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The wife loves the GTI, especially in the Indium Grey, she loves how the red contrasts it so well.

It's our first "sporty" car she likes to be in and drive. Had 330's, S3, Cooper S before and didn't like any. It's a revelation not having to have a soft car for her to enjoy being in!
Golf mk7 / Re: 7.5 LED headlights - how good are they?
« Last post by Briggsy on Today at 07:47 »
After doing my first night drive at the weekend I can report that the lights are nice and clear, powerful and a joy to use.

However I'd question whether or not the dynamic cornering adds much. Yes you can see the lights move slightly to the left and right but because the lights are so bright with a good pattern anyway it doesn't appear to add much more. The spots that light up the extreme corners are very good, much better than other cars I've had with spotlight cornering lights.
Excellent photos - confirms I made the right choice in Isaac Blue when I get it. :grin:

My thoughts exactly!
Golf mk7 / Re: New Rims on my MK7.5 GTI now time for PPF:)
« Last post by Wide on Today at 06:00 »
Finally PPF!, so i can use the car  :grin:

Golf mk7 / Re: Golf 7.5 GTI Facelift versus Golf 7 GTI Clubsport
« Last post by Wide on Today at 05:57 »
But you canĀ“t do this with the CS  :wink: :grin:.

Looks crazy with that ugly bike, but i need to do this... :grin:

You are going to long lengths to not have to get a people carrier by putting the third child on the bike but as they say, needs must.  :whistle:

This is the best familycar!

My wife say, must we have a GTI?!

- YES YES a said!!  :grin: :grin:
Non-dub rides / Re: Wayne's latest car
« Last post by Wayne on Today at 00:43 »
Saab did not last long, not had a car since the 1st February
Golf mk7 / Re: Pedalbox - remove or switch off for service?
« Last post by Booth11 on 22 May 2017, 23:06 »
I just turned mine off and chucked a microfibre over it in the driver's storage cubby.  Dealer was non the wiser. If you are worried about forgetting to turn it off, stick a post-it on your dash, but don't forget to remove the post-it. Or have a post-it to tell you to remove the post-it telling you to turn the pedal box off, lol.

I had no trouble remembering to turn mine off, but did forget to turn it back on after I collected the car and thought the dealer had broken my car, then I remembered!  Driving through treacle doesn't begin to describe it. Good luck with the service - do not wash hangers/signs at the ready, pre drop off walk round etc, etc.
Golf mk7 / Re: Anything wrong with red?
« Last post by drisser on 22 May 2017, 22:57 »
More Black Rubin pretty plz! Poor lessee here...
It's very nice, everyone who has seen it has commented on the colour. It does look grey with a hint of blue, until you park it next to a grey car and it's totally different. Like you say, it appears different depending on the angle. There's loads of metallic fleck in it as well, which probably helps.

Nice one. It sounds like a good choice then. When you've paid extra for a metallic, it's nice that it really shows through.

I keep wondering whether I should have gone for something lighter, but im sticking with my original instinct. That's the problem with these 16 week lead times, you end up with too much time to think! :undecided:
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