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Golf mk4 / Show & Shine vs Drag
« Last post by jack2202 on Today at 18:12 »
Hi folks, can you help me as I have a bit of a dilemma!  Purchased a good condition Golf MK4 gti turbo (mapped to 220/225 bhp) as a project car. I plan on taking it apart and then rebuilding, but not sure which avenue to follow! Do I do the full resto and join the ranks of the 'show and shine' or go down the more power route an join the 'drag' set.
Golf mk7 / Re: VW Connect and DataPlug?
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 17:54 »
Don't BMW have this crap installed in their vehicles anyway? Apparently its so you can be told about servicing.... yeah right.
Golf mk7 / Re: Sawtooth
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 17:53 »
If you are VW's legal department then you assume that every customer is a moron... and probably apart from all of us F1 world championship winning drivers on this forum, everyone else probably is ;-) From their lawyer perspective, its cheaper for VW to prevent mid corner lift off spins by engineering.

PS I only got rid of my messed up ones because the noise was driving me mad :)

PPS I am the world's second best driver. My skill is so great that my modesty allows me to assume that possibly somewhere in the world there is one better driver. That's how good I am :-P
Golf mk7 / Re: Sawtooth
« Last post by I wanted a GTi on Today at 17:31 »
Well, understeer is safer on the road for most drivers and if that results in rear inside edge wear, thats probably a decent trade off.

Having to replace my rears after 3 years instead of 3.5 years is a fair compromise vs spinning into a tree :)

I guess VW's legal department probably agree!

On the contrary the car handled better and oversteer could only be induced by lift off mid way through a bend so not exactly dangerous for anyone but the worst of drivers. Also the extra wear is not the worst part of the problem, the extra rough noise it generates is the most annoying part.
New forum members / Re: New Member
« Last post by Watts on Today at 17:03 »
Welcome to the forum Alun! You will get a lot of answers and more responses in the MK7 section where there is an existing thread for the type of questions you pose.
Golf mk7 / Re: VW Connect and DataPlug?
« Last post by Exonian on Today at 16:57 »
A good way for VW to spy on you...  :whistle:
Golf mk7 / Re: Current delivery times?
« Last post by MrE on Today at 16:29 »
I just spoke with Uchoose (who have been excellent so far) and they are currently registering my car. Looking to get home delivered the day after my stop, GAP insurance 😭😭
Golf mk7 / Re: VW Connect and DataPlug?
« Last post by phope on Today at 16:26 »
Interesting - passing by my dealer tomorrow, so will ask about it and see if I can get a free one
Golf mk7 / Re: Current delivery times?
« Last post by brown.jamesa on Today at 15:51 »
My car has now arrived at the Port of Emden, waiting to be put on a ship  :laugh:

Car is still on its way to Port Emden:

Order Status 30 - Car has left the factory - 14/08/2017
Order Status 38 - Arrived at Port
Order Status 39 - Arrive in the UK
Order Status 40 - Ready for transport to the dealer
Order Status 60 - Left the UK Port on the way to the dealer
Order Status 70 - Arrived at dealer

Im stumped - where do you get that level of detail status from??

I just get steps 1 to 7 😳

I do a VW chat and ask for what status code my car is at...
Golf mk7 / Re: Golf R - DSG vs stick
« Last post by kalimon on Today at 15:45 »
Manual for me :smiley:
The very fact that the DSG offers more than one way of changing gear puts me off as I find I'm constantly switching between paddle shift, gear lever shift or just plain old auto. Way too many decisions to make at my age.

this is precisely what turns me on tbh  :grin: :grin: :grin:
Each to their own I suppose
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