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Detailing / Re: Art Velour Seats - Cleaning & Protecting
« Last post by jv on 16 April 2021, 21:14 »
I might have sounded harsh, I wasn't meaning to suggest alcantara isn't awesome or anything, it really has that premium look and feel  :cool:
Golf mk7 / Re: Moving on from my GTI....
« Last post by fredgroves on 16 April 2021, 20:50 »
Sorry to hear it hasn’t met your expectations. Would be interested to hear in what way it hasn’t?

Have a look through his previous posts...
Golf mk8 / Re: Clubsport side decals revisited...
« Last post by Brocky_ on 16 April 2021, 20:47 »
I see the crab but it reminds me more of a Space Invader, personally.

Oh and also, yes cold temperature definitely does make the infotainment system laggy. The mk7 was like that too, certainly with the first generation of its mib units.
I wonder what causes it then? It has to be something deliberate.

On the original mk7 gtd they used to have an option called "sport and sound". This was a little misunderstood option for a long time but it actually had a sound generator unit in the exhaust. It wasn't subtle by all accounts. On max setting it could out chav a whole mcdonald's carpark or wake up every neighbour for miles. On a diesel...
That's the "turn down the fake noise to hear for the real noise" actually is incorrect advice lol.

That's a nice bit of detective work.

That's why I did it Fred, turn down the fake noise in the cabin to hear the pops better and even know it still sounds good without that much of fakery I can only get the pops to work when in sports engine sound, I was thinking is this just my car or everyone's. I've tested again and same result. I'm mind blown 😂
Detailing / Re: Art Velours Seats - Cleaning & Protecting
« Last post by Brocky_ on 16 April 2021, 20:23 »
Yeah, I know it sounds all exotic but it is still 'fabric' :)
Sure, but, as I am quite new to detailing, it's hard to know with the more sensitive materials.

Thanks for the advice.  It's much appreciated.  I will pick some up on my next order from Slim's.
So something else I have discovered today. Any pops from revving the exhaust only works when engine sound is in sport. I thought this was for just pure soundkator noise through the speakers and it was defo not my ears. I set up to sport drive in individual but Eco engine and no pops revving up to 4000rpm but then changed the engine sound back to sport and popping from exhaust. Tried this also with Eco drive and left on Eco engine and nothing then changed to sport engine noise left with Eco and Rev and popping out the exhaust. I was out the car with my foot revving too to hear it clearly. And also as I said the other day that on a warm day by inform system starts up with no freeze or lag

Some other people on YouTube noticed this as well, when in sport the 'soft limiter' appears to also let you rev slightly higher, which might be responsible?

I'm glad I wasn't just hearing things 😂. You learn something new everyday
Detailing / Re: Detailing My ClubSport
« Last post by Brocky_ on 16 April 2021, 20:11 »
No detailing done since the last wash I posted about and I am working this Saturday & Sunday, so likely won't get to do anything until Wednesday, but I did have a couple of packages arrive today.

Detail Guardz - - Looking forward to trying these out.  They will hopefully help shave a little time off my wash regimen as well as saving my aging back by allowing me to not have to bother too much about where the pressure washer hose is when going around the car.

EZ Detail Brush - - I have a set of Wheel Woolies which are great but the large one doesn't quite fit between the ClubSport brake disk and the barrel of the 18s, so got one of these as the shaft is thinner.  Hopefully the bristles don't counter that too much and I can get it in to give the barrels a good clean.

Swissvax Interior & Leather Brush - - Wanted a really gentle brush for dealing with the Alcantara panels on the Art Velour seats.  This seems perfect.

500ml CarPro Inside Interior Cleaner - - Again, for the Art Velour seats.  Wanted something gentle to try on the Alcantara panels but will also work for all the other seat materials and other soft-touch surfaces.

Auto Finesse Mercury - - Gotta have shiny tips!

I also have a Tuf Shine Tyre Kit - - sat waiting to be used, as well as some AngelWax Enigma Corona - - So my tyres and exterior plastics should be protected and looking good.  It's all in the details!  :cool:

I'll post up after my next session and I will do my best to remember to grab some pictures this time!  :smiley:
Golf mk8 / Re: Clubsport side decals revisited...
« Last post by fredgroves on 16 April 2021, 20:01 »
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