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I also had a look at these clubsports. One garage had 25 of them lined up in various colours but identical spec. In the end, the import thing put me off. My local Vw said that resale value wouldn’t be great either.

Still a great car though.

Bit of a bugger that the imports will likely pull the value of all cars down...
You definitely won’t be able to get a plaque. VW won’t even let me have a duplicate of my own one.

Surely you should be able to get one made from one of the plaque making company's? Going by the quality of them it shouldn't cost more than a fiver for it.
collection day fail - a huge inclusion in the paint on the edge of the rear valance thing + they've over-tightened the front plate causing it to stress fracture...

Will have another go at the end of the week :-(
Golf mk7 / Re: Rear Brakes
« Last post by gasco1 on Today at 10:53 »
It's because the rear brakes are hard used. They are almost used just to steady/ balance the car under braking. You could try to re bed the brakes in lots of guides online. Could try checking the operation of the pistons in calipers. Would of thought vw would of spotted that if it was the case. Maybe you can put more rear bias via the cars ecu so you get a little more rear braking. Not to much though because if you lock the rear brakes you might find yourself pointing in the wrong direction.
Golf mk7 / Re: Front splitter
« Last post by MjrSharpe on Today at 10:42 »
Thanks for the positive responses guys :) What is the V1 maxton splitter? Is that the one with the small links to the bumper?
Golf mk7 / Re: Front splitter
« Last post by tictap on Today at 09:37 »
Really liking that...
Golf mk7 / Re: Notification of low battery- key fob
« Last post by Eccie on Today at 08:56 »
On the two occasions my (keyless) key fob battery has been low and needed changing, which is pretty much bang on at every birthday of the car, I get the warning up on the dash.  Mines a MY2016 R. They should all have the low battery warning function.  Dealer doesn’t know what they are talking about.

Just like booth I’ve had the warning twice on my dash & replaced the fob battery  - mines a 2014 model
Golf mk7 / Re: Front splitter
« Last post by DubmanSam on Today at 07:58 »
Car looks awesome, just got my version 1 Maxton splitter, cant wait to put it on
Golf mk7 / Re: Steaming up on "recirculate"
« Last post by SRGTD on Today at 07:36 »
I never use recirculating mode in my car either; have the a/c on ‘Auto’ and leave it and forget about it.

Have you checked your car’s carpets to make sure they’re not damp?, which might indicate a faulty door/window seal. Damp coats/umbrellas inside a warm car at this time of year with the air con in recirculating mode would be creating the ideal conditions for the interior windows to mist up.

Golf mk7 / Re: Steaming up on "recirculate"
« Last post by dubber36 on Today at 07:36 »
The only time I use recirculate (apart from when it does it automatically when reversing) is when the temperature is really hot in summer. It is more efficient to recirculate already cooled air, rather than drawing in warm air from outside only to have to cool that.
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