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General discussion / Re: Anyone seen this golf???
« Last post by nath1 on Today at 09:31 »
If this is still for sale ? I’m interested and local . Thanks
Pm me contact details .
Here's my CS after a nice wash, posted it elsewhere on forum but will put it here to keep this thread going :wink:
Gti Clubsport by Adrian Owen, on Flickr
Golf mk7 / Re: Great Autocar review of 7.5 GTI
« Last post by P6GTD on Today at 08:49 »
 :tongue: to you to scanesare.

The GTI forum describes itself as "An independent forum for Volkswagen Golf GTI enthusiasts"

As you mock the word "enthusiast" you are clearly loitering on the wrong forum my friend.

End of subject.
Golf mk7 / Re: dsg service
« Last post by TwoSheds on Today at 08:19 »
VW UK publish recommended fixed price servicing costs.

Currently £184 for DSG transmission oil & filter change.
Golf mk7 / Re: dsg service
« Last post by itavaltalainen on Today at 08:16 »
40 quid would be just the oil me thinks...
Golf mk7 / Re: dsg service
« Last post by uzinusa on Today at 07:57 »
Sounds right. It uses quite a lot of oil which is expensive, and should be done for the sake of your dsg
TDI / Re: 23W6 Field Measure/Recall
« Last post by mcmaddy on Today at 06:53 »
Eu6 engines are definitely not affected by emissions campaign. As for being lied to what exactly have VW lied to you about??
Golf mk7 / Re: Great Autocar review of 7.5 GTI
« Last post by Splashalot on Today at 00:24 »
“ The gti is more about up selling a golf than anything. Want a nice spec golf? It's the gti.

“ The part about the indifferent average GTI driver is probably right. I can't remember the times I crossed another GTI going the opposite direction waiting to get a smile/wave or positive nod (while i was ready to nod back ofc) and the other driver hadn't even noticed me, mostly in good visibility and empty road conditions. That attitude (on average) creates the impression of not exactly a petrolhead target group “

Sorry OPs but my experience and opinion is different.

Most GTDs seem to be middle management company cars not driven by enthusiasts at all.

A large number of R’s are also company cars taken only because of the ridiculous deals offered by VWFS and are “the latest thing” for many company users.

(Residuals on R’s are pretty poor given the fab car it is).

I’m not suggesting non- GTI owners on this site fall into these categories for their GTDs or R’s by the way!

Here’s a question. How many GTIs are company cars? Not many I venture. Most are bought privately by one means or another and are relatively much smaller volumes compared with the others. Why? Because most are privately run.

I think most GTI owners are indeed enthusiasts. They may not want to rag their pride and joys all the time but given the relatively high cost of purchasing and running, you would have to love them to run one.

Next contestant please...

Fail to see the relation there. As you say, many GTD and R are company cars because VW decided to offer deals on those cars no? So if there were equal offers for GTIs they would have just been the same. Regardless of which, every privately owned car is just that, hardly a proof of an enthusiast/petrolhead since the majority of people still has to pay its own money to drive a car  :huh:

Besides if everybody more or less agrees the GTI's strong point is neither dynamics or straight line performance we're always exactly where we were: "just need a good all rounder with upmarket feel - can't be too arsed about driving feel and feedback - 230/245bhp is the fastest I'll ever need to go, heck I've never actually done more than 70mph - can't use all that power/performance on a public road" etc. etc. We are talking majorities here, not just what you and me think.

You are making lots of assumptions here, and being a bit condescending in the process, but your opinion is just that, not a fact. Those of us not blessed with an unlimited budget have to compromise somewhere and therefore choose our cars for our own reasons - need, desire, budget, single car practicality, weekend toy etc. You say that the GTI is not the best with regards performance and handling and that's true but it's is still up there as an enthusiast's choice with great driver appeal. To improve on those aspects is likely to push the price up or force quality down in other areas. I don't want that, it's great as it is :smiley:

Agree - well said, Watts.

Don't really understand the OP continuing to argue the point.  We all have our opinions, not to mention many and varied reasons for buying a car and I'm not sure his/her opinions are going to change that.

To the OP, so the now ~5 y/o GTI is slightly outclassed in pure performance terms by the latest releases from competitors?  So what. Maybe come back after the mk8 is released for a fairer comparison? Regardless, I'd have thought the GTI's continuing sales success is proof that it hits exactly the right spot for a lot of people, me included. 

There are more performance oriented hatches for people who want that sort of thing.  Perhaps the OP would be better served by one of those.
Golf mk7 / Re: 6 month old GTI 7.5 Cracked Windscreen
« Last post by 2007GTI on Today at 00:11 »
Manufacturing defect, pull the other one. That windscreen goes through a lot of stress and strain, it matters not how old the car is, it is what you do with it. I’m not saying you have done anything wrong, but you might of hit a pothole or a stone hit it at 70+mph, who knows, or when it was parked something hit it. As the other reply says, for the sake of £50 or £100 just claim on your insurance.
Golf mk7 / Re: Great Autocar review of 7.5 GTI
« Last post by fredgroves on 19 February 2018, 23:36 »
The mk8 is going to be something totally new... Some sort of hybrid all round I suspect. Given the timing for bans on non hybrid sales in certain countries, its got to be a hybrid hasn't it? As such it's a brave new world and almost certainly mk1 brave new world is going to be... Not great I'd imagine... Definitely nothing sharp IMHO
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