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Golf mk7 / Re: Test drives (sorry if it's a bit long)
« Last post by Jeff Wood on Today at 02:24 »

The Golf GTI has a got a wonderful smooth engine, and yes it's well worth the extra cost in fuel, which isnt much anyway. I've not noticed much different between the Golf and my previous car (leon FR TDI). I think its we do mostly town driving, short journeys, and the GTI warms up quicker than a diesel . (all cars are bad on fuel when the engine is cold).

Btw, I bought via Car wow, and Peter Cooper was the cheapest, so i drive 250 miles or so to collect my car.
I honestly dont think its worth buying nearly new, better to buy new.
Golf mk7 / Re: Alloys : Will They Fit?
« Last post by Jeff Wood on Today at 02:14 »
I'd stick to 8" width and 225/40's, (et40 or 45).

It's a hatchback remember not a muscle car :grin:
Golf mk7 / Re: Alloys : Will They Fit?
« Last post by Rob1981 on Today at 01:04 »
235 or 245 on an 8.5. 235 will have a small amount of stretch, I've run this set up and it was fine but 245 would be perfect. 255 would be too much imho
Golf mk7 / Re: Test drives (sorry if it's a bit long)
« Last post by Rob1981 on Today at 01:02 »
You should test drive the R too  :grin:
Golf mk7 / Re: Plastic film body covering.
« Last post by Mikea on 24 June 2018, 23:16 »
I have PPF on my Ed40.

I can understand why some people think it’s not value for money or it won’t stop chips but 10K miles in and it all looks good.

Ok a respray of the bonnet and bumper might be less and a chipex kit even less but its personal preference.

The detailer that installed my PPF does a lot of Aston Martins including the demo cars. They showed me a AM that had had a bump in the snow scraping the front bumper, they removed the PPF and much to everyone’s surprise the PPF had saved the bumper. It’s not just stone chips it protects against.
Golf mk7 / Re: Test drives (sorry if it's a bit long)
« Last post by Exonian on 24 June 2018, 23:13 »
That’s the crunch question, whether to actually buy a Diesel right now!
If you’re going to keep it many years then it won’t matter, you can pick up GTD’s with huge discounts, often new and in stock ones or delivery miles with big savings if you can’t wait for a build slot.

If you can get another cheapish lease on a GTD that would make life easy. It’d take the gamble of resale value and government policies out of the equation and also it would bring you smack bang into mk8 production when the lease ends.
At that point you could decide whether there’s a model in the new range that fitted the bill and I’m sure most of the performance mk8’s will be DSG and quite likely electrically assisted.

Definitely try a GTI over a longer period of time, maybe hire one for a few days if you can’t get a test drive long enough. They’re very good on fuel, very responsive and have an almost Diesel like power delivery.

Golf mk7 / Re: de-badge and re-badge
« Last post by scanesare on 24 June 2018, 22:59 »
So you want to debadge your GTI because you don’t like that it’s a GTI but when you want to sell it then you’ll rebadge it as GTI as it is actually a GTI?

Sounds like the the most pointless thread of 2018 so far!  :grin:

There is no way to confuse a CS with a regular GTI so don’t really know what the problem is. Don’t they all say Clubsport in massive writing down the side of the car?

Thanks for your pointless and off-topic reply! It is of-course very much appreciated but I would like to kindly remind you the topic here is what's involved in de-bagding and re-badging, not what you think of the reasons behind the process. I have quite a few of them, I explained them briefly earlier while stressing out it's not a "tell me your opinion about debadging" thread but strangely you failed to identify even a single one in your arbitrary assumptions above. Almost sounds like you just wanted to write "this is the most pointless thread of 2018"  :huh:

However, If you're still losing sleep over it you might try thinking of it like this: MK7 GTI had silver badges, GTI PP (an actually identical car both visually and technically) had red, so either give me something different on the CS or I'd rather keep it clean and minimal, that's what I'd like, can't be THAT hard to grasp can it? But even if it is, just remember: it doesn't matter because it's not the topic here!!

Oh and I have been told, several times, stuff like: "i like your GTI, a friend/colleague of mine has the same car" (means standard GTI) or "I had an mk6, that's 10 or 20bhp more now?" , I've actually given up and nowadays reply: yeah they're not too bad, cheers... The Clubsport stripe on the side of a carbon grey car is not half as distinguishable as you might think, especially when dirty.
Golf mk7 / Re: Alloys : Will They Fit?
« Last post by SRGTD on 24 June 2018, 22:54 »

Was thinking 255/35R18s for the tyres.

According to my calcs, I'll have 11.5mm less clearance on the inside and they'll stick out 13.5mm more.

A 255 section tyre is just over 10 inches wide.

Presumably your calculations are based just on the wheel width, so when you factor in the extra width that the tyres will add - approx 38-40mm to the overall width on an 8.5j wheel (so and extra 19/20mm on the inside face and 19/20mm on the outside face of the wheel), you’ll actually have 30.5/31.5mm less clearance on the inside and they’ll stick out 32.5/33.5mm more. Could that mean your tyres extend beyond the wheel arch?

IMO, and as Exonian has suggested, 235 section tyres would be better.
Golf mk7 / Mk7 GTI traction control
« Last post by cossiegaz82 on 24 June 2018, 22:05 »
Evening all,

I've currently got a mk7 GTI with the performance pack which I like apart from one thing, the traction control. I hate it. It's not just on my Golf, it's on every car I drive. The only traction control system I like is on end of my leg - my foot.

Now on most cars I drive, the system can simply be switched off and that's that, jobs a goodun but on my Golf, it's impossible to turn it off entirely.

My question is this, does anyone know if there is any way the coding can be changed to allow the system to be turned off entirely?

I'm an ex VAG master technician but I left VAG 10+ years ago so I'm a bit out of touch as to what can and can't be done these days so it'll be interesting to see if it can be done or not.

Thanks guys,

Golf mk7 / Re: Alloys : Will They Fit?
« Last post by rjwojcik on 24 June 2018, 21:58 »

Was thinking 255/35R18s for the tyres.

According to my calcs, I'll have 11.5mm less clearance on the inside and they'll stick out 13.5mm more.
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