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Bert the 72 Bug
« on: 28 January 2014, 16:09 »
Hey guys, thought I would start a thread.

Been resprayed this year. On its 5th engine 45k on clock for this one.

Rear needs raising as it's stupidly low.

Will get some sweet pictures tomorrow was dark when I got home.

Picked the bug up today from Paul Webb some of you might know him.

Well today has been disappointing.

First leaking cv boot. But due to the setup I can't see anything else. Need to familiarise myself with it.

Second was that I couldn't raise the rear drivers side suspention. This bar in the below pictures seems to be aftermarket piece and double the size of the originals in tutorials I found. It also so anyone can shed some light be great.

As I cannot for the life of me move the hub enough to remove the bar to adjust it on the splines. What seemed to be in the way was the hand break cable. Can i remove and re install this?

Moving onto the exhaust this piece wasn't connected and had rotten gasget

The we found the exhaust was blowing ha. Brothers going to weld it for now until paypal and I shall order a new one.

Bay shot.

One side raised about 1.5inch

The chrome strip has started to come off on the bonnet so a bit of fixing for that. And masking tape so the adhesive could dry.

Well after buying the beetle im skint. And the exhaust was buggered but got my brother who is a welder to sort it out in work.

My brothers work only took a few hours but looks brand new.

Got these beauty's to fit thanks to fat dubbers for ordering in them in vw heritage.

Got the bonnet back from paint today from

And what an awesome job here is some pics.

Saturdays antics with the beetle, new gearbox oil and some little additions to the tin wear she was missing, and also too my mates splitty out for a run.

gave it a good old scrub today after driving it back in the rain on Saturday everning.

Then this happened :/

Dented the bugger on the poo pipe under the car port, so how I have a knuckle sized dent on my drivers wing, it should be able to push out and I do have some touch up paint given to me when I had the bonnet repainted.

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Re: Bert the 72 Bug
« Reply #1 on: 28 January 2014, 16:29 »
totally sh!t pipey that you dented it, it's looking pretty sweet. How is the engine running?

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Re: Bert the 72 Bug
« Reply #2 on: 28 January 2014, 19:05 »
I know. Engine is sweet as a nut pulls like a train considering it's meant to be a 1200 only problem I have at the moment is leaks