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Golf mk7 / Re: DTUK Pedalbox
« Last post by Booth11 on Today at 13:29 »
Fitting tips here

You can either remove the flat trim panel removing a single Torx screw, or remove the drivers side storage cubby for access.  Details of install and removal of storage cubby in this vwroc guide.
Golf mk7 / Re: DTUK Pedalbox
« Last post by JasonGTD on Today at 12:49 »
Well this has completely convinced me too, how easy/difficult is it to fit and remove?
Golf mk7 / Re: Wireless Charging Saga
« Last post by Vwjap on Today at 11:37 »
Probably just unplugging the aerial or power lead to the amp
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by JasonGTD on Today at 11:18 »
De-selected the wireless charging option.  :grin: :grin:
Golf mk7 / Re: Wireless Charging Saga
« Last post by JasonGTD on Today at 10:52 »
Bloody hell that's a bugger, thank goodness my car hasn't been built yet. Will get hold of the dealer and de-select this option quick smart.
mk7 for sale / 63 GTI PERFORMANCE PACK, 43k, 3dr for sale
« Last post by Tomgti222 on Today at 09:06 »
Hi all,

I have my GTI PP for sale in the link below... Pretty sure it is currently the lowest priced PP MK7 in the country!
It's an amazing car I am sadly selling to get a mortgage...

Key points:
- Performance pack (230ps, electronic front diff, amazing brakes)
- 15 months left on a main dealer warranty from Listers. Will transfer to your name upon sale (worth £800)
- Full VW service history- no expense spared
- Reversing camera and sensors
- Adaptive Cruise Control
- 45+ mpg on a run, 41mpg avg
- lots of tread, 4x Goodyear tyres
- 2014 Model Year
- HPI clear
- interior is in perfect condition
- exterior pretty much perfect, minor stone chips on front bumper, one v small dent in drivers side door, one alloy that will be refurb'd on sale

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, I am open to offers for a quick sale!!

Golf mk7 / Re: Neuspeed RSe12 ... silver or gun metal?
« Last post by 7MAT on Today at 09:00 »
Look great.

Are they 18" or 19"?

Thanks, the RSe12’s are 18” and are made especially for VAG cars with a wider offset.

Only 19lbs a corner.  :grin:

Golf mk7 / Re: Wireless Charging Saga
« Last post by 458jase on Today at 08:52 »
My VW dealer is meant to be fixing this issue on a new Golf I am picking up next Saturday. Does anybody know how the fix might be done as I'm worried that it will involve taking part of the dash apart and if so I would be pretty upset that they are doing this on my new car?? 

They said only involves lifting of carpet and some very minor work, but not 100% convinced.
Golf mk6 / Re: What have you done to your Mk6 today then?
« Last post by o`Neil on Today at 08:02 »
Good work there Seabrook  :smiley:

Left mine with the dealer on Friday for a service.

Meanwhile I have all the wheels off to clean and then coat in Carpro Dlux.
Golf mk3 / Re: VW Mk3 GTI won’t start!😬
« Last post by itavaltalainen on 21 April 2018, 23:15 »
Yeah, immo coil will only pick up if key is very close.
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