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Detailing / Re: Britemax 25% Black Friday Sale
« Last post by TweedsideR on Today at 16:38 »
Darn! Rushed over to your site to order a Rupes mini bigfoot only to find you're out of stock. Any chance they'll be in stock before the offer ends?
Golf mk7 / Re: Mark 7,5 GTI or Mk 7 GTI PP
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 15:53 »
Its actually even closer than that because if you use the ever popular drive the deal to get a good discount, you get discounts on the car only, not the extras :D

The closeness of the GTI price to the R in the UK is why actually a GTI is a pretty rare beast these days.

Far more R's than GTI's.

Of course, the extra cost doesn't end with the purchase price, the R drinks more fuel, pays more road tax and costs more to insure, but...
Detailing / Re: Best shampoo - thoughts?
« Last post by Dr Mike Oxgreen on Today at 15:21 »
For the last couple of years I have used DoDo Juice shampoos.  Sour Power on my Golf(s), because it is supposed to contain Carnauba, and Born to be Mild on my S2000.  Both produced very satisfactory results, with a good lather.

Now that winter is looming and I've sold the S2000, I'm going to experiment with Gyeon Bathe and Gyeon Wet Coat, simply to make washing less of a faff in bad weather.  I haven't used either of them yet, but I'll report back.
Detailing / Re: Best shampoo - thoughts?
« Last post by 7MAT on Today at 15:05 »
We produce, that is Britemax two shampoos; a regular wash wax shampoo called 'Clean Max' with added polymers for sheeting and our new pure shampoo named 'Pure Max' which is super concentrated at up to 1:2000 and contains no oils, waxes or polymers and is even SLS and paraben FREE. The perfect solution for ceramic coated cars.

Both currently available with 25% OFF for Black Friday.


Detailing / Britemax 25% Black Friday Sale
« Last post by 7MAT on Today at 15:00 »

Our Black Friday Sale is now live!

Save 25% OFF all in stock items, use the coupon code BFMAX during checkout.

Offer ends midnight cyber Monday 27th November, unfortunately loyalty points can't be combined with this offer, but all orders will still earn you points for future use.


Thanks, i'll book it in & see what they say.

I make no secret I do drive the car hard (what is designed to do) but I don't abuse it, I don't use the torque to pull me along, i keep revs up before accelerating hard
Golf mk7 / Re: Mark 7,5 GTI or Mk 7 GTI PP
« Last post by scanesare on Today at 14:29 »
Another angle - the difference between a gti 7.5 standard to gti 7.5 pp - add that onto a gti 7.5 pp and your at a standard 7.5 golf r. Could you justify being so close to a golf r price and sticking with a gti pp? Where do you draw the line and say this is enough for me.

That's a good one actually. Obviously cost is a major factor for most and in the UK the two cars are priced inexplicably close, more so than in any other market to my knowledge. Comparing 5-door DSG models:

UK R: £34,650
UK GTI: £31,505  That's 91% the R's price! but is it 91% the R's performance?

In Sweden where me and Wide are based (I know you don't care  :tongue: but just for the sake of comparison):

SWE R: 415,400kr  (£37,332)
SWE GTI: 325,400kr (£29,244)  That's 78% of an R's price. A reasonable discount for - coincidentally - a 79% as powerful car (and with 2 less driven wheels). Germany is the same with a safe ~25% margin between them.

There is the argument about the less fun drive in the AWD R (definition of "fun" is subjective btw) but the extra power makes up for it for most I'd imagine and for 3K more, if I wasn't already far above my budget I would be hard pressed to opt for the GTI if I was buying in the UK market unless I could get a really good deal.
Golf mk6 / Re: Seatbelt warning and exhaust tips
« Last post by dubber36 on Today at 14:27 »
It should have a seatbelt warning light and bonger, but it may be that the previous owner turned it off using VCDS.

Try fine wire wool and metal polish on the chimney pots.
Golf mk7 / Re: steering
« Last post by itavaltalainen on Today at 14:21 »
Where are you?
I am all over SE and Midlands with work.
It sounds fair and possible, the issue being if they find nothing and have to refit a new clutch for you, you pay the full fitted price.
I am not suggesting you have, but you could destroy a clutch in 14k miles if you treated it without sympathy.
I don't think you have much choice but to go down this route in the hope they find something.

I would point out the low wear on the tyres and overall fantastic condition of the car to show how well you have treated it over the last 14k miles and how likely it must be a manufacturing fault or leaking seal.

It;s not down to me obviously, but if you can show the rest of the car is such good condition, with a little goodwill, it may be a 50/50 decision.
Good luck.
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