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Please be aware that these items are NOT a straight forward easy 100% fit!!

They were designed for the Audi RS3 FL (2017->) which has 375mm discs with 8 piston monoblock callipers & aluminium wishbones.

We have smaller discs & pressed steel wishbones, & therefore these items have to be modified to properly fit our wishbones..then a degree of modification is required to stop interference between the calliper & duct on full steering lock & full suspension droop (wheels in air).

I have GTI/GTD 312mm discs & VW factory sports suspension (-15mm) & these items interfered with wheels on ground at 3/4 to full lock each side....2/3 locks wheels in air. If you have differnt brakes & suspension you will have to modify more or less for the calliper to duct interferrence issue...

I am more concerned because if you have an inspection etc. (in UK we have MOT each year for cars over 3yrs old) & they see a cable tied part to the wishbones (alarm bells may ring) with the car in the air on a two post lift (so wheels at full drop), & that the brake callipers hit the this duct which stops you from getting full steering lock....FAIL

Also ditch the thin 7.6mm wide cable ties supplied & use 9mm wide ones....looks way more OEM...

I did a "how" to guide here:-

Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by dubber36 on Today at 08:04 »
Done a deal to px it for a Tig R-line.

OK, it's the last of the old shape, it's 6 months older and done 15,000 miles more than the Golf, but it's only costing a good months earnings to change and it ticks a hell of a lot more boxes.
Detailing / Re: What's happened here? Help! :(
« Last post by Wo-Wo on Today at 07:35 »
As above but I'm also wondering if you have let blossom leaves sit on the paint as this can leave these kind of marks too?
One better video and shorter , when i did the other wheel this weekend.  :whistle:

Have only used on Brake duct this winter, to see if i will have som problem with it.

But No...  :laugh:
Detailing / Re: What's happened here? Help! :(
« Last post by Booth11 on Today at 00:38 »
It’s hard to tell from the pics.  Some of them look like swirl marks.  Others are possibly water marks.  Though you’re only seeing them where the light source hits the paintwork they will be all over the car which suggests water marks from hard water drying on the car.  Do you use normal water (unfiltered) and live in hard water area?  Was the car in direct sunlight when being washed and rinsed and did the water dry on the car quickly in the sunlight before you towel dried or air dried it.  That’s one possibility.  You could try a bit of white vinegar to see if that brings the marks off and if so then most likely water spots/marks. 

Another thing to try is IPA or panel wipe to see if that removes them.  Did you just wash and dry the car or did you add any protection, wax or sealant or quick detailer. Possibly not buffed off properly. If that’s the case then IPA will remove them.
I've taken it out this afternoon, then I tried to listen to some 'Die Antwoord' songs without it and I wanted to just put it back in. At this point in time I don't want another Golf, I had two mk7s in a row and though they are great I fancy a change, otherwise I'd put it in my next one.

Greatly improves bass, but as it has a DSP even fairly melodic things like Ludovico Einaudi sound significantly better with it, probably the best way to see its genuine qualities is listening to Disturbed (I know my music taste is..... very eclectic). If you only listen to Radio 4 - well - it won't do much for you ;)

I don't have the dongle for recoding it (it's 99 Euros or if you're in the UK 99£), dealers will recode it for around 15 quid though.

How did you rate the Helix? I've read mixed reviews, but still interested.

Do you have the dongle to recode to 3 door MK7?

Golf mk7 / Re: Wireless Charging Saga
« Last post by itavaltalainen on 22 April 2018, 22:59 »
Well, you could always just plug it back in... ;)
Hardly gonna pick up signals from secret services are you?
Golf mk7 / Re: telephone logos
« Last post by p3asa on 22 April 2018, 22:50 »
It must have changed as my wife's apple displays contact pictures if that's what you mean?

It never used to but see it works now.
Detailing / Re: Indium Grey New Car Detail (Photo’s Restored)
« Last post by cossiegaz82 on 22 April 2018, 22:28 »
That is lovely  :smiley:

Love the colour and the wheels really suit it!  :cool:
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