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starting problems
« on: 31 January 2018, 17:07 »
i have a golf gti mk 2 8v on a j plate and has started having ignition problems. Normally when i turn the key so all the lights come on the dashboard you hear a short electrical sound under the car which i think is the fuel pump priming? but im no mechanic. Sometime that sound does not happen and if thats the case it will not start. If that sound happens it starts on the noise.
it has now started not making the sound at all so therefore will not start. I have changed the fuel pump relay and have just brought anew fuel pump. Before changing that i unplugged the existing pump and plug in the new pump but still no purging sound? does that mean changing this pump which looks a pain as its rusted on wont help anyways?

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Re: starting problems
« Reply #1 on: 08 February 2018, 23:12 »
Check the small section of loom that runs from in the boot to the underside pump. Had a similar issue with mine a while ago and it turned out that one of the wires had frayed. If your goin to remove the bit of loom to inspect it, pull it thru with some string attatched to it, makes it a lot easier to feed it back thru if it turns out its not the wiring! Check the terminals on the pump too as your there.