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mk1 GOLF GTI parts
« on: 17 November 2017, 17:27 »
hi all

I am back in the uk until 29th November and I am clearing out my garage of mk1 golf gti parts, if your interested in parts, you will need to pickup in person and bring cash no later than 28th November. (location of parts are in Staines Middlesex area)

Parts for sale;

Bottom end 1.8 block
Head 1.8
2x GTI 5 speed gearboxes - I know for fact they work perfect, no issues.
CIS unit
Time belt cover - lower and upper (upper is metal)
Rocker cover
clip that holds accelerator cable - usually connected to rocker cover
2x starter motors
all items off the engine
radiator - with cover and all parts - fan, two plastic flaps, water sensor
full 3 piece exhaust - middle and end - performance exhaust (walker) - used (front part is round version)
new - never used 2 to 1 downpipe (not the round end, but two individual pipes to manifold.
Full brake system - arm, booster
front grill with 4 lights - spot lights included
lower brace (with center adjustor) - this is rare item now
upper brace
rear window glass
rear window mechanism
rear interior side cards
rear parcel shelf cover (black)
Complete steering rack
Complete steering column
water bottle, with pump and bracket,
front bumper side lights
Engine mount brackets
inlet manifold with Audi 80 throttle body
single horn - with bracket
dual horns - with bracket
original, perfect working condition - front brake lines
Full 83 GTI loom - not cut up with all fuses and relays
2x jacks - one with plastic cover and one without.
GTI dash dials
Full heater unit with cables still attached
GTI Steering wheel
load more can list - please ask me on parts.

I will do a killer deal if someone buys everything in one hit.

I also have a lot of MK1 golf Cab parts too.

thanks Simon

I will add pictures up over weekend.
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