Author Topic: dan0908 - 1.8T project  (Read 5779 times)

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dan0908 - 1.8T project
« on: 12 June 2015, 16:06 »
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Re: dan0908 - 1.8T project
« Reply #1 on: 12 June 2015, 20:52 »
New to the forum but not to dubs I recently decided to start a project so picked up a mk4 golf in may in reflex silver. So where to start decided with getting it the look right so purchased a new front bumper from Germany along with some porsche cayenne wheels I didn't like the centres in them tho so swapped them for the centre caps from some porsche lobster wheels just to be a bit different. With the new wheels and adapters fitted I had to do somthing with the brakes so I've purchased some leon 225 brakes front and rear (yet to be fitted). Along with a rear glass delete for the removed wiper. I also have a bad boy bonnet and a smoothed rear bumper. Next the interior i wanted it to be different from your average so have fitted a tt dashboard with modified door cards to match (currently being trimed and flocked) with a leather recaro seats and trimed headliner. Engine is a standard 1.8t with a miltek down pipe but me thinks in the coming months I'd like to buy another engine and build it out of the car while driving round with the standard lump couple of pics so far

Brakes all sanded down waiting to be sprayed

Will post some more pics once the breaks are done and the interior returns from the flockers

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Re: dan0908 - 1.8T project
« Reply #2 on: 14 June 2015, 22:44 »
Almost finished painting the brakes today with a lot of help from a mate decided to go the same colour as my wing mirror's and roof

In primmer

Drying from colour

New Decals