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Golf mk7 / Re: Thoughts on DSG R
« Last post by Duke Dickson on Today at 01:03 »
I have to agree with Booth, the DSG box with auto hold handbrake (I had an Evoque before and the Golf version is way better) and adaptive cruise control is amazing.

For easy driving it makes long journeys so easy and relaxing, it takes some balls to get used to the car braking, especially when the traffic brakes hard infront of you it takes some balls to let the car brake hard too but it does!

That all said, we have a new DS3 1.6T (its not much slower than the GTI) in manual and thats really great fun to drive, the manual really does involve you in the drive, the DSG paddle shifters does allow a sort of manual experience but its just not the same. We have 2 cars to keep things spiced up and I feel lucky to be able to pick and choose which one to drive pretty much, but that being said if I really had to live with one I'd go with the DSG box.

I still don't trust ACC & have had the need to stamp on the pedal moment a couple of times, which slightly detracts.

As for DSG -  non-believer. It may be better on the sportier stuff like here, but dire on the Old's Skoda. Seriously dodgy for anyone who cares more than 1% (and that's compared to a bang average manual 'box,). IMHO, of course :)
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by Exonian on Today at 00:56 »
Today, well yesterday technically as it's after midnight, I drove my GTI Ed40 for the first time without the radio on. I found that the car has several minor rattles at town speeds which I'd not previously noticed.
Rather than let a dealer near it I'll always drive with the radio on in future!  :grin:
I've also noticed a slightly dull patch in the paint on the A pillar on the driver's side. I'm not letting a dealer near that either  :angry:
On a more positive note the exhaust sounded great!

Golf mk7 / Re: finance on used
« Last post by Duke Dickson on Today at 00:51 »

It does!
By poverty spec cars  do you mean omission of certain clubsport specs like the red edged seat belts /normal sills?
Have emailed VW Germany head office  about this but they keep referring me to VWUk, the very people who don't know anything about their cars apart from marketing PR

Poverty spec is a commonly used term from the motortrade to describe a car with no options fitted.
It came from the days when you were lucky to get carpet and a heated rear screen as standard, never mind luxuries like a basic radio or a passenger side wing mirror. A bit of a misnomer nowadays but it's an amusing enough depiction in a British sort of way so is still used.

Get some pics up NK :afro:
Detailing / Re: What detailing have you done today?
« Last post by hog_hedge on 25 June 2017, 23:29 »
Wow!  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!  That tailpipe.  :cool:

They don't look like normal mineral deposits to me, though that is where the water would pool  Try a bit of white vinegar on them and see if they budge.  Also try claying them. 

Great pics.

Thanks for your reply Rebecca.

I won't get round to washing it for another couple of weeks so I'll try your suggestions. Failing that I'll inspect all four alloys and possibly send it into the stealers to request replacements.

The only thing that has touched them is tap water, snow foam, tardis and fallout remover. The latter two were rinsed thoroughly away and were not left to dry, even so I shouldn't imagine that they would leave such a mark that almost resembles scratches.

I'd get it to the dealer asap, the longer you leave it the more chance of them saying 'it wasn't like that when you picked it up'

I tried white vinegar soaked cotton wool pads and then a small bit a clay. Both efforts didn't touch the marks. I did notice that they aren't that visible when not in direct sunlight and I have had a long think about what to do next.

I have decided that I can't be bothered to do anything about them and I'll just live with them along with my drivers side floor crunch, passenger door bass vibrations (fixed with furry velcro tape between the door and door card) and the rear seat shuffling (fixed with a microfibre wedged inside the armrest). I just can't be bothered with the hassle of sending in into the dealers when I know that any normal person wouldn't have noticed any of these issues at all.

I got my first stone chip last week so I have bigger fish to fry at the moment!
Golf mk4 / Re: Turbo issues maybe...
« Last post by paradisiac82 on 25 June 2017, 22:48 »
If its popping its over fuelling. You can cycle the lambda.
Or if you live data you should be able to check co levels and such.

This is a sh!t explanation. Haha

Yeh I just don't get how it's saying it's running lean yet throwing fuel into the exhaust it's crazy
Golf mk7 / Re: What are car salesmen (sorry executives) for?
« Last post by evo1986 on 25 June 2017, 22:39 »
Having recently bought a Mk7 Golf and currently in the process of trying to buy a Polo for my parents, I'm beginning to wonder what they actually do.

You arrive at the dealer and get guided towards reception as there is no one else about. A sales person gets called out of whatever room they're kept in and introduced to you. After telling them what you have come to see, they will show you around the car you have come to see, wittering on about completely pointless aspects of said car. When you throw some technical questions at them that you already know the answers to, they spout out the first thing that comes into their head, which is inevitably wrong.

After a test drive where they show incredibly slovenly driving techniques, whilst still spouting more drivel before letting you take the helm, you are ushered over to the coffee machine while they go and talk to their manager about the deal.

You have obviously done your sums before getting there, so after what seems like for ever, they produce a tablet with completely unrealistic deal on it. The starting deal I had for the Polo included GAP and GardX, none of which I had asked for. Perhaps they are now miss selling this as opposed to PPI? When told how completely unacceptable the deal is, they have to go off to see their manager again. This can happen several times, each time taking longer and longer, probably in the hope that you'll cave in and accept their crazy offer.

Why the hell can't we just deal with one person and do battle face to face across a desk? That's how it always was. I know they do it as it's easier for the sales person to say no, when they make out it's not them actually saying no, but where's the sport in that? I hate buying cars with a passion. I don't know how you serial car changers can keep going through this. Arrggggghhhhhh.

Not only that, but what do all the spare people do at the dealers? Whilst waiting around for the next offer to come back from the manager, countless people who look like they spend far too much time getting ready in the morning, mill around. Not going anywhere in particular, not carrying anything, in fact not appearing to be doing anything at all. Are these the other sales people (sorry, executives) getting some exercise?

One plus note to all this, the commercial boys are far better to deal with. No messing, one to one haggling and a deal reached. Buying the Amarok was fun, but the cars...

PM sent Simon, let me know what you are after and I will do what I can to help

Any idea Evo if the sound and sport pack is going to become available to order on the Mk7.5 GTD in the near future?


Sorry for late reply, there is no news as to if or when the sport and sound pack will become an option again on GTD.

It's a real shame because it was a very reasonably priced option and gave the car a really fruity sound.


Lee Evans
Golf mk7 / Re: Current delivery times?
« Last post by Gaz W on 25 June 2017, 22:38 »
Seems to be a real mix in delivery times! Isaac Blue looks great, regret not really considering it as I wasn't able to see the colour in the flesh.
Golf mk7 / Re: GTI PP badges
« Last post by hog_hedge on 25 June 2017, 22:36 »
Vinyl may fade though. But can't be bothered to fit the badges myself

3m vinyl won't fade :cool:
Golf mk7 / Re: GTI PP badges
« Last post by Boulton on 25 June 2017, 22:32 »
Vinyl may fade though. But can't be bothered to fit the badges myself
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