Author Topic: Envy Valeting and Perfection Detailing team up...  (Read 1003 times)

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Envy Valeting and Perfection Detailing team up...
« on: 27 February 2009, 21:40 »
1st off thanks to Neil from Perfection detailing for the generous use of his unit to work on this Scoob I had booked for paint correction. His hospitality was great and so was his help when the correction proved to be very time consuming (sticky paint AGAIN)

Some befores:

Washed as per usual and moved indoors to see what was ahead..

Ah yes, that'll be the reason for correction

Car was de-tarred, clayed then paint measurements were taken all over to ensure it was ok to machine.

I set about trying to find a good pad and polish combo for the car but tried literally everything in the van and nothing worked perfectly at all. In the end persevered with 3m and horrible clumps.
At this point I had tackled the bonnet, roof and passenger side doors. Neil kindly offered to join me and set about cleaning up the mess I'd made and he refined and cleansed the paint.


The correction was looking very good but very difficult to achieve.

Once the paint was cleansed (Dodo Lime Prime) the car was waxed with Swissvax Crystal Rock. Whilst that cured tyres were dressed, glass cleaned, exhaust buffed etc etc.

Here are the afters:

Not sure of the "man hourage" but started at 8am and finished 17.00

Thanks again to Neil.

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