado red and it pretty good nick. Although, both near-side wheel arches has been scratched/dented in. I asked if it was for sale in the vague hope it might be and sadly the answer was no. So I went home and cried for a little bit. Few days later I get a text from my uncle.
"That Golf has just come up for sale, you want it?"
I dont think I have ever been so excited for anything in my life. and the price? £250!! Only problems were, Water pump gone, thermostat gone and blown head gasket. But still, that wasn't gonna put me off! So I grabbed some cash, and ran the 20 miles to the garage! Paid the nice lady and stored it for a few months. (I didnt really have the money to sort it)

But soon the modifications and restoring began...
Title: Re: LeeOxley - 1990 1.3L Carb 4+E
Post by: LeeOxley on 24 March 2015, 14:21
Here's some pictures of it when I got it!

( (

( (

( (
Title: Re: LeeOxley - 1990 1.3L Carb 4+E
Post by: LeeOxley on 24 March 2015, 15:58
Ok, so, A few weeks later I gave it a full valet and I thought it might benefit from a debadged grill. So I sourced one on Ebay for about £17 I think.
I also for an absolute bargain of a Sparco L360 steering wheel and boss kit for £50! So I grabbed that straight away.

Cleaning the car:
( (

Debadged Grill made a massive difference to the front end!
( (

After this I also found some Black G60s on Ebay with decent tires for another £50! Another bargain!
They're on in the picture above.
My instagram is Lee_Oxley if you want to see the Steering Wheel, I haven't got a picture at hand.
Title: Re: LeeOxley - 1990 1.3L Carb 4+E
Post by: LeeOxley on 24 March 2015, 18:04
Here's the steering wheel and interior.
( (

Also, these babies just arrived in the post! FK AK Streets, £165
( (

Drop these on the car on Saturday or so and we're golden!!

I will just say, being in full time education at college and only part time work it does make it difficult to earn enough money to make the car top priority, so updates on this thread might be few and far between! I will update it as soon as possible.
Title: Re: LeeOxley - 1990 1.3L Carb 4+E
Post by: LeeOxley on 24 March 2015, 18:10
Things to do at the moment:

Fit the coilovers and lower accordingly.
Sort out the arches and fit the arch trims I have sat in the boot.
Get the wheels banded to 8in on front and 9in on back.
Fit speakers in the front doors and my Pioneer radio.
Perhaps a roof spoiler?
Maybe Big bumpers?
I don't know I'm making this up as I go but they all sound like good ideas.
Title: Re: LeeOxley - 1990 1.3L Carb 4+E
Post by: LeeOxley on 28 March 2015, 16:55
Okay! So as promised, I got the coilovers on this fine sunny saturday, yes thats sarcasm.
So anyway, before I did this I read quite a few tutorials on how to do it and they all said that you should soak everything in WD-40 first. Well me being me I though, f**k that, that'll take way to long, so I went in dry. And this is when I found out that the whole suspension system must have been replaced quite recently because everything came apart with very little effort.
First of all I did forget to take a few picture but you get most of it from this:
Up on the ramp she goes
( (
Then off with the wheels.
( (
The two bolts that hold on the bottom of the strut came off very easily with a spanner and rattle gun. A Good one I might add.

The old springs came off pretty quickly.
( (

Now the new coilovers didnt come with Top Mounts so had to get the old ones off the strut. Luckily there was some spring clamps at the garage but after watching a few springs go flying I didnt trust myself with the job so I got my uncle to do that one :P
( (

The top mount threaded bolt sh!ts weren't as difficult as I though, spanner and an allen key sorted those.(Didnt get a picture)

Slotted the new coilover into place and tightened it all back up. Obviously the did the same on the other side.

Next, the rears. They were even easier!! Pretty much just two bolts and it was done. The most difficult part was removing the parcel shelf mounts out of the way haha. That was 4 little self tapping bolty things and it was free.
( (

Undo the few bolts at the top of the strut and the bolts on the axle and that done too.

OVerall the job took about an hour, absolutely simple.

Heres the finished product. It doesnt look massively low yet but over the next few days or so itll settle down another couple of centimetres.
( (
Title: Re: LeeOxley - 1990 1.3L Carb 4+E
Post by: LeeOxley on 28 March 2015, 17:00
Oh I forgot to say, this put the tracking out like a b!tch! Literally both wheels were facing opposite ways!!.
Title: Re: LeeOxley - 1990 1.3L Carb 4+E
Post by: LeeOxley on 05 July 2015, 17:05
Its been so long since I updated this so I thought i'll throw a picture or two in for suspense.
I managed to round out the rear arches and get the trims on, although I don't have a picture :(
( (
Just need to find a Weber carb ;) and a new radiator now and it should be finished mechanically for now.

In the mean time I have bought a new daily. I say bought, more swapped for my corsa.

( (

Not bad for a corsa eh? and I got £50 as well! Which then went on a radiator and a thermostat housing :P
Anyway, some things and stuff should be happening soon, so keep posted!!
Title: Re: LeeOxley - 1990 1.3L Carb 4+E
Post by: LeeOxley on 07 September 2015, 19:30
Its been a very slow few months since the last real update but this one is quite an important one.

Those of you who have owned/driven a Pierberg 2E2 Carbed golf will probably understand how sh!te the Carburettor is, mine being no different it decided it crap out on me every time it idled. Turned out the spring inside the auto choke had been broken by the previous owner. But today!! A wonderful package from a wonderful member on this forum (Jamrock) arrived in the post!! A Twin Choke Weber carb with a lovely shiny K&N Air Filter.

First of all, I did forget to take any pictures of removing the old carb, but thats not too hard to imagine.

The only real problem was removing the four 10ml bolts from under the previous carbs bracket. Right up under the manifold and with the car being so low and not being on a ramp it made it pretty difficult but with the help of a friend with tiny little monkey hands it was done. Cheers Ryan mate ;)
Weber Carb was a straight swap and runs great now with the air filter. Lovely suction noise as you would expect. Only issue with it is I dont have a manual choke cable to go with it yet. Onto Fleabay for that one!
Overall the whole job took about an hour for two complete spaz's so anyone with a brain cell could do it in half hour or less.

Here's some pictures of todays antics!
Old Air box on the floor!
( (

Old carb old the floor. (Didnt throw it away, maybe useful (apparently))
( (

Here you can see the tops of two of those sh!tty bolts!!
( (

New carb fitting nicely
( (

Air Filter Sitting pretty!
( (

Engine bay looking *Cough* beautiful?

Anyway, thats the end of this one. Next thing will be a radiator because the one in the car now isnt even a VW rad and its blocked up somewhere, oh well.

Oh and if there is one thing I have learned today its to not tell your Grandad you are going to throw away old things, turns out he gets pretty angry about that. I AINT NO HOARDER!