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Golf mk7 / Re: VWR Racingline Springs
« Last post by FunkyMunky on Today at 12:48 »
That's a shame Matt, sure you'll have no trouble selling them on though if that's what you're going to do. Have you considered spacers? I know they won't lower the car but they might satisfy you in terms of looks without sacrificing ride quality?

Have just switched wheels with a friend to see if changing from the hard side wall Bridgestone's to Conti tyres will help at all.

Will report back once I've re-tested.

Got to admit I had Michelins on my Austin's and since swapping to my new set of wheels (with Bridgestone's fitted) I have noticed a difference in ride and handling - would be interested in seeing how you get on with different tyres too...
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by SRGTD on Today at 12:46 »
Dropped mine off for the second attempt at having a new rear bumper fitted. Fingers crossed!

Watts; What happened with the first attempt that made it necessary to go back for a second attempt?

They didn't get time to start early enough on the first day to guarantee the car back for when I needed it. Just one of those things, since the car was fine to drive a delay didn't really matter. This time they have painted the bumper first so assuming the colour match is good (should be, they have applied enough to my car already :rolleyes:) then turnaround should be today but I have a plan B just in case in the shape of a silver Lupo! That's one way to make your GTI seem as quick as an R, drive a 1.0 Lupo for a day :laugh:

Hope all goes well and you get your car back looking as good as new :smiley:

Always liked the Lupo. Would’ve loved to have had a Lupo GTI!
Golf mk7 / Re: Tornado Red with dark graphite Seville wheels
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 12:30 »
LOL I'd sooner have the dark graphite than the polished ones on my GTD.

Each to their own!
Golf mk7 / Re: Serious Diesel Question
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 12:28 »
Hardly worth having the oil burner with ~8k per annum is it?

I decided to have another oil burner for another three years recently because it definitely is cheaper for me to run by a fair old bit and the extra petrol performance isn't something I've had or been bothered about for the last 25 years, so its not bothering me now - especially since having my previous GTD was such a joy.

Next time? I would almost certainly say its not going to be an oil burner.... with my timing I am hoping that the Mk8 will have something different to offer... in my mind perhaps a mild hybrid GTI? I suspect that won't happen though.

As for future running costs, well, every damned thing keeps going up, except my wages.
Golf mk4 / Re: G60 / VR6 Clutch upgrade
« Last post by naiman on Today at 12:28 »
hello, i want to do the same to my agu . Can u help me with the codes of the g60 and the  vr6 clutch
Golf mk7 / Re: Current delivery times?
« Last post by gillan on Today at 12:18 »
car arrived at grimsby port on saturday according to live chat.wont be long now  :grin:
Golf mk7 / Re: Serious Diesel Question
« Last post by Talk-torque on Today at 12:10 »
First off, I must admit to getting out of my GTD, for a GTI, about 18 months ago, when the change in feelings for diesels first became apparent. This was mainly because I had never fully bonded with the GTD, but also because of my fears of the diesel car market crashing.

Since then that market hasn't really crashed, especially for cars like the GTD - they've taken a hit, but not a massive one. Those of us with an understanding of the cars and the technology won't be put off by Daily Mail scare stories and know a good real world car, like the GTD, so they will always retain value and will probably recover when the DM finds another bone to chew.

Like you, I don't think I would buy another new diesel car, but that doesn't mean that a good, modern and therefore relatively clean diesel car is a bad thing to own. There will always be a market for them. If I was in your position, right now, I would do the sums and act accordingly. I don't think there is any need to panic!

The Inner London "T" charge, announced today, only applies to Euro 4 diesels, and earlier, so the Euro 6 GTD is exempt and recognised as being more than clean enough.

Just a thought, should we be thanking VW and Dieselgate for raising the very real threat of NOx pollution over here in Europe, where we were quite happily thinking we were doing fine, just controlling CO2?
Golf mk7 / Re: Serious Diesel Question
« Last post by CocoPops on Today at 12:01 »
It's all still personal opinion.

What I will say, I sold my Q3 diesel to buy a GTI... because in MY opinion, diesel will continue to be vilified and the price gap even at the pump will get bigger. It's currently (in my area) 3p per litre more to buy diesel.

I also only do 8-10k miles a year and so therefore, the "MPG" savings don't really add up for me.
Golf mk7 / Re: Serious Diesel Question
« Last post by Watts on Today at 11:55 »
There's a 'd' option which is apt in being re-finance for a new GTD? Clearly you are very happy with the car, if you don't mind having the same again then why not? Are you aware of any plans locally for banning diesels? These things take a long time to take effect and anyway I think would be unlikely to affect euro 6 cars, certainly not if you only keep the next one for 3 years. Also by financing you have the gfv to protect you if the bottom falls out of the market which I doubt anyway. Just as an example, the new T-charge came into effect today in London and although petrol, my OH's 2003 Lupo isn't liable nor would my previous car have been, a 2003 A4 2.4 petrol! Which surprised me. Another option worth considering is a lease if you can get a good deal.

There you go, I'm a confirmed petrol lover (never owned a diesel) and not a disparaging word uttered :smiley: (against the devil's fuel) :whistle:
Golf mk7 / Serious Diesel Question
« Last post by Sootchucker on Today at 11:39 »
Hi all - first and foremost, please don't let this thread descend into a Diesel vs Petrol - "which one is better thread, and diesel's are for tractors" etc. thread. This is a serious question.

I've been pondering this for some months now. I'm over half way though my PCP on my current GTD, and to be honest, I still love it. It has a great mix of decent (enough) performance, great looks (with the carbon grey and 19" Santiago's) and great fuel economy (my fuelly average is currently 47.3mpg), which is pretty good considering that 90% of my miles are my daily commute between home and work (and back) through a busy town center with few real free motorway miles.

But (and it's a big but), we all know that over the last few months, diesel cars are being demonized and (rather unfairly for modern diesels) have fallen out of favour. I know that there are plans afoot to limit access to major city centers in the coming years to certain types and ages of diesel vehicles (not sure about Euro 6 category models though).

I therefore have a choice coming up in the next year or so. I can
a) give the car back and walk away (unlikely),
b) trade the car in for a newer car (using any collateral - if any) against the new car (would then be a petrol).
c) Pay off the balloon payment and just run the car.

Now all options are valid and as I say, I have time to consider, but what got me wondering was this. For me to get say a new GTI (to a similar as possible spec to mine) next year, would list at around £34.5k (assuming no price increases just for this argument). After discount I'd maybe get it for around £29-30k. My car is currently worth (trade in) approx £20k (from speaking to the dealer this weekend), with a good chunk of that still on finance, so only about £1k collateral). That would mean me refinancing nearly £30k again to get out of a GTD into a GTI - which is a lot of money. Even more if I go for my second choice - a new Tiguan R-Line (which I do really like) - unless my figures are totally out ?

Conversely, I could pay off the balloon payment (circa £13k) with money I already have say in my account, and get a really nice 3 year old car which would have around 25k miles - for £13k's a diesel.

Now I know none of us have a crystal ball and know what will be happening to diesels over the next few years (higher road tax, more expensive fuel ???, more restrictions), but maybe, the same will also happen to any non PHEV, Hybrid and Electric type vehicles as well - who knows?

Based upon the above, and bearing in mind as I say, I do like the car and I'm not anti-diesel ( I know a lot of you on here are), what would you do. Keep the car and run it for 6 years until the new MK8 performance models are available (possible with hybrid technology), or get rid sooner rather than later and get into a petrol or hybrid car now. I'm only doing around 10k miles per years, so whilst additional fuel costs for a petrol vs diesel won't in the real world be that much - the cost to change would.
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