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Golf mk7 / Re: Resonator or back box delete ?
« Last post by hog_hedge on Today at 21:15 »
The farts were present on 2017 Performance models which has led people to assume that they have been removed via software and not because of the exhaust set up. So unfortunately removing the back box or resonator won’t bring them back.

I toyed with the idea of removing the back box but have since decided against it because, in my opinion, it sounded so unrefined and obnoxiously loud (in keeping with normal back box removal). I have since decided the resonator will go just to provide a smidgen more sound whilst keeping costs down and everything warranty friendly.


See this link :smiley:
New forum members / Re: New Member
« Last post by jv on Today at 21:15 »
pics needed  :smiley:
Golf mk7 / Resonator or back box delete ?
« Last post by Johnbag1979 on Today at 21:12 »
Just got a new 7.5 performance GTI and know that the DSG farts will not be present.  In order for a better sound and return of the farts I am left with 2 options as I see it.  Resonator delete or back box delete ?

Pros and cons ? Thoughts?

Cosmetic & bodywork matters / Re: Wheel Bolt Length
« Last post by jv on Today at 21:10 »
Think you already have your answer - buy 3mm longer bolts and it's exactly as VW supplied.
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by runningman35 on Today at 21:06 »
Hi All,

Not posted in a very long time, but after around 67k covered I have just ordered my mk7 GTD replacement today and feeling a bit guilty as the GTD really is a hard car to beat, and manages to be a great everyday car.

Will miss overly loud sport and sound pack which always manages to bring the boy racer out in me and remind me of my mk5 gti and other faster cars I have owned in past. Anyway onwards and hopefully upwards and Golf GT variant number 5 for me.

Tested the R, new GTD and GTI PP all back to back in the last few weeks and after much deliberation and spec fiddling decided on 3dr DSG, Dynaudio Excite, DB pearl, DCC and Art Velour SS for a change. Really like the R but extra running costs not really justified in my mind by more inert handling heavy feeling when driving 5-7/10ths on the DSG one I tried. Rocket ship though it is, I would get a bit annoyed everyday I feel when just commuting or not “on it”as they say.

I have had a go at detailing my car with a meguairs DA kit and touch up paint and some body shop work for minor Hare altercation.  Dam that front radar sensor is mounted too low! The bloody thing has been taken out twice in my ownership with wildlife to blame each time!

Look forward to sharing some pics of old and new when handover date agreed in future.  Great posts everyone, and really found it hard not to copy the spec of the PP in Indium grey posted up a few pages back. That is a very nice spec overall.
Cosmetic & bodywork matters / Wheel Bolt Length
« Last post by JHWP on Today at 21:03 »
I'm just about to fit a set of aftermarket alloys to my MK7 Golf GTD. The wheels are Rotiform IND-T in Silver/Machined and the specs of them are 18x8.5 ET45. Tyres are Michelin Pilot Sport 4 in 225/40-18. These wheels use a radius bolt seat, the same as the OEM wheels.

I'm trying to figure out if I need longer wheel bolts and if so how much longer. The OEM bolts (27mm thread length) when fitted to the OEM Nogaro wheels protrude from the mounting face of the wheel on the inside by 19mm.
When these bolts are fitted to the Rotiform wheels they protrude by 16mm so with a 3mm difference one would say I need bolts with a 30mm thread length to match the amount of thread available on the OEM set up but... having done a good bit of research the minimum amount of rotations that is recommended for a 14x1.5 wheel bolt (stock bolt for VW) is a 7.5 turns. So I checked this with my OEM wheels and I only get 6.5 turns from initial thread engagement to fully tightened at 120NM. With the Rotiform wheels I only get 5 turns. So neither are 7.5 or above, not even the OEM setup??

Can anyone advise here?

I did contact Rotiform directly and they gave me an a totally useless answer - they said I should be O.K. using the OEM bolts but if I had any concerns with the amount of thread engagement I could buy longer ones. Great info  :rolleyes: I'd like to be a bit more solid than "should be O.K." when it comes to attaching wheels to my car to be honest and I can buy longer bolts? Thanks for the the tip... I would have thought that the manufacturer would be able to confirm on what is required.
I also contacted three Rotiform dealers for advice by email and not one replied. Nice.

General discussion / Re: Fuel pump parts
« Last post by jv on Today at 20:58 »
Was it ever available by itself? Does it have it's own part number?
Sounds like ebay digging required to me!
General discussion / Re: Advice on where to buy in Europe?
« Last post by jv on Today at 20:55 »
Not sure what you are asking. You aren't in the UK and want a LHD mk7 somewhere else in Europe. Ebay.wherever? Volkswagen.wherever?
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