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Hi all,

As per title, I will be in my way to a COVID aware appointment to buy/order my first ever new car..... The Golf 8 GTI Clubsport 😋. First Golf, first new car!

Opting for Dolphin Grey, DCC, rear view cam & Adelaide 19 inch wheels.

‘71’ plate, 18 week wait time 😞. It will be worth it!
Golf mk8 / Re: Mk8 software version poll
« Last post by Nick.. on Today at 21:45 »
oooh nice, I owe you one for that  :smiley:
General discussion / Looking for a 7 seater
« Last post by navmk4gti on Today at 21:42 »
I am looking for a 7 seater needs must :lipsrsealed:

I have been looking at a vw touran. But they only come in 1.4??

I know nothing about these new 1.4 tsi engines. Looks like they do pack enough pulling power at 150bhp.

But reliablity wise how good are they..i am looking at 2017 reg around that mark..

Any issues i should look out for etc

Also yes it must be a petrol..i do short journeys and barely 7k a year

Golf mk8 / Re: GTI CS Oryx White pictures
« Last post by Kenis on Today at 21:33 »
It’s not oryx but does have estorils
Golf mk7 / Re: Performance Pack or not??!!!!
« Last post by Rudedog on Today at 21:32 »
100% find a PP, the VAQ is definitely noticeable going around large roundabouts, why would not want something that improves traction.
Golf mk7 / Re: Performance Pack or not??!!!!
« Last post by Kpow99 on Today at 21:26 »
Looked at the other cars they have for sales at Performance 28 😳😳😳 there is a crazy RS6 with the biggest wheels but this on Autotrader!!


Sorry for deviating lol but wow lol
Golf mk7 / Re: Performance Pack or not??!!!!
« Last post by Kpow99 on Today at 21:17 »
How about this beast I found today! 490!! 😳😳😳😳

twenty inch wheels.... impressive.

Look pretty nice eh!
Golf mk8 / Re: GTI CS Oryx White pictures
« Last post by ash_rage on Today at 21:06 »
Oh I didn’t know that. Assumed there were plenty around

Well was worth asking and hoping.

I think it looks great. Can’t wait.
Golf mk8 / Re: GTI CS Oryx White pictures
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 20:57 »
I don't think any clubby has been delivered yet other than the initial dealer stock. Might be a few weeks before you see one like that. Oryx is super expensive too, not many will order that.
New forum members / Re: Hello Forum
« Last post by urtoinpo on Today at 20:53 »
I'm surrounded by bloomin' black Golfs :shocked: - most of them Mk.7's, but at least mine's the only Variant/Estate.

The mirror flip just means I turned the interior mirror upside down, as I prefer the way it looks and it still auto-functions just fine.

Early days for the harmonic damper, but seems to be most effective on concrete roads and so a good mod so far.

The airbox duct removal is just for sh*ts and giggles to see what effect it would have. I've left the 'snow grate' in and there is now a little extra low-tone induction noise, but it's subtle enough that SWMBO hasn't noticed yet. I did used to drill holes/fit better feed pipes to airboxes to my and some of my mates cars way back for noise and the promise of an extra 0.05 BHP :rolleyes: 

I've played with modding the standard airduct and will refit it sometime in the summer, but there's no way I'm spending megabucks on some fancy induction kit. As far as I can tell, the standard VW airbox is exactly the same as one on a 230+ PS 2 litre GTi, so it should be flowing more than enough for my 1.5...

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