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Golf mk4 / Re: MK4 Headlights.
« Last post by itavaltalainen on Today at 20:40 »
Get factory xenon headlights (with auto level control and headlight washers) and you'll see significant improvement.

HID kits in Halogen headlights, well. All you'll do is blind everyone coming onto you but you won't get any better lighting yourself.
Golf mk7 / Re: Mk7 GTI Tyres
« Last post by Dr Mike Oxgreen on Today at 19:42 »
When I was a Corporate drone with a company car we had to use Kwik Fit.  I would never use them by choice and wouldn't let them near any car of mine.

I have no patience with tyre fitters or garages in general who don't respect other peoples property, especially if that person is the paying customer.  I once saw a fitter at what I thought was a well-known and therefore respected tyre dealer throw a Ferrari alloy across the floor of the fitting bay.

Recently I have bought my own tyres from Costco, who have been excellent.  They don't use airguns if you ask them not to, they wash the wheels inside and out, and generally behave as though they care.  They only supply and fit Michelin and Bridgestone tyres, but as it happens my recent Golf TDi, Honda S2000 and current GTi needed Michelin and Bridgestone tyres. 

I can only speak for my local Costco branch, but I can recommend them.  Their pricing is the icing on the cake.
Golf mk7 / Re: What do you find amazing about your MK7?
« Last post by Dr Mike Oxgreen on Today at 19:33 »
The fact that it puts a smile on my face every time I put the key into the ignition.
Detailing / Re: What detailing have you done today?
« Last post by Dr Mike Oxgreen on Today at 19:29 »
The weather forecast for tomorrow is for effectively sub-zero temperatures (taking wind chill into account) for most of tomorrow, and not much better on Sunday.  Monday, however, we're looking at 5-6c.

I'll be washing my Golf on Monday then.  And hoping that my dryer arrives before the following weekend.
Golf mk7 / Re: What do you find amazing about your MK7?
« Last post by Finglonga on Today at 17:54 »
Fun and practicality.......I had a BMW e92 335i before and it was not as much fun to drive as the GTI and useless for everything else. I fact I have kept this car longer than all the others I have owned and will not be getting rid of it any time soon as it does everything I want it to and always leaves me with a smile on my face and wanting to keep driving.

I dread the day self driving cars are the only option.
Golf mk4 / MK4 Headlights.
« Last post by bgbazz on Today at 17:41 »
I rarely whinge about anything to do with my car...except the headlights. Compared with the lights on the 66 or so vehicles I've owned in the past, this one is almost the worst...beaten only by my '58 Beetle!!

The clear covers are kept very clean and have no damage (cracks, scatches etc) and the reflectors are bright, clean and very shiny.

All the connections have been cleaned with contact cleaner and tested with a multimeter...all good. Did my own alignment testing (on the garage door), then took it to my local MOT chap to be tested on his headlight gizmo...all as it should be, but the lights are still mediocre at best! I've spent a lot of time searching on here, but apart from folk spending heaps of money changing to over to different systems...HID etc., there isn't much for me to go on.
Has anyone else come across this problem ...and how did you cure it?

I want/need to have a brighter (whiter) light and some more range. Better quality bulbs (globes) may be the answer, but which ones?

Golf mk7 / Re: Mk7 GTI Tyres
« Last post by dubber36 on Today at 16:46 »
I was referring to SRGTD's comment really.

You are correct, the do earn a fitting fee from the likes of Blackcircles or Mytyres, but not as much as they would make if they were to provide the tyres from their regular suppliers. I suppose it all brings people in through the doors and helps to keep the lights on.
Golf mk7 / Re: What do you find amazing about your MK7?
« Last post by Daz Auto on Today at 16:16 »
Just to counter the other thread, let's have some positivity!
Don't mention the war! :grin:

Dynamic Light Assist is amazing.
I'm amazed by the performance of my GTI compared to my GTD.
The Art velour seats lifts the interior up a level.

I was doing so many miles I stopped enjoying driving. The GTI has fixed that. It's just an amazing car :cool:
Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by JB GTI on Today at 15:42 »
Decided it’s not worth waiting until March 1st seeing as it is already built and sitting all forlorn at Grimsby docks a lot sooner than was originally predicted ( original build date was week5 but was built week 46) It may as well be in my garage with a roof over its head  :rolleyes:
I have been to see my salesman this morning and it looks like I was just in time !! Today is the last day to call a car to arrive before the last day of December  :smug:
Provisionally arranged to take delivery on Jan 5th (3 weeks today)   :grin: :cool:

Nice Christmas present to yourself.

It will, thanks 👍
Golf mk7 / Re: What are your .:Rs like in the snow?
« Last post by Rhyso on Today at 15:27 »
Funs over everyone

Try and play nice in the is Christmas after all  :grin:

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