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Golf mk4 / Old boy needs some help
« Last post by turbokid23 on Today at 17:58 »
Hi guys need a bit of help my gti has decided to go mental it drive fine but on boost id decides to go into limp mode and enginmanagnent light flashes but tryed evry think and cant seem to find the problem any ideas would be aprecated thanks
In addition to hating the dark mornings of winter months, I also don't look forward to being woken at 5am every weekday and some Saturday's by my neighbours clattering diesel Ford Galaxy. I barely notice it in the summer, as it runs so much quieter when it's not freezing outside.

The worst of all is a winter morning with frost, where the scraping of the windscreen is added to the diesel clatter. This can go on for 10 mins or so.

I long for the day he trades it in for a petrol, or even electric alternative!
There’s no getting away from what a compelling package the GTD was until Diesel went out of favour overnight  :rolleyes:

Before the world suddenly decided Diesel was evil again the GTD pretty much had it all.
Real world performance
Satisfying power delivery
Well equipped
Great resale values making them affordable to acquire and run for both private and company car drivers

From an enthusiast perspective you also had the S&S pack and an incredibly easy engine to tune.

A lot of car ‘enthusiasts’ get sniffy about Diesels because some curly haired TV presenter loves to preach his views as gospel but I’ve been in some damned quick Diesel cars in my time and have a big soft spot for them.

Golf mk7 / Re: Anyone fitted these?
« Last post by Rob1981 on Today at 16:12 »
I don't think they are as bright as the OE once either  :undecided:
I'm getting the full kit fitted on the 19th of July to my R. I'll do a review once they're on  :smiley:
I would be interested in this also. I would also like to know what people think of racingline springs with stock dampers, or even any other lowering springs. Thanks.
Golf mk7 / Re: Anyone fitted these?
« Last post by Exonian on Today at 16:08 »
If I had the LED fronts and sweeping rears of the FL models I’d have to have a set of these in my life.

Right up until I’d broke all the tabs on the mirror covers fitting them!  :laugh:

I do like the idea of them.
Golf mk7 / Re: CarPlay installed today and not working.
« Last post by SRGTD on Today at 16:02 »
On another note. Wheels - new Porsche GT3 Matt gold colour?? Tell me your thoughts?

Depends on the colour of the car. IMO matt gold wheels look good on a black car, but I don’t like them on a white car.
Just wanted some reviews on the setup with both spring and damper, I've seen a lot of people have just the springs on standard dampers but want to know how the dampers perform too......

Thanks in advance
Golf mk7 / Re: Anyone fitted these?
« Last post by golfhappy on Today at 15:48 » £83 delivered, just looked on the carsystems website and looks to be packaged the same as these in a plain cardboard box etc, so could be from the same supplier? not made my mind up on them yet. Would also consider changing the mirror covers to gloss black at the same time.
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