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Hayselden Barnsley VW Independent Dealers
« on: 25 June 2017, 09:29 »
Back in mid 2009 we were looking around for a new Scirocco as it was a gorgeous looking car that had just been rereleased.
Did the usual ringing round with the spec I wanted went to a dealer my brother in law had dealt with for years Hayseldens of Barnsley ( independent dealer ) arranged to go to see them.
Had the test drivery discussed spec and price went away with a smile to mull it over and look at other prices dropped on with Auto bytes and exactly the same car new build was about £1100 cheaper printed off the email went back to Hayseldens they agreed to match price but I pushed them to beat it and got a set of Scirocco mats with embroidered logo so that's where the wife's scirocco came from.
Fast forward 7 year when looking for my Gti Hayseldens came up trumps again excellent knowledge about the Gti these guys actually care about what they are selling and service is 2nd to none from these guys and got the car at a price I was happy to pay used them twice now and would use them again
2010 Candy White Scirocco 2.0 TDI
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COLLECTED 29/4/2016 and well pleased with the GTI😆😆