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Golf mk7 / Re: New car order delays
« Last post by monkeyhanger on 18 September 2018, 21:39 »
On the plus side, having the car built and then waiting might give the soft-as-clarts water based paint time to harden. My recently acquired Polo GTI+ was built in South Africa and then underwent a 4 week voyage to Emden  before being shipped to the UK in the same way as a Wolfsburg built Golf. The paint seems to have benefitted from the extra cure time vs my Golf R's paint that suffered 90% of its stone chips over 3 years in the first month of ownership. Almost 7 weeks and 1200 miles in and tge Polo hasn't been scarred yet.

Sounds like VW are building at risk - if they are buildinv cars that don't end up WLTP compliant then they have a big issue on their hands.
Golf mk6 / Re: Mk 6 GTI bonnet insulation problems
« Last post by candywhite12 on 18 September 2018, 21:15 »
had the exact same problem when my mk 6 GTI was barely 2 years old.  Took it back to the dealer - changed it under warranty.  Guess what... the damn thing broke again after another 3 years.  Out of warranty by then, i just left it hanging loose.  The insulator was about 120 euro then.  Was actually thinking taking it off completely but with the temperatures down here i didn't want to risk it.  Now with the mk7 I have noticed there are substantially more clips around the insulator. 
Golf mk4 / Re: White smoke when accelerating
« Last post by Glowstone on 18 September 2018, 21:10 »
Is it smoke......... or steam that whiffs away ( like the kettle boiling)

Does the smoke/Steam smell sweet or like exhaust?
Golf mk7 / Re: New car order delays
« Last post by golfhappy on 18 September 2018, 21:03 »
I'm in the same boat, ordered in May and is supposed to be built and not released yet. They say it should be here in October. 1.5tsi r line, currently running about in a golf estate courtesy of the garage until mine arrives.
Golf mk4 maintenance + info / Sticking Gears Issue! ( 5 Speed)
« Last post by Glowstone on 18 September 2018, 20:57 »
Hi all,

I have a Golf 4 1.8T AUM and am slowly getting it back on its feet after its last owner gave up and sold it to me for basically nothing.

I took it for a quick spin after taking delivery of it, an noticed the horrendous clunking and crunching from the suspension and the front wheel bearing grinding...

I have changed the springs  ( 3 out of 4 were broken) and replaced the front bearing with the help of our workshop press...I have also changed the rear pads and discs too.

Since doing all this and taking it for a spin, the gears wont engage with the engine running...( tho will when engine off)..the car lurches when in gear from first and key on...I have attempted to reset the cable linkages at the stick and gearbox ends...this seemed successful tho am not entirely sure the plunger on the box was supposed to depress as far as it did and also the locking tab seemed to spin a little too freely and little resistance was felt...however the plunger did depress and an "off engine" cycle of the gears seemed ok.

The upshot is..the gears are mega stiff and reverse is impossible to engage withough serious grinding, which im not prepared to do...

According to the reciepts fround in the bundle of paperwork that came with the car, there was a 3 piece Valeo cluch fitted last I dont rate Valeo, never have and would have personally gone for LUK or came in at a cost of £109, which is waaaay too cheap if you ask me...there was no hint of a new Slave or am unsure

my next idea is to change the Transmission fluid and check for brake fluid at the box....

I would be very grateful for any ideas on what else to do...sadly my current workshop doesnt have a ramp and I dont fancy doing gear boxes on stands...

Many thanks for reading this essay..

hoping to hear from you all!!!

Martyn :smiley:
Golf mk7 / Re: Waze coming to Apple CarPlay
« Last post by O2Doc on 18 September 2018, 20:48 »
Google maps has been updated on the UK apple store today to include car play :)

Not tried it yet myself!
Golf mk7 / Re: New car order delays
« Last post by hobbes22 on 18 September 2018, 20:37 »
Thank You for this, I will give them a call.
Golf mk7 / New car order delays
« Last post by Crayonrunner on 18 September 2018, 20:16 »
Have been looking at various topics on this forum after ordering a new Golf Performance earlier this year, and have found more information than any dealer or VW UK can tell me. That said I am becoming increasingly disillusioned and frustrated with VW....

I originally placed an order for a 230hp GTI back in May this year. The dealer accepted the order, despite my concerns that it wasn't on the configurator. Even VW customer services confirmed they were still available via live chat. Less than a week later - during another conversation with VW via live chat - I was told the order was rejected by the factory and that my dealer would be in touch. As such, I changed my order to a 245hp GTI which I was assured was still available for order.

Dealer quoted 12 week lead time - VW customer services quoted 19 week lead time???

Originally told estimated build week of 31.

This then changed to week 36 during July.

This then changed to week 38 during August.

I then emailed the dealer to see if it was confirmed rather than estimated. Following an exchange of emails between dealer and VW, they eventually confirmed the build week as 38, but that the GTI Performance still wasn't WLTP type approved.....however the dealer said estimated delivery end of Oct/early Nov.

Had another live chat conversation with VW today to see if my order was actually being built this week. The customer service rep gleefully confirmed that the order went into production today. I then enquirer as to whether it had been WLTP type approved yet, and if it hasn't, when was it likely to be. After a short delay the rep confirmed that it wasn't WLTP type approved yet. Furthermore they said that when my car has finished being built, it will be stored until the WLTP certification comes through which they estimate to be during build week 50! Therefore my car is unlikely to be shipped until the second week in January 2019!

Car was ordered at the beginning of June as stated earlier in the post.

The lack of information from VW and their dealers regarding delays at the minute is diabolical. I'm just grateful that forums like these exist so you can at least attempt to find out accurate information.

For those that have recently ordered GTI's and have been quoted Nov/Dec delivery I would query with your dealer or VW UK.
Golf mk7 / VW Parts number expert assistance required.
« Last post by clubsport on 18 September 2018, 19:59 »
Hopefully we have a parts number expert on here?

I am looking to to replace a rain light sensor on a late 2013 (2014 model mk7 GTi)

The part number on the actual part fitted to the car is  5Q0955547.

I have found a new replacement part for sale which is 5Q0955547A.    (only difference is A at the end!)

It looks very similar, but a slight difference in the lower section.The mounting clamp looks the same and the electrical connector at the top is the same.

As I have the non "A", I asked the seller if this was just an upgraded part and would it be ok for the mark7 GTi. He said it was a different part and not suitable.

Is this the case? I can't see why VW would make so many different parts to be used on so many models?

Looking for parts online, another site shows the OEM part numbers are comparable??

I would be grateful if anyone has an up to date parts list who could check if the 5Q0955547A is suitable for the late 2013 mk 7 GTi, or not.

Many thanks!

« Last post by Guzzle on 18 September 2018, 19:42 »
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