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Golf mk7 / Re: EML after filling up with momentum 99
« Last post by itavaltalainen on Today at 15:33 »
I would assume the mk7 primes the pump as soon as you open the door, even before the ignition is turned on.

Just take to dealer, that's what they are there for.
Golf mk7 / Re: TPMS
« Last post by Ibdrew on Today at 15:16 »
Thanks for reply’s
Good to know I don’t need the sensors,
This is the first time I’ll have actually bought extra wheels and winter tyres, last winter was pretty bad and The car struggled to cope on a few occasions with the snow and ice on standard tyres,so this year I’ve decided to invest in some new wheels and tyres.
Golf mk7 / Re: gti v r seats
« Last post by mcmaddy on Today at 14:53 »
Don't think there are any differences what so ever apart from alcantara on the side bolsters. Are you too upright?
General discussion / VW Golf GTD 2010 Engine Light
« Last post by SMITTY116 on Today at 14:05 »
How can i switch this off without going to a garage ??
Golf mk7 / Re: Has anyone else noticed this on Mk7/7.5?
« Last post by kalimon on Today at 14:04 »
Could somebody post a clearer picture of the phantom blemish so I can see exactly what this mark is please ?
Detailing / Re: What detailing have you done today?
« Last post by Dr Mike Oxgreen on Today at 13:39 »
A pre-winter snow foam, wash and wax using Auto Finesse Radiance, a very easy to use carnauba based cream wax.  I'll do this a couple more times before the bad weather sets in, to give the paint some protection and make the car easier to clean when the weather turns cold and miserable.
Golf mk7 / gti v r seats
« Last post by glen290 on Today at 13:39 »
Are there any differences between the seats in the GTi vs the R ?
Really struggling to get comfy in the GTi and long journey's give me massive back ache.
Golf mk7 / Re: TPMS
« Last post by Exonian on Today at 12:59 »
The AEZ Raise is a good choice, it’ll suit the mk7 lines well and was a style I considered a while ago on a previous mk7.
They do the wheel in more than one finish, be careful if using them purely as winter wheels as the ones with the dark inner sections have machine polished faces like the factory VW wheels.
Tyreleader used to be the cheapest place to get them, I’m not sure whether Rimstyle would attempt to price match or offer a discount. Worth asking!

Unless you have a spec anomaly there’s no proper TPMS, as said previously, the pressure monitoring system runs via ABS sensors checking for rotational differences in the wheels which might signify pressure loss (or a hefty passenger or suitcase!)
Golf mk7 / Re: new product TCU+ Gearbox Flash tool
« Last post by Andrew@DTUK on Today at 12:48 »
Some more feedback, this time from a GTI owner...

Excellent service from the DTUK team as always. Paid for the TCU+ yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning.

Simple installation and a brief drive to the airport and wow, super fast and smooth gear changes.

I guess I'm a full package fanboy now as I have the FSR+, Pedalbox and now TCU+ but for a 5 year old non-PP Mk7 Golf GTI it's proper rapid fun 💪🏻
Golf mk7 / Re: TPMS
« Last post by Guzzle on Today at 12:24 »
You shouldn't need sensors as the Golf doesn't have the full TPMS, it works via ABS. I change to winter tyres each year and don't have them. You just need to correctly inflate your new tyres then reset the pressures in the menu and all should be well.

Just make sure you choose wheels that fit over the brakes. Mine are 18 inch, the smallest you can go is 17 inch AFAIK.
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