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BaxGTI - mk2 8v
« on: 08 January 2008, 14:54 »
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Re: BaxGTI - mk2 8v
« Reply #1 on: 08 January 2008, 23:16 »
Thanks JV  :kiss:

Just to get this out the way, THIS CAR IS A BUDGET PROJECT!!  :smiley:

Right, well I've already got a thread over at so if you wanna comment at all, there would be a good place... however, no updates will be made there anymore, they will be done here :)

Ok, so..let's start from the beginning..

I bought my 1990 Mk2 8v GTI in around March/April 2007, intending to be a project car / part-time replacement for my 1.1 saxo. Wasn't actually looking for a Golf at the time, infact, not even a VW, but just something under £1000 that would be good to learn a bit about cars with while still having a fun car to drive. On one weekend, I spotted my 8v in the back of a dealers yard for £750 and put a deposit on it the same day :)

Here are some pics of it a few weeks ago, basically in the same condition as when I got it. Due to a lack of funds and motivation I didn't really use it as a project car, but that's changing now :)

And here are a few extras that the car was already fitted with:

Powerflow exhaust

Corrado fronts (thanks ...joe)

Sony Xplod CDX-GT210 head unit (pants..)

Well, a few weeks ago I started my other project thread and decided to get the car upgraded a bit... so started on the sound quality of the car.

Kenwood KFC-6970ie 6x9s (sorry, in my other thread I said they were alpine, woops..)

JBL gto326e (an absolute steal at £12.49)

The sound quality after have been added is alot better...obviously not great as they are both cheapo speakers, but good enough for me. However, I wanted a bit more bass and luckily caught bassjunkies on a day where it was doing £30 off the following deal:

I know the amp ain't great, but still, for £80 delivered I wasn't that bothered :)

Went to install it the other day though and found my head unit has no RCA leads or an remote, and I'd rather not install an RCA adapter and make my own remote lead so I'll just get a new head unit... So that's another thing on the shopping list :)

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Re: BaxGTI - mk2 8v
« Reply #2 on: 08 January 2008, 23:32 »
Shopping List: (in rough order)
Fan belt (thanks to mine jumping off on the M3 on sunday night)
Head unit
GolfGTI stickers, heh
Distributor cap (mine's cracked)
2 light badgeless grille
40mm lowering springs
M3 style rear lights
Screen for PS2 use
Decent amp for my sub

To Do list: (in rough order)
Sort out sound system
Improve exterior styling
Introduce multimedia
Custom boot build
Improve interior styling
Engine modifications..

Long Term plans: (wishlist)
Modernise interior (possible audi A3 dash?)
1.8t conversion
Interior Retrim
Sell for nissan 200sx tramp-drifter  :embarassed:

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Re: BaxGTI - mk2 8v
« Reply #3 on: 09 January 2008, 16:34 »
Oh, almost forgot.

I also picked up some Avo rear shocks that a neighbour bought for a corrado years ago and never got round to fitting. Not going to put these on until I get some new springs though so I don't have to do the job twice :)

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Re: BaxGTI - mk2 8v
« Reply #4 on: 25 March 2008, 11:49 »
Well, no reply for ages seen as though a while back my head gasket went and I've just been lazy about it. Had 10 miles left of a 280 mile journey when my fanbelt went and I tried finishing it...bad idea apparently. Well, the engine is now in bits at the garage on base ready to be repaired in the next week or 2 and then hopefully this thread will be updated a bit more..