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Golf mk7 / Re: What seats?
« Last post by juggler on Today at 19:32 »
Tartan. I was going to buy an R, until I found out you couldn't spec it with Tartan. And I don't like VW leather. Tartan!
Golf mk7 / Re: Running in advice Mk 7.5 GTI 230 manual
« Last post by juggler on Today at 19:04 »
Once it's up to operating temperature drive it as you would normally, don't worry about it.
TDI / Re: 23W6 Field Measure/Recall
« Last post by JHWP on Today at 18:12 »
Eu6 engines are definitely not affected by emissions campaign. As for being lied to what exactly have VW lied to you about??

Thanks for the input.

In relation to the topic being referred to in this thread it would be the emissions level of their diesel vehicles that had been fitted with cheat device software that they have lied to me about. They then lied to me about the EA189 engine emissions fix having no negative affect on the car after it has been implemented. They are two areas in which I personally have been lied to by Volkswagen. I have also been lied to in the past by agents representing Volkswagen i.e. Volkswagen dealers in relation to used car history, work carried out in their workshop and the engine oil used in their workshop. But that is just me. There are also the millions of customers Volkswagen lied to about the emissions level of their diesel vehicles that had been fitted with cheat device software. There was the EPA and several other regulatory agencies they lied to when the emissions issue was first investigated etc. etc. etc.

I’ll just leave these here –

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New forum members / Re: Deep Black 7.5 GTI on order!
« Last post by Aciia on Today at 17:30 »
Thanks a lot!! I’ll make sure to have a look around the other topics on the forum.
Just got my order number today and confirmed build week commencing 12/3/18!!
Now just the down pipe and reduced by £100
Golf mk7 / Re: 6 month old GTI 7.5 Cracked Windscreen
« Last post by mcmaddy on Today at 15:06 »
VW don't fit windscreens at dealers and usually get 3rd party fitters in or send your car out.
Golf mk7 / Re: dsg service
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 13:27 »
hi there just picked up my car last week its a 2013 golf dsg with 48000 miles on ive been told by my independent garage that it should have had a dsg service at 40000 miles rang the main dealer today thay said its 179.00 does this sound about right

Presumably when you picked it up, if it was from a VW dealer on Das Welt Auto, it should have had all of the manufacturers servicing completed...

If that's the case, I'd be asking them to complete the servicing!
Golf mk7 / Re: dsg service
« Last post by random_nickname on Today at 13:15 »
I added this to my service plan last year and as it gets spread out by a few extra quid each month you hardly notice it. Definitely don't want your DSG to go wrong....could be very expensive.
Golf mk7 / Re: 6 month old GTI 7.5 Cracked Windscreen
« Last post by O2Doc on Today at 13:06 »
I’m not sure about VW but a similar thing happened to a F80 M3 recently...parked up outside suddenly a crack appeared in the windscreen. BMW replaced it under warranty no questions asked! Keep us informed on how it goes!

Also auto glass is very hit and miss when it comes to replacing windscreens. Some of their techs are enthusiasts and do a perfect job others complete waste of time. Hence why it is better to get VW to do it (although they will probably get auto glass to do it anyway!) but at least you can go back to them if it’s not perfect. Insist on a genuine VW screen in either case...none of this 3rd party rubbish - especially if you go through insurance!
Golf mk7 / Re: Great Autocar review of 7.5 GTI
« Last post by scanesare on Today at 12:30 »
Well I was rude (?) for re-quoting actual owners statements and widely known conclusions but fortunately there are other members here that keep the politeness levels high and stick to well-reasoned arguments, comedy gold.
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