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Alloys and tyres / Re: !!STRIPPED MK3 ALLOYS!!
« Last post by Souchy1 on Today at 09:33 »
Ok.. Will probably spray and try to sell them. I do have a set of 5 spokes with 205/50/15 tyres , genuine Golf wheels. Will upload pictures but finding Photobucket slow and almost impossible to use atm!
Detailing / Re: Wo-Wo Detailing Brushes - Available soon
« Last post by brettblade on Today at 08:55 »
I feel like my suggestion for additional products in the range has been listened to!  :grin:

What's the forum discount code?
Golf mk7 / Re: Golf GTI Facelift Exhaust Sound
« Last post by Wide on Today at 08:38 »
Nice :), yes this sounds good. Can it be another exaust?!..
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by Mr GTD on Today at 07:45 »
Also changed the CRD3 to setting 3 with no lights.

Only time will tell if I have anymore issues. :rolleyes:

How are you finding it compared to program 1?

Haven't been ouch in it much but the short journey I did I found there to be much  more "get up and go."

I thought it being on setting 3 and up would be totally unusable but its actually the total opposite.

So far so good.  :smiley:

New forum members / Re: Mk4 GTI
« Last post by Mr GTD on Today at 07:26 »
Welcome Chris.

Be good to see some pics...
New forum members / Re: Soon to be new Mk7.5 Gti Owner
« Last post by Mr GTD on Today at 07:25 »

Nice little collection of motors you got there. The RS4 still looks like a cracking car and I'm sure it will be sorely missed.

That's quite some bill you've got there so can total understand the need for change. I'm sure your be more than happy with the new GTI but it might need a remap having owned the RS4..?

Golf mk7 / Re: DCC
« Last post by kalimon on Today at 07:13 »
The standard suspension on the GTI is perfect for me.
DCC is another thing to mess about with until you realise that you only actually need one setting 99% of the time : )
Change the sensors!
General discussion / Re: police are so slow.
« Last post by gazareth on Today at 00:08 »
tell them a donut lorry has overturned outside your place :grin:
Golf mk3 / Re: Golf mk3 indicators just staying on
« Last post by gazareth on Today at 00:04 »
what happens if you pull the relay out??? also, does it still switch from left to right(flashing aside)? what happens if you hit the hazard light switch?
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