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Golf mk7 / Re: Spielberg alloys
« Last post by Daz Auto on Today at 19:54 »
... neither. What did they think of the standard alloys?

Cadiz are THE Golf R alloys. One of the most distinctive and recognisable parts of the R. Money well saved!
Other VAG family / Re: Its all about the 'Loon
« Last post by JC on Today at 19:54 »
sourcing exhaust tips, bound to stay now  :smug:
Golf mk7 / Thoughts on DSG R
« Last post by vance1 on Today at 19:37 »
Hi All, am in the process of buying a used R, or GTI, I've briefly drove both and enjoyed them, but was particularly struck by how good the R was with DSG! I've never had an auto before and would like anybody's thoughts/experiences of living with one, as there maybe something I haven't thought of. I read somewhere they can be troublesome? Also I like the Pretoria alloy wheel, do you get a noticeable harsher ride with them? I've got a GTD at the moment but fancy the smell of petrol again!
Thanks for any help,
Golf mk7 / Re: Infotainment system turned off!
« Last post by golfberg on Today at 19:03 »
Hi,  yes it does sometimes.  I can go to the car in the morning and I have message in the MFD saying infotainment system is switched off and main infotainment screen in the dash is blank.  I try and turn it on with left hand knob on the infotainment and  nothing happens.  I drive the car in the day and park up. When I return, sometimes, the infotainment main screen is alive and well when I start the car and I  can access all the functions of driving data, sat nav, etc.   Cheers,
Golf mk7 / Re: Infotainment system turned off!
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 18:44 »
So basically the infotainment unit doesn't switch on at all?
Golf mk7 / Re: Life shine
« Last post by Guzzle on Today at 18:39 »
Like most things in life, if it really is worth doing, either get it done by a professional or do it yourself.
Golf mk7 / Re: MK7 boot mat
« Last post by Brenbo on Today at 18:39 »
i have a spare practically new condition Genuine MK7 boot mat in my Garage collecting dust.  When i bought my Golf R I had another free one thrown in as part of the deal for buying the car.  So the one I had in my GTI PP MK7 is now in my Garage.  But it would probably cost as much as a new one from ebay just to courier it to you.  However if you are ever in Cornwall let me know.   :smiley:
Golf mk7 / Re: Spielberg alloys
« Last post by Brenbo on Today at 18:34 »
I second everyone else, Pretorias all the way. 

I had Diamond Cut Austin wheels on my GTI PP and although they looked great they do scratch real easy and the black does get dull after time.  If you do get Diamond Cut wheel I would suggest covering them in GTechniq C5 Wheel Armour straight away on the day of pick up from the fore court.  This will keep your wheels looking great for a long time. 

The Pretorias are much easier to clean and far more durable to the elements and brake dust... But then that may also be partly due to the C5 Wheel Armour I put on them as well.   :wink:
Golf mk7 / Re: What are car salesmen (sorry executives) for?
« Last post by bgbazz on Today at 17:44 »
Exonian...just quick meaning of the term will do, thanks. In my part of the world PCP refers to drugs (Angel Dust) and will get you 10+ yrs in the slammer if you get caught with it!

I'll be interested what it means in the UK.

Golf mk7 / Re: Life shine
« Last post by Finglonga on Today at 17:25 »
100% a bonus for the salesman. Something you can do yourself much better than the dealer.
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