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Golf mk7 / Re: New Arrivals!!
« Last post by hobbes22 on Today at 20:16 »
Really like both, indium grey and Isaac blue. And my white also!   :grin:
Golf mk7 / Re: Has anyone else noticed this on Mk7/7.5?
« Last post by hobbes22 on Today at 20:15 »
Not on my Mk7. But will now be looking for it when I (eventually) pick up my 7.5!  :rolleyes:
Golf mk7 / Re: Clubsport Autotrader
« Last post by king monkey on Today at 19:37 »
Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated. I’ve driven a couple of clubsports before but they were dsg and imports. Most of those test drives were in traffic so looking forward to the manual and hopefully some open roads.
Golf mk7 / Re: Clubsport Autotrader
« Last post by Exonian on Today at 19:27 »
Cheers. At 350 miles on the clock I thought it’d be worth a look.

I’ve previously owned a Mk7 pp so it’ll be interesting to see if I notice any real difference between the cars.

Having owned both myself I can vouch for there being some very noticeable differences.
The interior just feels different. It’s hard to quantify why as it’s basically the same but it does feel significantly different.

The exterior gets a lot of attention. I get a lot of questions and comments.

The springs are undeniably harsher.

The important bit is the drive though.
Put them side by side and I don’t reckon the 0-60 would be hugely different. Tenths of seconds at best.
The engine character and noise however are quite different.
The PP a low revving relaxed über competent all rounder.
The Ed40 feels much more “up and at ‘em” wanting to rev and rev.
Both mine had pedal boxes fitted, both felt a bit flat without one unless driving flat out.
The difference with one fitted being the PP feels smooth, torquey and fairly relaxed and the CS a bit like a terrier.

Golf mk7 GTD/TDI / Best all weather winter tyres for GTD
« Last post by doc house on Today at 19:08 »
What a people’s thoughts on all weather / winter tyres my stock tyres are ready to be replaced and I’d prefer to get a capable winter / all weather set that can cope with a bit of snow and slick muddy country roads
Golf mk7 / Re: Waze coming to Apple CarPlay
« Last post by Talk-torque on Today at 18:36 »
At last we get waze on CarPlay from next week!!

Waze is up and running.

Tried it out briefly and found it competent enough. Will be trying on a longer journey where speed camera warnings etc. come into play.

One huge advantage, over Discover Nav, of either is the ability to simply search for virtually any destination. Much simpler than trying to find POIs etc. Neither seem to use much data to perform, so no hit there, either.
Golf mk7 / Re: Has anyone else noticed this on Mk7/7.5?
« Last post by cosmicremedy on Today at 18:26 »
I have it on mine too.  Looks like some excess flash in the plastic and then the chrome plating shows it up even more.  Must be about 2-3mm, which i imagine shouldn't have got past VW quality for a part that is in line of sight.  It is a shame, but i'm learning to live with it.
Golf mk7 / Re: gti v r seats
« Last post by Guzzle on Today at 18:24 »
It might not be the seats causing the problem, it could be the position of your steering wheel.

I was able to improve comfort by raising the level of the wheel and bringing it closer towards me.
Golf mk7 / Re: gti v r seats
« Last post by Rob1981 on Today at 18:17 »
Seats are the same as far as I know. The GTI ones look better
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