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Golf mk7 / Re: DTUK Pedalbox
« Last post by Exonian on Today at 18:48 »
Red is a harsh warning colour so it makes sense to me that it’s for the more sensitive settings.
Green is softer and makes sense for a softer setting.

Golf mk7 / Re: Rattling door
« Last post by mcmaddy on Today at 18:42 »
Is that not the soundaktor rattling? Maybe it isn't fixed to the bulkhead properly?
General discussion / Advice needed on this Golf GTI
« Last post by Asura000 on Today at 17:44 »
Hey guys,

I have been searching for a replacement car on the relative cheap since my MK 1 Audi TT went bust.

I found a specific Golf GTI for sale by a private seller and wanted your opinion if it sounded too good to be true and/or dodgy?

It's a 2006 MK5 Golf GTI thats had its engine replaced with a edition 30 engine with 85k on it (Guy says he's got evidence of the replacement and receipts etc).

It's also got the following mods:

- Apr Stage 2+ Map
- Apr Hpfp
- Ko4 Turbo
- R8 Coilpacks
- AMD induction kit
- GFB DV+ diverter Valve
- Forge Dv to Intake return and Throttle body Black Silicone hoses
- Dogbone mount upgrade
- NGK BKR7EIX spark plugs
- Methanol Kit Installed.
- Full Stainless Steel Scorpion 3" Resonated Exhaust with Sports Cat.

He said the cambelt & waterpump were replaced 2k Miles Ago and front & back discs & pads were replaced 1 month ago.

Its on sale for £3795.

What are your guys thoughts? Am I being ripped off or does something not seem quite right at the price?

Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by Watts on Today at 17:44 »
Got my metal bracket and solid bushes fitted :smiley:

A bit tricky to see it and just as fiddly to change. Having already changed the lever I thought it should be pretty straightforward but the cable clips were a pita to get off (I'm sure they were a lot easier last time :undecided:) and everything was just awkward to get to. Still, got it changed and then adjusted the shift cables which is where I really got into some bother. I used a 5mm drill bit to lock the lever, on the first attempt reverse get jumping back out, on the second attempt 2nd and 4th wouldn't engage and that's where it remained for several other attempts :angry: I must admit to an air of panic... As it turned out my 5mm drill bit when measured turned out to be more like 4mm. After a frantic hunt to find something else suitable, I found the chuck key from my ancient Bosch drill fitted a treat and on the first attempt all gears including reverse worked perfectly :smiley:

So, was it all worth it? I've only had a quick drive to my local supermarket so far but it does feel better, a bit more precise, smoother, very positive. But whether that's due to the new parts or the cable adjustment, I'm not sure. :whistle:
Golf mk7 / Re: Autocar gti
« Last post by Watts on Today at 17:16 »
Good to see that the TCR is coming though :smiley:

Not to the UK it isn't

That’s what I thought too...

I did too so I was surprised as the linked article says it will be on sale later this year, I assumed that meant the UK but perhaps not then. Couldn't afford one anyway (so I've been told :rolleyes:).
Golf mk7 / Re: Rattling door
« Last post by Ryanfsr on Today at 17:12 »
Both my door cards rattling also. Cars only a month old aswell! Can't seem to identify exactly where it's coming from though, else i'd try to sort it myself.

Also, another rattle/creak started yesterday that sounds like it's coming deep behind the infotainment. That'll be one for the dealers to sort I reckon! Wouldn't have a clue where to start to try and remove the Discover Nav unit.
Golf mk7 / Re: Autocar gti
« Last post by wantmygti on Today at 17:00 »
Good to see that the TCR is coming though :smiley:

Not to the UK it isn't

That’s what I thought too...
Golf mk7 / Re: Rattling door
« Last post by Tethias on Today at 16:43 »
Both my drivers door and front passenger door have an annoying rattle to them when driving, not sure if i want to try and fix it myself by removing the door card or give it to VW to do...
Golf mk7 / Re: Autocar gti
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 15:41 »
Good to see that the TCR is coming though :smiley:

Not to the UK it isn't
Golf mk7 / Re: DTUK Pedalbox
« Last post by CarbonGTD on Today at 14:04 »
My thoughts exactly Booth (especially as it makes sense that green is for 'Go' or increase and red if for 'Stop' or decrease surely?) 

But that's exactly what they've done. 

Fortunately this slight foible aside, the new box is still superb.

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