Author Topic: Mk2 gti 8v PB intermittent split second misfire/judder/power-loss!  (Read 2830 times)

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Put on new fuel filter yesterday and checked the pump wiring, its all good and in tact (behind the rubber boot too)

Tested all my relays this morning with my multimeter and 12v supply individually to confirm if they are good or not

first checked the resistance across the input pins that energise the coil in the relay, then i connected a 12v supply to the pins to check the relay clicked, then i made sure there was near enough zero ohms across the output pins when power was supplied to the other pins

Providing iv done this right then all the relays came back good and i expect they should be as they were brand new vw items less than 12 months ago

I have another fusebox hopefully arriving tommorow that is apparently corrosion and water damage free so il swap that in.

If i experience the same issue again then what can it possibly be!?