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...and less weight :)
car looks fantastic  :cool:
as it should be really with an extra 46ps  ;D ;D
Having had both a gtd and now the gti i can say that the GTi is the quicker of the two cars. Power delivery is different but the GTi is definitely quicker.
Golf mk7 / Re: ghost immobiliser
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all great pionts lads much appreciated  :smiley:
Just my $0.02 as somebody who's tread a similar path to Sootchucker here:

My previous car was a Merc A220d, which is roughly equivalent in power, torque and weight to the GTD (the 220d actually has the exact same torque figure as the GTI 230 at 258lb ft, whereas the GTD is 280lb ft). My findings were initially fairly similar - the power didn't feel like any large step up at all. The whoosh of the diesel really does feel like a powerful shove.

As I'm approaching 1000miles in my GTI 230 though, I can safely say that the power in it has either ramped way up, or I've just become more adept at staying in the band. Either way, the acceleration may not always feel as powerful as with the A220, but it certainly feels more urgent, and it absolutely feels more immediate and accessible. With that RPM needle sticking between 4k and 6k you are in a completely different league of performance, and I love it.
Well this thread has taken a turn  :D :D

Just to clarify, I wasn't' saying it was slow, just that it didn't feel as quick. I think with me still being used to the diesel torque surge when the turbo comes on boost, that's missing from the GTI as it seems to have a much more linear power delivery that the diesel models, which means it feels a bit flat until you check the speedo.

In any case I still love it and as brilliant as my GTD's were (and these car's still are), this is better. If I were doing the miles up and down the motorway to justify retaining the GTD, I'd most likely still be in it, but as it is with my 7.5-8.5k miles per year I knew I wasn't getting the best out if it, and the DPF clogging was always on the back of my mind with the regens, (which happened all too frequently) and were getting a little annoying. Even when I'd driven a fair distance and on the motorway, it would always seem to regen on the next trip. At least with the GTI, that's one thing I don't have to worry about now.

Also, weirdly enough, despite all 3 of my MK7's running DCC and the last GTD and this GTI running 19" wheels, the ride comfort in the GTI seems to be a step above the GTD's. They were very comfortable (especially with the suspension set to comfort), but with the GTI it seems to be more so. Don't know if it's my imagination of if not having the diesel engine hanging over the front axle vs the petrol lump has made a difference ?
Interesting comment from Splashalot with respect to 1.4 150 engine. My current Audi A4 has that engine with a manual gearbox.

My new GTI PP DSG is due for delivery within the next couple of weeks (hoping to get a delivery date confirmed tomorrow from the dealer). I guess I will be shocked if it feels little or no more powerful than my A4  :cry:

I will post here again once I have my hands on the car. This will be the first car I have owned with more than 200ps!

John, just to be clear, I'm comparing a brand new GTI at 200kms to a 7,000km well run in 1.4 150ps.  I did notice the 1.4 seemed to come alive quite noticeably at some stage, but cannot recall the mileage.  I'm expecting (and hoping!) my GTI does the same.  Otherwise, I'm loving everything about the new GTI.  I'm sure you will love yours.

I had a look at the VWROC "running in map" thread Exonian mentioned.  No definitive info there on whether or not these cars are restricted until a certain mileage, mostly discussion on running in procedures.

I have a pedal box+ off my 1.4 sitting in the garage waiting to be fitted to the GTI. Just have to get agreement from my insurance company. (Edit: Approval received.  No change of premium as it's not considered a performance changing modification.  Happy days)  Highly recommended.  For me the major gain is the removal of the mushy feeling and dead travel at the start of the throttle travel.  It's amazing the difference this makes to driving satisfaction, even when just tootling about.
Golf mk7 / Re: ghost immobiliser
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Yeah GAP is a must, I use a disklok too. Old school  :laugh:
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