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The garage / Weird noise when start, only when it's cold.
« Last post by c_jiahao on Today at 22:50 »
Hi everyone. We have got a 05 gti mk5. Recently when we start the car when its cold. It makes this noise and then goes away. When the car is warm, it doesn't do it. Just wondering if anyone can help here and maybe know what it could be. I attached a link of the video of starting the car. Thanks very much.
Golf mk7 / Re: Speed Camera Audio Notifications
« Last post by DTX3 on Today at 22:24 »
I'm just a bit paranoid now since I had to do a speed awareness course recently. So any "bong" or warning I'll take it, as annoying as it may be ;)
Golf mk7 / Re: GTI mk 7 under preforming
« Last post by Snoopy on Today at 22:17 »
if it was mine I would be rolling roading it to make sure it is as it should be to put my mind at rest. At a guess Ive not heard of a mk7 diverter valve failure but what you are saying is how a mk6 feels when its dv is failing. Delay in pedal responce is worse on a 7 but they have more torque.
General discussion / Re: WLTP confusion
« Last post by mcmaddy on Today at 21:10 »
The Petrol particulate filter is to please the tree huggers and those clowns in Brussels.
Golf mk7 / Re: New car order delays
« Last post by MEZZA on Today at 19:44 »
Just had a look at the VW website - new price list is out -dated 13/9/18 - 2019 Model year models are now listed
separately to 2018 - Gti Performace is listed there as 3 & 5 door,manual & DSG but all emissions figures/prices etc are "TBA"
Golf mk7 / Re: GTI mk 7 under preforming
« Last post by mcmaddy on Today at 19:36 »
I don't have any issues or problems with the throttle response on my GTi pp. Has the OP checked when the car was last serviced? Some decent quality fuel would probably help too.
General discussion / Re: WLTP confusion
« Last post by nigeldodd on Today at 19:20 »
Yes, thanks. It is "Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure"

But how is it that a different fuel consumption test has such major consequences that are affecting the supply chain of VW Golfs?

And is the need for a particulate filter somehow associated with WLTP? Or was that fake news?

Golf mk7 / Re: New car order delays
« Last post by MEZZA on Today at 19:15 »
Has anyone seen this weeks Autocar mag - final report on their long term Golf Gti - near the end it says "just an auto-equipped Performance five-door remains" when talking about a slimmed down Golf range - do they have some insider info ?
Golf mk4 / Re: Gearstick stiff left to right
« Last post by Mr_Orange on Today at 19:10 »
I've done a few miles now. Still the same. Have to consciously shift into 3rd which is driving me nuts. Are these meant to be sprung return, is it within the shift tower? Whats up with this? :(
Golf mk7 / Re: GTI mk 7 under preforming
« Last post by Ryan90GTI on Today at 19:00 »
Why didn't you stick with your MK6 if you're not happy with the MK7? Have you gone from a manual to DSG?

You can tell a small difference with better fuel but not much.
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