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Golf mk7 / Re: DTUK Pedalbox
« Last post by CarbonGTD on Today at 19:14 »
Recently had the pedal box fitted to my Mk7.5 230 GTI manual and I can whole-heartedly confirm the reports of others on here - it really does cure the one achilles heal of the car (the seriouasly mushy and unresponsive stock throttle pedal). 

I'm currently running in Sport with one red light (not green light - on the new pedal box I have the three red lights increase whilst the three green lights decrease the effect - is this the opposite to earlier boxes??)

New forum members / Newbie
« Last post by VAGNUT on Today at 19:04 »
Hi I'm Harry.... been following you site for some time. I live in Barbados West Indies. I own a mk2  golf 2l, a mk2 jetta 1. 8l a non running mk3jetta/vento and a mk3 golf vr6
General discussion / Re: Non Golf GTI problem..But could be
« Last post by Watts on Today at 18:33 »
Take the cover off and check where the mirror pivots. On the GTI it is a metal part and on mine part of the metal casing snapped off and it did feel a bit loose. Mine broke because I caught it whilst reversing, perhaps someone has hit yours just enough to snap it but without leaving the evidence. If that is the case, with mine it mean't a new housing (minus the glass and cover) fitted for £420. If you are feeling handy, buy a salvaged one and fit it yourself, might get away with £130ish (guesstimate) and you can use the existing cover.
Golf mk6 / Re: MY NEW CANDY WHITE GOLF GTI **Fully Loaded**
« Last post by R20OOY on Today at 17:19 »
Looks lovely, I have a soft spot for the white mk6 (I'm a tad biased!)
would you do a cheeky £20 dave and ill collect sunday morning ? :grin:
General discussion / Non Golf GTI problem..But could be
« Last post by a9wyn on Today at 16:09 »
Can someone help? I have a 2013 Beetle Cabrio.( I also own a MK7 Golf GTi P/P  just to give me some credence here) and have a problem with my power door mirrors. Select the mirrors to close, works fine, both close. When I select to open, only the passenger side opens. Drivers side stays closed. No matter how I select the mirrors to work after this the drivers side will not open. I now have to manually open the mirror to use ( pushing against the mechanism ) If I then select the close function the passenger side closes fine but there is an audible 'crack' sound from the drivers door mirror but nothing happens. When the drivers door mirror is in this 'forced open' position it is not rigid, so much so when driving along you can see  movement in the housing.
 The question i'm asking, is there a reset procedure for these mirrors as there is for the windows? If so, can it be done through an opening and closing procedure? Or is it a very expensive replacement mirror housing required.
Detailing / Re: Clay bar lube
« Last post by Wrex22 on Today at 15:54 »
Cheers guys I’ll look at getting a mit seems the easier of the 2 options when claying
Golf mk7 / Re: GTi Front Indicators
« Last post by Finglonga on Today at 15:47 »
These are expensive, but look good.  There's some videos at the bottom of the page.

Take care with those as shipping to the UK is extortionate for 2 tiny LED bulbs, I looked into them.
Golf mk7 / Re: My GTI PP
« Last post by Jim_mk7.5 on Today at 15:04 »
That looks fantastic!  :cool:
Golf mk7 / Re: Auto express tyre test 2018
« Last post by rwleigh on Today at 14:10 »
I wore my fronts out in 10k......  :grin:

Not trying hard enough Jim, my front P-Zero's lasted 6K...  :laugh:

Much prefer the PS4S's. :smiley:
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