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Golf mk7 / Re: Auto express tyre test 2018
« Last post by mcmaddy on 18 July 2018, 23:47 »
I'm way too tight to just replace them and I've no doubt a fresh set of PS4 or Continentals will be much better. I honestly haven't had any issues with them at all since picking the car up even in torrential rain so the only thing helping must be LSD. They don't work in the snow but then again neither do any other summer tyres  :grin: I'll be the first to post up on the forum once new tyres are on and let everyone know the massive difference (could be sooner rather than later as the rears are starting to crack slightly in between the tread blocks).
Golf mk7 / Re: Auto express tyre test 2018
« Last post by monkeyhanger on 18 July 2018, 22:29 »
Australia should be perfectly fine with your climate for the Bridgestones but if you want to waste money that's entirely up to you. I think most of the problem with Bridgestones is forums like this. One person says they are rubbish then everyone jumps on the wandwagon. A bit like a pedal box, one person says they have a dull throttle response and all of a sudden everyone else does. If the Bridgestone wasn't a safe tyre then it wouldn't be allowed on a car and on actual fact they are an ok tyre.

Is it a waste of money to buy tyres befitting of the performance potential of the car because VW chose so poorly, or is it more of a waste to buy a GTI/GTD and then have to drive it like it's a 1.0TSI 85ps Golf S to avoid breaking traction frequently in every day situations, rather than just buying the S?

Your GTD came on better rubber than mine, and your PP's LSD reins in the tramping, but even then, having the R, I still felt poor turn in grip in the mildest of winter weather (slight slippage on a large roundabout at 11C, following behind a RWD BMW118d that skipped around at twice the speed I was doing).

It's not being a sheep to say Bridgestones are a very poor "premium" tyre, my opinions on them are based on frequently suffering poor traction on 3 VWs bought from new with them (including the MK7 GTD), and not suffering it on any of the other VWs I have had which came on different rubber. I don't know anyone else on here putting down Bridgestones that haven't also had them and experienced their shortcomings.

You admit yourself that at replacement time you won't be buying Bridgestones again. It's one thing to compare the Bridgestones to the best of the best and denigrate them, but when they are poor performers next to all of their peers, you're "making do" with something that is impeding the car's potential in performance and safety terms.

Look around on the German forums and you'll realise that VW don't put Bridgestones on German market GTIs or GTDs, I wonder why that is? They wouldn't put up with it.

mk7 for sale / 2017 GTI Clubsport S - Inc Private Plate
« Last post by k77nrs on 18 July 2018, 22:09 »
Golf GTI Clubsport S

Pure White
Air Con Option

Immaculate Condition, run in as recommended in handbook. This car has been fantastic to own and will be sorely missed.

Very high specification, including....

- Full Frontal XPEL Paint Protection Film

- Fully detailed and GTechniq CS Black Ceramic Coating from new (7 year warranty)

- March 2017 First Registration

- 3200 Miles

- FVWSH. 1st service completed by local VW dealer, and the car comes with service plan covering second year service at the VW dealer of your choice.

I am the first registered owner of this iconic Golf GTI.

Model specific 2017 Registration Plate included in sale.

£35,500 ono

Please call or email with any questions....happy to e-mail photos if you are interested.

07970 250943 /

Golf mk7 / Re: Inlet Manifold Cover
« Last post by naxcars on 18 July 2018, 21:59 »
Tried the search but cant find a part number for this MK7 cover.

Also was wondering if this interferes with the VW racing 600 airbox assembly?

TPS Sheffield for the front engine cover and screw way less price than Awesome Gti they also have a place in Chesterfield hope that helps

Part no.. 06K103925AAKT
                 06K 103 925 A AKT

Does that include the additional mounting post in the kit?
Golf mk7 / Re: RGM door sill protectors
« Last post by rjwojcik on 18 July 2018, 21:30 »
Pics?   :smiley:
Detailing / Re: Safe products for SiRamik ATP coating.
« Last post by Mike J on 18 July 2018, 20:34 »
Thanks guys.
I was hoping I could buy something more easily available ie from Halfords rather than go online.

Any suggestions.

Have a full Autogleam kit on hand anyone know if their shampoo would suitable?
Detailing / Re: Safe products for SiRamik ATP coating.
« Last post by Watts on 18 July 2018, 19:49 »
Look for shampoos etc designed to complement glass/ceramic/nano coatings, i.e similar chemical base (SiO2).  Look at Gtechniq, Gyeon, Sonax etc offerings.

I can thoroughly recommend the Gtechniq, it feels like the paintwork is well lubricated while washing and even smells rather nice.

You can get it in smaller containers if you want to try it without commiting too much :smiley:
Golf mk7 / Re: Amazon Dot into Golf Mk7.5
« Last post by ajmoir36 on 18 July 2018, 18:40 »
I would assume you need to connect the echo dot to your phones wifi using your phone as a hotspot. The use the alexa app to pair it with the car via bluetooth. Or just plug in the jack lead and enable the aux in on tbd head unit.
Detailing / Re: Safe products for SiRamik ATP coating.
« Last post by Booth11 on 18 July 2018, 18:37 »
You would have thought that any coating designed to repel contaminants would be able to withstand shampoo and qd.

I would have thought so as well.
However I have been advised (elsewhere) to only use the siramik products which are of limited availability and quite expensive :whistle: (don't y'know).

Sounds like marketing speak.

Look for shampoos etc designed to complement glass/ceramic/nano coatings, i.e similar chemical base (SiO2).  Look at Gtechniq, Gyeon, Sonax etc offerings. 
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by kalimon on 18 July 2018, 18:25 »
What colour of grey is that? It looks fantastic  :laugh:
It's just a dark grey I believe :evil:
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