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Golf mk7 / Re: Remaps
« Last post by Exonian on Today at 13:39 »
From figures I’ve seen over the last five years the GTI’s often put out a bit more than the stated power yet the R’s seem to come in around the published figures on the more respected rolling roads.

It’s no use looking at the graphs and seeing the standard GTI putting out 260 or whatever power then the mapped car showing 330. 
Rolling road figures vary remarkably from one place to another and the operator has a bearing on this too.
Tuners need to advertise so they like to massage the figures to make theirs look the best.
The only thing you should be looking at is the actual gain between stock and modified, not the headline figures. The latter can be manipulated.

You also want to know what development went into the map. How close are their settings to the tolerances of the standard engine and gearbox parts? How smoothly does it drive?

I’ve had over a dozen remapped cars in my time and all tunes are not equal.

I’m not one for watching YouTube vids normally and I’ve been to a couple rolling road days in the past, plus stood shivering with cold next to my own cars on the rollers when having custom maps, it’s normally a tedious experience!
The RRP vid was actually really well produced and filmed, it made a dull event quite entertaining, so well done to them for that at least!
Golf mk7 / Re: Dealer Used Stock
« Last post by Exonian on Today at 13:25 »
There’s definitely a drought and dubber36 has it pretty spot on.

WLTP delays keeping turnover low at retail level will have even bigger impact for the fleet and hire companies.
Dealers snap up ex-VW UK fleet in closed auctions but also buy in from the leasing and rental companies, the latter are a big provider of very recently registered low mileage cars to the used forecourts.
There’s just so little coming through the system due to WLTP and general winter slow down in the trade.

I’ve had a few emails from dealer groups who are actively looking for used stock at a time of year when they’d really not want too much cluttering up the forecourts traditionally. The lack of new cars being delivered means there’s good demand for recent low mileage cars.

The flip-side being prices of used cars holding firm over winter when normally they’d drop off significantly.

I agree with kmpowell too in that discounts are dropping to around 10% now.
Golf mk7 / Re: boot (trunk) light on dark side
« Last post by nigeldodd on Today at 13:19 »
The warmer environment still did not help. I felt I was in danger of shattering the transparent plastic lamp holder. Instead I removed the opaque plastic surround which seems more robust and is held in by robust plastic ratchet mouldings. Once out I could see why the transparent lampholder was reluctant to budge except at the steering wheel end. It was held in by a robust metal spring. I could depress this easily with the surrounding mount out and everything disconnected. Then putting in the new led bulb was easy but of course I reverse polarised it on the first attempt.

All fine now, but I still wish there was a suitable moulding on the left hand side and wiring provision.

When all the main lights are led, it seems inconsistent of VW to leave tungsten filament bulbs in the boot and the front cubbyhole.
Golf mk7 / Re: Remaps
« Last post by hobbes22 on Today at 12:54 »
RRP who are close to me offer a pretty smooth power delivery on the 7.5 performance. 330hp 385lb/ft.

What I find promising is that the 7.5’s I’ve heard of being roaded have all come back with significant stock power outputs, way over the quoted figures from VW. I know VW have always been conservative, but these are consistently way above quoted.  :smiley:

Do you have any links to this info? Would probably explain why my mk7.5 245 feels a lot quicker than my MK7 230 PP?
Golf mk3 / Re: What type of wheels can my Mk3 take?
« Last post by Kola on Today at 12:42 »
Hi,  Got some 6 spoke Audi TT wheels  or a Mk 1 TT. 

I have to confess im not up on the working os cars but trying to learn fast. 

I took the wheel to a garage that specialises in wheel restoration.  They tried to replace my Mk3 VR6 Highline standard 15" wheels with the 17s but with the standard tyres that came on the TT wheels they wouldn't fit. 

The guy at the garage says I need to keep the overall wheel circumference of the original wheel otherwise it will knock the speedo out and such.  So since I have gained 2 inches on my new wheels the tyre need to have a smaller rim?  Is that right?

Secondly as he had every tire but in stock he hasent been able to show me the tyre on there.  He wanted to try a worn out tyre to see what I thought before buying in 4 x tyres that will fit.  Seems nice as opposed just taking my money. 

The guy fitting these wheels inst a golf expert and usually deals with much newer cars than a 20 year old.  He seems spot on and has a healthy wheel restoring business.  But he wondered about the right size for the tyre, so I thought Id ask here. 

Any advice on what I need to do appreciated. 

Golf mk7 / Re: Dealer Used Stock
« Last post by P6GTD on Today at 12:41 »
So, Fred,I may be right about the drought after all.....
Golf mk7 / Re: Remaps
« Last post by damianmkv on Today at 09:56 »
Impressive power from a stage 1, imagine must have a few extra bits such as filter and high flow pipes to make 330.

But jeez, their website is truly awful, they don't even have the 245ps model listed  :rolleyes:

Yes they do...but I agree the website is dire
Golf mk7 / Re: Remaps
« Last post by 7MAT on Today at 09:50 »
I ordered the VW Racingline OEM+ Stage 1 software in the Black Friday sale.

Not yet installed as I'm looking to get a sach clutch installed first.

My dealer has been speaking to the mapper at Racingline and he has agreed to add switchable exhaust pops and crackles for me.

Golf mk7 / Re: Remaps
« Last post by Jim_mk7.5 on Today at 09:28 »
Impressive power from a stage 1, imagine must have a few extra bits such as filter and high flow pipes to make 330.

But jeez, their website is truly awful, they don't even have the 245ps model listed  :rolleyes:
Golf mk7 / Re: Dealer Used Stock
« Last post by kmpowell on Today at 09:13 »
When I first started looking for a Golf in April/May last year there were a few around to choose from, but nothing with any decent spec. Due to this I placed an order for a new one at the start of the summer thinking I would continue to look for used in-case something came up. The delays on mine started and when I cancelled my order I threw myself into the used market significantly all the way through to December.

As the time went on it became abundantly clear that all that was hitting the used market was ex-VW cars being sent to dealers from their fleet (these cars are easily identifiable by the KX (or other K* prefixed number plates)), or ex dealer demos for silly prices. In December when I had lost all hope of finding one, I had visited several dealers and they all told me the same story, they are simply very rare and in short supply because WLTP delays meant people were hanging onto their cars and nothing was going through the networks.

I count myself very lucky that my new car arrived unexpectedly when it did, else I'd still be sat here now without a car.

Having had a look at the market again this morning (before writing this), I can see stock has dried up even further, all the cars I looked at have gone, and the same uni-old cars are still for sale (mainly low spec, red or white) on the AUC locator, and some of the high spec silly price ex-demo cars have also gone. There's very little been added to the search results.

If you're fussy about what you want, and are in the used market, there really is very little too choose from. What I'm also seeing is the discount being offered off new is also creeping down from the 15%+ from last year, it's already at circa 10%.

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