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Golf mk7 / Re: Limestone Grey - thoughts pls?
« Last post by Cossieian on 22 February 2018, 23:03 »
Quick pic I took of mine on a rare sunny day at the weekend :cool:
Limestone Gold ?? :lipsrsealed:

LSG by cossieian, on Flickr
TDI / Re: 23W6 Field Measure/Recall
« Last post by mcmaddy on 22 February 2018, 23:02 »
The VW update was voluntary not compulsory so not sure why you felt it necessary to have anything done. NoX levels aren't part of a UK MOT test so effectively it hasn't failed or cheated anything. As for fines and prison sentences that was just to keep all the do gooders in USA happy. Do people seriously think that American cars are cleaner than VW cars?
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by Little Lofty on 22 February 2018, 22:47 »
Cleaned the exhaust tips, they've been black ever since I got the car, so it was well overdue. Very sad I know, but you can't beat a shiny exhaust  :laugh:

Here's my CS no. 301
 (Sorry for the crappy photos :grin: )

I am biased but think it's the perfect CS spec

Tornado red, manual 3 door, bucket seats, black roof, 19inch brescias, adaptive chassis.

I think you're right :smiley:
General discussion / Re: Help....any advice welcone
« Last post by bgbazz on 22 February 2018, 21:31 »
Exactly as Gambit wrote...if, once you get the car moving, there is no evidence of slipping or shuddering, then you should be looking at that master cylinder...first stop would be the fluid level and if it shows a low level, check for leaks in the line somewhere. Don't always assume the worst...we've all seen people spend lots of money to try and cure a simple glitch.

Please share your findings with us...other people may be helped by your experience. As far as I'm concerned, that's what this forum is all about.

Good luck!
TDI / Re: 23W6 Field Measure/Recall
« Last post by JHWP on 22 February 2018, 21:15 »
And you weren't lied to by Volkswagen about emmisions either. The so called cheat devices were used in the US not anywhere else. We don't even test for NoX emissions over here so don't understand your gripe.

You may wish to check your facts there...

The emissions issue affected 11 million vehicles worldwide. Of those 11 million vehicles, 500,000 were in the U.S.A. That leaves 10.5 million affected vehicles outside of the U.S.A., one of mine included. I was contacted by way of official letter from Volkswagen and told that my vehicle was effected by the emissions issue. I was told that a service action was required to rectify the issue. I asked if the service action would have any impact on my car in any way. Volkswagen told me that it would not and the car would operate the same as before having the service action carried out. The vehicle subsequently was rectified and since then it has been down on power, been using more fuel and is a completely different car to drive in a 100% negative way.

I'm not sure where "over here" is specifically but regardless of where testing for NOx may be carried out or may not be carried out, NOx levels are included within the E.U. emission standards (EU5, EU6 etc.) tests. So all models of cars that meet the E.U. emissions standards are tested for NOx. If they don't meet the required standard, for example if they have too high a level of NOx output, they will fail the test, won't be certified and cannot be sold in the E.U.

I don't understand why you don't understand my gripe.
No matter what your personal opinion is, what Volkswagen did and the way they did it was deceitful and downright wrong. This is a fact. The fines and prison sentences given to them and their staff underline this.
TDI / Re: 23W6 Field Measure/Recall
« Last post by JHWP on 22 February 2018, 21:15 »
But the EA189 is a Euro5 engine not EVER fitted to a Mk7 Golf....

Some people were lied to, but not Mk7 owners.

I am an owner of multiple Volkswagen vehicles. Some of them have engines fitted to them which have been affected by the Volkswagen emmisions issue and some of them have engines fitted to them which have not been affected by the Volkswagen emissions issue.
I own both an EA189 Euro 5 engined Volkswagen vehicle and a MK7 Golf (GTD with EA288 Euro 6 engine) as well as other Volkswagen vehicles.
Hard to believe I know but had my CS stored for the last 12 months and just putting it on the road this weekend, it's at the detailers getting the full works.

Pics to follow but can't wait, the short drive from storage to detailers yesterday was enough to to get me excited as to why I bought this.  I am biased but think it's the perfect CS spec

Tornado red, manual 3 door, bucket seats, black roof, 19inch brescias, adaptive chassis. 

Pics to follow soon.  It says something that the storage guy said it got a lot of attention in the company of ferraris and Astons..
Golf mk3 / Golf mk3 electric window problem (solved)
« Last post by WeekendMechanic on 22 February 2018, 20:21 »
I could not find any information in forums to the electic window problem I was having,but this fixed my issue...
If you have tried all the obvious suggestion like split wiring in the door jams or tracking down a bad earth connection,or the regulators themselves with no luck.
This is what I did,my drivers side window would work intermittently or not at all, so I took the whole motor and regulator assembly out and unscrewed the motor/electronic one touch unit, then unscrewed the electonic one touch unit and lifted it off the motor I got out my mini ratchet and waked the relay hard 3 times, the relay from working intermittently now workes every time I know it's not the perfect solution but the circuit board is moulded to the plastic housing and can not be turned over to solder in a new relay.
I hope this helps someone out as it did for me.
Peace ✌
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