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Detailing / Re: What detailing have you done today?
« Last post by Booth11 on Today at 22:19 »
Looking good Watts 😆 hoping to get mine done saturday weather pending heard it's forcast rain but il keep my fingers crossed for overcast as I'm in the same boat plenty of room on the drive but no shade after 8am mite be an early start lol

 getting it out of the way early is good, leaves the afternoon for beer and crisps :whistle:

With you on that, I have an aversion to cleaning the car in the afternoon, so unless I can get an earlish start I won't bother.  Plus it gives you more time to tinker with a few bits after the clean is out of the way.
Dynaudio is very good and the generation in the mk7 is quite noticeably better than the previous gen in the mk6. It's not just that it delivers a deep rich sound (once speakers are bedded in) but as far as value for money options go, I think it is outstanding for the price.

A little off topic but how long did it take for your speakers to bed in? What are your current settings? I've been playing around with the settings an awful lot and I can't seem to fine the right balance just yet.
Golf mk7 / Re: Gulf Fuel
« Last post by CS#433 on Today at 22:15 »
If you are worried about the quality of the Gulf fuel then you could fill up in Fort William as I'm sure there is a BP as you leave the town with their fuel. it's no more then 100 miles if I remember to Skye so depending on your driving style, you should have some left. Then top up at the Gulf PS on Skye. at least that way you will be mixing the different fuels which if there is a difference then it's surely got to be better than a whole tank of the rubbish stuff?

I know that doesn't answer your question but may help.
Dynaudio is very good and the generation in the mk7 is quite noticeably better than the previous gen in the mk6. It's not just that it delivers a deep rich sound (once speakers are bedded in) but as far as value for money options go, I think it is outstanding for the price.  Many people say the standard setup is pretty good and don't doubt it but if you have a spare few £££ kicking around spend it on Dynaudio and you won't be disappointed.
Golf mk7 / Re: Discovery Pro Nav or Alpine Style Retrofit....?
« Last post by GE90 on Today at 22:12 »
That's really interesting, thanks. I thought it looked fairly straight forward to fit!

It might sound like a minor point, but the fact that the radio surround does not match the factory GTI finish has turned me off the idea of the Alpine.

Just hope I can find a Discover Pro MIB2 set up at a reasonable price

Loads of rattles
Various problems with the Discover nav and Bluetooth
The rear of the car tries to pass the from under heavy breaking
The climate control isn't that cold
Fuel filler opens when it wants
Knocking rear suspension
Auto hold turns itself off without touching any pedals
Drivers seat is broken
Keys not recognised by car even after new batteries
Sometimes only one mirror will fold
Sometimes the passenger mirror won't dip on reverse
Sometimes the right mirror indicator doesn't work

You've got no choice but to drive it into a field and set fire to it.
Golf mk7 / Re: New Rims on my MK7.5 GTI now time for PPF:)
« Last post by Wide on Today at 21:55 »
Keep the photos coming Wide!  :cool:
PPF a very good investment I'd think.

PPF on and Black mirrors ;) First road test to come, with a friend in his Very nice old 911 :)

Video is coming soon! , cliffhanger again.. :grin: :grin:

I think the standard audio system is very good and I do like my tunes. It delivers a good meaty sound. Everyone who spec's Dynaudio says it's great so I'd be very curious myself to hear how much better it is over stock.
Golf mk7 / Re: CS steering wheel wear
« Last post by CS#433 on Today at 21:51 »
Video on the pro's & cons of alcantara....

3 mins 50 in discusses wear.

( I don't think anyone has told him the gorilla is not real, probably for the best? ;) )

Thanks, the video answers the question, basically expect the steering wheel to wear quickly.  :sad:

However I did give it a clean tonight based on the auto finesse video, and using the AF product and I have noticed it looks a lot better. When I bought the car it had done 2200miles so I assummed it couldn't have been that dirty however the red alcantara part at the top of the wheel never looked very bright. It almost looked like some of the grey had dyed it a little. I was wrong, a little clean and it has come up bright red again so this shows how dirty the wheel got.

My advice to anyone doing it is just to be patient and be gentle. Before I used the cleaner, although it doesn't say to do it, I gently brushed the wheel first just to see if the piles would fluff up. They didn't but I did see a lot of dust (dead skin I guess). I then cleaned it using very little cleaner and just been out to see how it has dried and it looks and feels much better. There is only 1 small part I think I'll give another go.

So I guess even though the car was used by the manager, the sponge monkeys and techs were not that bothered about clean hands when working on it.
If that list is for real I'd be parking the car outside their door and telling them to keep it. It'll never be right and the dealer monkeys will make things worse before anything gets better. A serious ballache awaits.

Quite bizarre though because I've never heard of a MK7 with such an array of issues.
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