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Title: Help please! Intermittent non start. ESC Stabilisation control error
Post by: AClark on 17 June 2020, 18:59
Any advice or guidance with this would be appreciated!

2011 Golf mk6 1.4 TSI 120hp

Intermittent non start. When the error occurs the ESC light will come on, and the MFD will say 'Error Stabilisation Control Error'

The car will crank but not turn over.

Initially I took it to VW and they diagnosed a bad battery, which I changed out for a new one. Error is still present after this.

I have always been able to get the car to start eventually, by taking the key out, waiting a few minutes and trying again. Sometimes it will happen a few times in a row, then start. Sometimes it will only happen once, and fire up on the second try.

When the car is running, no error lights and everything is perfectly fine.

Through looking through various forums I have got some ideas, perhaps fuel pump, bad spark plugs, ignition switch, ECU problems. But nothing is currently indicating a definite source of the problem.