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Title: New owner
Post by: J400uk on 16 September 2014, 21:45
Hello, just thought I'd check in on here. Picked up a Mk6 Golf 2.0 TDI 140 DSG in Match trim last week. It's a 5dr in Shadow Blue with Park Assist. Previously had a Mk5 Golf GTI which I loved but doing more miles now so swapped to a diesel

I'm thinking of maybe remapping and fitting some 17in wheels in the future to bring it closer to the GTI. Enjoying the economy at the moment though and it's quite a relaxing car to drive!

Wanted to ask, there seems to be a noticeable droning noise coming from the rear, is this likely to be the tyres or could it be a bearing?
Title: Re: New owner
Post by: mattc69 on 18 September 2014, 16:02
Check the inside of the rear tyres - they are prone to wearing which causes the drone whilst driving. A four wheel alignment after fitting new tyres should sort it out.
Title: Re: New owner
Post by: Starfox on 29 September 2014, 11:10
Had the exact same problem with mine - thought it was wheel bearings when I collected it.  Turned out to be the tyres, if you run you hands over them on the inside they won't have worn smoothly hence the noise.  I did get my car aligned but when it was put on the machine they found it to be perfect - strange.  I got two new tyres to replace the badly worn ones (and stayed clear of Dunlops) and so far so good 4K miles later.
Title: Re: New owner
Post by: J400uk on 29 September 2014, 19:35
Thanks guys it did indeed end up been the rear tyres. Obviously the sensible option would have been to just replace those, but instead I've used it as an opportunity to upgrade to a bigger set of alloys which came with a decent of tyres  :smiley: