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Golf mk7 / Re: The Petrol vs Diesel debate
« Last post by Guzzle on Today at 09:15 »
Heart says change, brain says keep?  :undecided:

Unless there's something wrong with the GTD, or a big bill on the horizon, it doesn't make much sense to swap one Mk7 for another Mk7 that will be superseded in a couple of years anyway.

Unless its value is far less than the balloon payment, might as well hang on, use the savings to fund an extended warranty if need be, and see what the Mk8 brings.
Golf mk7 / Re: The Petrol vs Diesel debate
« Last post by dubber36 on Today at 09:00 »
My choice would be to keep it. If you still like the car and obviously you know it's history, why be forced into changing it?

Even if VED goes up a bit and the fuel at the pump price rises, keeping a top notch diesel will still be way cheaper than having to fund a new vehicle.
Golf mk7 / Fault codes
« Last post by Jeni_R_ on Today at 09:00 »
Morning all pi k ur brains time :)

A fee times now i have noticrd when i accelerate and foot off the pedal there is an echo if u like from my engine area i have sport sound pack so when the growl happens followig it there comes a sort of grinding then fades also noticed when i get out the car there is a burny smell from the rear  after this weird noise happens anyone had this ?

Also any idea what this fault code means cant find anything on google

Golf mk7 / Re: A year on...
« Last post by brettblade on Today at 08:38 »
This morning is the first time that I've driven the car since my last post, as my other car is having its timing belt changed.  First thing I noticed was the addition of another paired device on the Bluetooth list, that can have only have been from its recent extended trip to the dealers.  Combined with the radio being on when I first collected the car, you do have to wonder how they were ever intending to find a knock on the suspension when streaming Bluetooth audio or listening to Talksport.

Had music on all the way to work, c20 mile drive.  There's a speed bump entering the work's car park, I muted audio before heading over it.  You guessed it...
Golf mk7 / Re: The Petrol vs Diesel debate
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 08:01 »
Yes, everything they have done in this mess has just made a mess. They clearly don't want actual action or they'd say something like "Euro 4 or earlier oil burner cars will be banned totally 1st Jan 2019. Bring yours to a government pound and we'll give you 5k in cash for it"

That would do it, but no...
Golf mk7 / Re: The Petrol vs Diesel debate
« Last post by Sootchucker on Today at 07:37 »
It's taken a few twists and turns this thread, but interesting all the same isn't it ?

As a little update, I'm now seriously considering whether it's practicable or not to purchase the GTD outright early next year.

I have two school of thoughts rattling around my head.

Thought 1 - early next year for relatively little money (in real terms) - £12k, I can own outright a perfectly maintained and mint GTD, in my own preferred spec (lots of extras and toys), in (IMHO) a great colour with only probably less than 22-25k on the clock (currently at 18k). Run it for about 2 years then see (by 2021) what the MK8 GTi brings to the party and then part-ex the GTD which would then be 5 years old. It seems from what I have read, that the tax on diesels will only change for newly registered cars (not existing cars which will remain at £140 - certainly for the short term). Also Euro6 diesels are also exempt form any currently planned inner city penalties (over it's petrol cousins), and that includes the 2019 London ultra low emission zones. So it seems all I'd have to worry about is the price of diesel going up relative to petrol ?

Thought 2 - Sell the GTD now (or very soon) whilst it's still worth something and buy a petrol car (be it a Golf GTI or even the new Polo GTI). I've seen over the last few months some considerable downwards movement in part ex prices on my car, so one issue with this school of thought is that as per the other recent thread about early PCP termination, I could still be in negative equity (albeit only just) with the car, whereas in December I had about £600 collateral. I could of course run the car to the end of the PCP then just had it back to VW UK after taking delivery of whatever petrol car I decided to order.

i tell you, whatever your persuasion (petrol or diesel), this and previous governments it seems have well and truly shafted diesel owners, and whether they want to keep their diesel car or not (some like me are happy with it's blend of looks, handling, performance and fuel economy), it looks like a lot of people are financially forced down the route of either keeping their old diesels until they literally fall apart (as they will be worth nothing), or spend money they never anticipated to upgrade to Petrol or Hybrid sooner than they had wanted to. Of course a net result of this (as we are already seeing) is rising prices on second hand petrol cars. Great for those who are selling, not so good for those wanting to buy.
Golf mk7 / Re: Great Autocar review of 7.5 GTI
« Last post by P6GTD on 18 February 2018, 23:09 »
 “ The gti is more about up selling a golf than anything. Want a nice spec golf? It's the gti.
[/quote] “

“ The part about the indifferent average GTI driver is probably right. I can't remember the times I crossed another GTI going the opposite direction waiting to get a smile/wave or positive nod (while i was ready to nod back ofc) and the other driver hadn't even noticed me, mostly in good visibility and empty road conditions. That attitude (on average) creates the impression of not exactly a petrolhead target group “

Sorry OPs but my experience and opinion is different.

Most GTDs seem to be middle management company cars not driven by enthusiasts at all.

A large number of R’s are also company cars taken only because of the ridiculous deals offered by VWFS and are “the latest thing” for many company users.

(Residuals on R’s are pretty poor given the fab car it is).

I’m not suggesting non- GTI owners on this site fall into these categories for their GTDs or R’s by the way!

Here’s a question. How many GTIs are company cars? Not many I venture. Most are bought privately by one means or another and are relatively much smaller volumes compared with the others. Why? Because most are privately run.

I think most GTI owners are indeed enthusiasts. They may not want to rag their pride and joys all the time but given the relatively high cost of purchasing and running, you would have to love them to run one.

Next contestant please... 
Golf mk7 / Re: DataPlug?
« Last post by Vwjap on 18 February 2018, 21:41 »
I was thinking of putting a extra obdeleven port in mine with a switched live instead of a permanent one so I could leave the obdeleven plugged in all the time, thinking about it I could always pull the fuse to the diagnostic and run a link from that fuse socket to a switched fuse socket so that I wouldn’t have to run any more leads
Golf mk7 / Re: hill start with dsg
« Last post by dubber36 on 18 February 2018, 21:30 »
If only more driver would be more considerate.
Golf mk7 / Tailgate rubber gaiter - Top left
« Last post by Mag_Pie on 18 February 2018, 21:26 »
Is it possible to replace the rubber gaiter on the top left of the tailgate?

I found a video on the net but it was the right side, the left looks like it has more cables in and some possibly with plugs on.

The clip is broken, I've tried some clear silicon but it's not held it  :angry:

Any thoughts or tips appreciated.
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