Author Topic: Major oil leak after changing crankshaft seal at gearbox end mk 2 ABF  (Read 1262 times)

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Hi all,
If anyone has any solutions it would be much appreciated.

I recently changed the clutch on my mk2 ABF and thought while I'm there ill change the crankshaft seal. I bought a febi one which didn't have the rubber spring in like the old one and had a felt front covering. Im guessing it was the new style design of the seal as i have read on other forums. It fitted nicely and i though sweet. sorted. good job.

I put it all back together and took it for a spin to a cruise. When i got there, massive puddle of oil under the car.   (engine oil) So i limped home and took the gearbox, clutch and flywheel back off. The oil was leaking into the gearbox bell housing and out of the seep hole at the bottom.

The clutch was clean which suggests it was coming from the crank seal i fitted.

I did notice when taking it all apart again that the old seal had worn slightly into the end of the crank which may have caused this issue but i wouldn't have though it would piss out so drastically when i stop the car and the sump fills back up.

Maybe its coming from the corner of the sump gasket where it was disturbed when fitting the new crank seal.

don't really want to get the crank reground. Bit of a pain that i can't test it without putting it all back together and gearbox back on.

Has anyone had this issue before and any opinions and solutions would be much appreciated.


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If it didnt leak before and now leaks with the new one id not think the crank needs a reground.
Id get another seal. Maybe try the main dealer as they may supply a different design and ide take the sump off and puta new gasket or new sealant and try to see what happens then.

Ive never done a crank seal and have it leak after if fitted properly. So maybe its a faulty seal

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maybe it was a faulty seal. Ive got my new sump gasket and think i will go vw and get a crankshaft seal and see what happens. It was just strange how much oil was coming out. was ridiculous.

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if it's the kind of seal i'm thinking of, then I wouldn't ever use one of them. having no spring in an oil seal just makes no sense to me :huh: