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Golf mk7 / Re: New Arrivals!!
« Last post by Spadam on Today at 12:11 »
Hi all

New here
Just ordered my Golf GTI PP yesterday and have been advised 18-26 week lead time.

Not to fussed as own my current car but hoping i dont have to wait 30 weeks.
TDI / Re: New Vw owner
« Last post by Mike J on Today at 10:53 »
Okay, this is what I did.

Nothing at all, I just drove it.
And keep filling it up with diesel and having it serviced when the VW dealer told me.

I never even opened the bonnet figuring that an indicator light would go on if oil etc was required (which it wasn't), the result was the bonnet release catch seized up!
The silly VW techie made the mistake of telling me I should have greased reply you can imagine!

It never missed a beat and I traded it in for my present Golf.

That is why I buy Golfs, to drive them, whats under the bonnet is not my concern.
New forum members / Re: Hello - from a Newbie
« Last post by asif on Today at 10:18 »
Welcome to the club, get some pics up when you get a chance.
New forum members / Re: A confession from Abu Dhabi
« Last post by asif on Today at 10:17 »
Welcome to the club mate.

Am I right in thinking you've come from Abu Dhabi and you're here for a month or so and bought a car off a mate as a run around whilst you're here???
Or have you bought it with the intention to take it back to Abu Dhabi when you go back???

If it's the latter then I would suggest you just drive it like you stole it for a month and be done with it lol
In my opinion you would've been better off with a hire car for a month if you're not taking this Golf back.

Apologies if I've misunderstood your situation, this is just how I've read your post.
New forum members / Re: New owner mk 7 gti, pinch me!!
« Last post by asif on Today at 10:10 »
Welcome to the club.
PDF manual for your tablet? as in an apple/android tablet? Or car related?
New forum members / Back again...MK7 GT Tech TDi
« Last post by asif on Today at 10:07 »
Hi All,

Back again after 7 years of owning a Civic which recently got written off due to being rear ended by a new driver  :angry:
I decided on taking the plunge for a 13 plate MK7 Golf GT Bluemotion Tech TDi 150bhp

Will get some pics up soon, as I bought the car yesterday.

Golf mk7 / Re: GTi or R
« Last post by Juicetin on Today at 09:36 »
I spent 1.5 years in a Mk7 GTI PP and now a year in a Mk7 R, I have to say overall I enjoyed the GTI more.
It feels so much lighter and more nimble, the R feels like a tank in comparison. The extra power of the R is nice to have but the GTI is just more fun due to it's "chuck-ability". I reckon the Ed 40 could be the best all round option, I would love to try one.
TDI / Re: New Vw owner
« Last post by asif on Today at 09:33 »
Think he's just saying hello I'm new here lol I could be wrong
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New forum members / New owner mk 7 gti, pinch me!!
« Last post by Dirty530GTI on Today at 07:26 »
I would very much like to find a pdf manual for my tablet but i am not having alot of luck, any help would be greatly apprecieated. Here is the first 5 mods i have in mind. And any feed back is welcomed. 1. Tint 2. Amp and sub 3. Euro switch 4. Clutch stop 5. Obd11. Thank you for your time.
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