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Cheeky click-bait!  :grin:

Absolute  :grin:, my channel is all free. Without any advertising   :wink:

Not many of that on youtube these days.. :grin:

Lol, yeah I meant about the views, not profit!

Anyway, the time seems reasonable with those tires, I had them in my last car (~230bhp) and they do grip really well, had managed a 5.7" 0-100km/h. Stock GTI is not too powerful anyway to cause much launch trouble  :tongue: :grin:

5,7?! that was good  :grin:

I will try again when it is hotter, now it is a ittle bit yo much wheel spin.. :wink:
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by Sootchucker on Today at 19:55 »
Sounds idyllic mate - have a great time
New forum members / Re: Bucket list tick!
« Last post by Watts on Today at 19:48 »
Well said Spronk! All the so called 'driving aids' aren't my cup of tea either, even in the MK7 but ignoring those (as I do) it is a great driver's car. I suspect I may go for a facelift something eventually but it won't be for the tech, just because of a need to update. Have a look over at the MK7 section, plenty going on and lots of information being imparted. Don't know how you feel about changes to your car but if you are open minded, I'd 100% recommend a pedalbox, for about £160 and 5 minutes fitting it absolutely transforms the driving characteristics of the car. Feels like you have removed 100kg, the car responds like a GTI should :smiley:
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by Watts on Today at 19:38 »
Taken my car on holiday :smiley: My OH wanted to do a beach holiday overseas for her birthday so I booked a week for us, on, the Isle of Wight :whistle: We are very close to the beach though, and we had to take the ferry, job done :laugh:

Our home for the week:

And my car having survived all that salty air and seagulls:

We are now in a thunder storm but have a lovely log fire going, finished some gin and now moving on to some red wine. Happy days :smiley:
New forum members / Re: Bucket list tick!
« Last post by Spronk on Today at 19:36 »
Thank you Watts and Guzzle (sounds like a 70's band). I feel very privileged to join your elite group of GTI (and GTD) enthusiasts. I too would have probably got used to the Active Information Display over time if that had been my one disappointment. I was even considering buying aftermarket 18" Pretorias to replace the standard Parker wheels, but that just told me that the Facelift would not make me happy, hence the effort to find a suitable pre-facelift car which ticks all the boxes for me. I admit to being a Dinosaur, and to my mind, the pre-facelift Mk7 will probably be one of the landmarks in GTI history. To anyone more reasonable, who may have been raised from birth on a diet of touch screens and menus, I'm sure the facelift and future generations will hit the spot. I think this one of mine will be a keeper until the powers that be eventually prize my licence from me. :smiley:
Really? If it is the back plate, surely it would just bend back? Only needs to be clear of that the disc. They’re not pretty anyway, usual rusty ragged round the edges. 😮
Golf mk7 / Re: 2014 Golf
« Last post by Vwjap on Today at 18:51 »
Pretty good vid of dash removal including glovebox a couple of minutes in
Golf mk6 / Re: What have you done to your Mk6 today then?
« Last post by seabrook132 on Today at 18:39 »
Got a few little jobs done today. First off was new serpentine belt, was still on the original as far as i know after 114k. Pretty simple, hardest part was getting the arch liner back on and all the screw holes lined up again.

Next up the fuel filter was replaced. Struggled a bit to get the forward connector off of the old filter. The bit you have to depress for the quick release is on top and tucked away as opposed to the two rearmost connectors where it's on the underneath and easy to access. Got there in the end though and much better to take the time than rush and break them because replacing these fuel lines would not be fun! Also the screw that holds the filter strap together is not in great shape so I'll pick up another soon and get it changed.

Final job was changing the cabin filter which I expected would be pretty disgusting but actually wasn't too bad when I pulled it out.

No I just need to find time to wash the car as it's completely filthy currently!
Golf mk6 / Re: Back in vag.. .
« Last post by seabrook132 on Today at 18:22 »
Not sure but I think the colour is called carbon grey in UK but united grey in Europe. It really suits the car.

They're two different colours. Carbon Grey/Carbon Steel Grey:

United Grey:

Great looking car OP, you're right that united grey is very rare over here!
Golf mk6 / Re: Back in vag.. .
« Last post by joe6 on Today at 17:01 »
Not sure but I think the colour is called carbon grey in UK but united grey in Europe. It really suits the car.
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