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Collinite Super Double Coat Wax 476s 18oz @ Monza
« on: 23 January 2009, 09:16 »
Hi  :smiley:
We have just taken delivery from collinite of their double sized 18oz tin

Please click the picture to see:

Double the amount of wax for 25% less cost of 2x 9oz tins, GREAT VALUE 18oz Tin

Super Double Coat Wax is one of the finest paste type auto waxes available. Easy to apply and absolutely DETERGENT PROOF. Collinite Super Doublecoat is guaranteed to outlast and outshine any other competitive auto wax, polish or protective coating under any conceivable condition.

That's why it's called the PERMANENT AUTO WAX.

No hard rubbing or buffing is required and no special applicator. Collinite Super Doublecoat gives a gleaming lustre that will last a full year, even under adverse conditions.

It is suitable for all finishes and clear coat safe, and can also be used on fine furniture, wood paneling, fibreglass and metal. Features:100% detergent proof

Will protect your paintwork for a full year

Easy to use - no hard rubbing/buffing/special applicators

Suitable for all finishes, including clear coat

Also great for wood, fibreglass & metal!

512ml tin

Directions for use:This wax is applied with a damp aplicator pad. Gentley rub across the wax to pick up a very small amount. Apply to the panel very very thinly move onto the next panel do the same.

Then check the previous panel. Do the swip test, with a microibre or finger. If the wax comes away with out leaving any oily marks, then remove. if oily leave of a few more minutes try again.

Just work aroung the car spreading thinly and removing before it goes brick hard other wise it will be hard to remove, leave a futher 24hrs the apply a 2nd coat the same way.

Plus with FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £39 within the UK Mainland

Plus also 2x Free Microfibre Polishing Towels with all orders over £39.

Thanks Eamonn  :smiley: