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Golf mk7 / Re: Remaps
« Last post by 7MAT on Today at 09:50 »
I ordered the VW Racingline OEM+ Stage 1 software in the Black Friday sale.

Not yet installed as I'm looking to get a sach clutch installed first.

My dealer has been speaking to the mapper at Racingline and he has agreed to add switchable exhaust pops and crackles for me.

Golf mk7 / Re: Remaps
« Last post by Jim_mk7.5 on Today at 09:28 »
Impressive power from a stage 1, imagine must have a few extra bits such as filter and high flow pipes to make 330.

But jeez, their website is truly awful, they don't even have the 245ps model listed  :rolleyes:
Golf mk7 / Re: Dealer Used Stock
« Last post by kmpowell on Today at 09:13 »
When I first started looking for a Golf in April/May last year there were a few around to choose from, but nothing with any decent spec. Due to this I placed an order for a new one at the start of the summer thinking I would continue to look for used in-case something came up. The delays on mine started and when I cancelled my order I threw myself into the used market significantly all the way through to December.

As the time went on it became abundantly clear that all that was hitting the used market was ex-VW cars being sent to dealers from their fleet (these cars are easily identifiable by the KX (or other K* prefixed number plates)), or ex dealer demos for silly prices. In December when I had lost all hope of finding one, I had visited several dealers and they all told me the same story, they are simply very rare and in short supply because WLTP delays meant people were hanging onto their cars and nothing was going through the networks.

I count myself very lucky that my new car arrived unexpectedly when it did, else I'd still be sat here now without a car.

Having had a look at the market again this morning (before writing this), I can see stock has dried up even further, all the cars I looked at have gone, and the same uni-old cars are still for sale (mainly low spec, red or white) on the AUC locator, and some of the high spec silly price ex-demo cars have also gone. There's very little been added to the search results.

If you're fussy about what you want, and are in the used market, there really is very little too choose from. What I'm also seeing is the discount being offered off new is also creeping down from the 15%+ from last year, it's already at circa 10%.

General discussion / لشركائنا باع
« Last post by profession on Today at 09:11 »
اعكسوا القيمة الحقيقية لأعمالكم من خلال مجموعة الهدايا الترويجية لشركائنا باعة الهدايا الكريستالية. متوفرة في المملكة العربية السعودية والإمارات العربية المتحدة.
مورّدي هدايا الشركات دبي
Golf mk7 / Re: Dealer Used Stock
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 09:03 »
Doesn't surprise me with new stock Jim.... remember the great 2018 WLTP drought... they won't have replaced their showroom stock yet I'd guess...
Golf mk7 / Re: Remaps
« Last post by kmpowell on Today at 08:55 »
RRP who are close to me offer a pretty smooth power delivery on the 7.5 performance. 330hp 385lb/ft.

What I find promising is that the 7.5’s I’ve heard of being roaded have all come back with significant stock power outputs, way over the quoted figures from VW. I know VW have always been conservative, but these are consistently way above quoted.  :smiley:

Golf mk7 / Re: Dealer Used Stock
« Last post by Jim_mk7.5 on Today at 08:55 »
Went for nosey round my local recently refurbed JCT600. No GTI, no R and no GTD is the showroom. An UP! GTI was about the only 'sporty' VW in there.
Golf mk7 / Re: Remaps
« Last post by damianmkv on Today at 08:05 »
Superchips are looking for a 7.5GTi to develop their map I understand. Apparently they give you a courtesy car and the map is FOC but they'd need to confirm that as it's just what I've been told..
Golf mk7 / Re: 50,000 miles report
« Last post by ianmk4 on 15 January 2019, 21:40 »
I have to agree with the headlight range on low beam. Scary sometimes. My car is due service next month and will be mentioning it to the service department.

Did you know that you can manually adjust up and down, left and right by turning the knobs on the headlight itself :smiley:

Yes, after I bought mine my biggest gripe was exactly this. I could hardly see where I was going. It's so easy to adjust, all you need is an allan key.
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by hobbes22 on 15 January 2019, 21:39 »
Sounds great Jim! Tempted with the res delete!
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