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Golf mk4 / Re: Mk4 golf with s3 engine
« Last post by barrym381 on 18 August 2017, 22:02 »
Or about 270....on a really good day?
They do slightly more but not much  :smiley:
Golf mk7 / Re: What colour is this GTI??
« Last post by wigit on 18 August 2017, 21:54 »
Pure white, the white silver is an acquired taste and for me looks a bit bland and the car looks like it needs a clean
General discussion / Re: Found a R plated GTI. Wants to be sold
« Last post by Bramblebloke on 18 August 2017, 21:52 »
To be honest, I found it difficult to get on here and post, so if anyone is interested contact me on meminisgone@hot or 07902909818
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by wigit on 18 August 2017, 21:50 »
Picked it up the R Wagen  from the detailers who have had it for a couple of days, never had it detailed as the rental but after 13 months and 21K needed some TLC, looks amazing and has a shine it never had and the white has faired so much better than the lapiz

Detailer does all our cars and said that it wasn't tar that was the cause of most of the black sports, it was rubber and brake dust, must be more restrained

Just given it the once over and fitted the GB plates for its trip to the Loire next weekend, seems to use 0.5l of oil every 7K

General discussion / Found a R plated GTI. Wants to be sold
« Last post by Bramblebloke on 18 August 2017, 21:46 »
Hi, Dunno if this helps anyone but went to look at a R plated GTI in dragon green, nice car. Pulls to the left a bit, no radio and rear/ passenger electric window switches don't work. Bit of rust bubble on N/S rear window and a small scratch on N/s front wing. Other than that is is MOT'd for a year and drives really well. Bloke selling it thinks he has to break it to make money. I'm buying a later model but seems a shame to break and don't know if he has contacted you folks! I'm not looking for anything, only to save car from knackers yard! If there is a drink in it for me brill, but is it worth saving and what is it worth????? Ta Mart
Golf mk7 / Re: GTI vs R running/maintenance costs
« Last post by wigit on 18 August 2017, 21:37 »
R is not much more thirstier than my Ed35 was

VW servicing pack is good value anyway

Only thing I have found the R eat is rear pads and disks (wife's lasted 20K) mine are in better shape

We run winters and summers on our but having checked the tyres the rears are 1mm less than the fronts on the Estate and 5 Door and similar depths on the Bridgestones so down to about 4mm on the fronts after about 14K

Interesting feature in this weeks Autocar about the ideal drivers car which has the 7/7.5 GTI in it and talks about balance, which I totally get

I had a look at three 7.5Rs outside a dealership and I think the standard trim looks so much better with the alcantara and liked the detailing on the front

Very much of the same view of life too short so I do not read too much in the fuel costs, where the R is sublime is covering ground very quickly and effictively without taxing the driver too much and being under the radar
Golf mk7 / Re: VW Connect and DataPlug?
« Last post by SRGTD on 18 August 2017, 20:55 »
Do people really want this? Even for free? So it tells you what is available already on the car's own computer, tells you how to drive better (obviously of no use to me, I'm brilliant already :wink:), will book a service for you, remind you where you parked your car and awards you points if you drive how it wants you to. I wouldn't waste my time and fuel to go and get one.

I think I can manage without it too. I can remember when my car is due for a service and if I did forget, my car will remind me anyway. I can also remember where I've parked it and as you say, most of the other information provided is already available via the car's computer.
Golf mk7 / Re: Current delivery times?
« Last post by linc-dub on 18 August 2017, 20:51 »
2nd September pick up for me too  :smiley:

Are you a Drive the deal customer too Linc-dub?
No I bought direct from the local dealer.  Gone are the days of dealers opening at midnight and the real petrol-heads driving them out of the showroom at that time of night.  Now I'd sooner save my days off for hols, hence collecting on the Saturday which gives me time to clear mine out before collecting the new beast!
Golf mk7 / Re: VW Connect and DataPlug?
« Last post by I wanted a GTi on 18 August 2017, 20:41 »
For what it's worth I asked Listers Coventry about it and all you have to do is ask at reception and tell them how many you need.
Golf mk4 / Re: Mk4 golf with s3 engine
« Last post by bgbazz on 18 August 2017, 20:32 »
Or about 270....on a really good day?
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