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Golf mk7 / Re: Current Lead times
« Last post by hobbes22 on Today at 17:48 »
I have just ordered a 7.5 gti pp and have been told the build week is 42, which is the middle of Oct. I have been told to expect delivery in November. Hopefully it stays that way...

Fingers crossed for you!

Thanks! I hope its not too long. At least i've still got my Mk7 GTI to drive in the meantime!  :grin:
Golf mk7 / Re: Recent dealer visit
« Last post by mcmaddy on Today at 15:06 »
If the garage have replaced your genuine key then they should replace it like for like. Maybe ask them to remove the gtd bit from the bottom of your old key. They sound a bit slap dash if you ask me  :whistle:
Golf mk6 / Re: Wheel question
« Last post by SRGTD on Today at 14:26 »
There seems to be an element of luck with white worm; some wheels seem to be more resistant to it than others. 

I had 18” diamond cut Charleston Shadows on my mk6 GTD. I’m pretty OCD when it comes to car cleaning and detailing, and the diamond cut alloys on my GTD were washed every 7-10 days (when I washed the car), sealed and waxed every 2.5 - 3 months or so and any stone chip marks on either the lacquer or black powder coated sections were touched in pretty much as soon as they happened.

In spite of a fairly meticulous regime to keep the wheels looking good and free of white worm, two of them suffered from it when the car was 2.5 years old. The two wheels were replaced under warranty and the two original wheels not replaced under warranty were starting to show signs of white worm around the centre caps when the car was just over 3 years old (caps hadn’t ever been removed, so white worm wasn’t the result of the centre caps being prised out of the centre hole from the front of the wheel, rather than pushing them out from the rear).
Golf mk7 / Re: Current Lead times
« Last post by Jim_mk7.5 on Today at 14:20 »
Most dealers probably lying about lead times just to make sure they keep the order!

Detailing / Re: What detailing have you done today?
« Last post by Jim_mk7.5 on Today at 14:18 »
Very nice  :cool:
Detailing / Re: What detailing have you done today?
« Last post by Watts on Today at 13:51 »
Got mine washed now, first time for two months. Barring the mess on the rear bumper, all things considered I suppose it wasn't quite as bad as I thought. A good powerwash rinse followed by a citrus snow foam got it pretty much sorted. After washing and drying, the glass was cleaned then treated to a spray of Gtechniq C2v3 and the paint was qd'd. A final buff with the Dodo Juice Fur mf brought up a good gloss :smiley: The wind held off other than one big gust that left me with a good covering of snow foam :rolleyes: Finished off with a fluids check under the bonnet and a quick spray and wipe to tidy a few areas up. Much better now :smiley:

Sounds good... but we need pictures....  :smiley:

Sorry. I had an important engagement as soon as I finished (the kettle)....

Golf mk7 / Re: Current Lead times
« Last post by Talk-torque on Today at 13:46 »
More likely WLTP delays have meant no cars can be made.... so stop the workers

Talking to my dealer recently and he told me just that. They have had delivery times quoted of 9 months, although he didn’t specify which model that was for.
Golf mk7 / Re: Recent dealer visit
« Last post by Carbon VW on Today at 13:45 »
AFAIK the chrome logo part of the key is an accessory that is just fitted into a normal key. Be it an R, GTI OR GTD. My car is 5 years old,never had wheel alignment done since the factory and I get 40,000km from a full set of tyres which I rotate.
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